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Agent for Brandon Marshall talks about trade and incident

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The agent for Brandon Marshall cautioned not to rush to judgement on the new Bears receiver and downplayed any potential problems for him.

"He's fine, and he's going to be fine," agent Kennard McGuire told the Sun-Times. "Honestly, we're focused on the trade, and him being in Chicago and coming in and being a part of a team that's winning."

On Tuesday, the Bears traded a pair of third-round picks to the Miami Dolphins to acquire the three-time Pro Bowl receiver. Asked about the timetable of the trade, McGuire said, "[Dolphins general manager] Jeff Ireland and I have always stayed in contact on Brandon.

"I give Jeff a tremendous amount of credit for working with me. He and I have always been aligned with what we were wanting and looking for with Brandon. That's being a part of a situation that works with his skill set and what he brings to an organization."

While speculation had been that the Dolphins wanted to ship him out of Miami, McGuire's comments suggest that Marshall was also ready for a change.

And he couldn't be happier to reunite with quarterback Jay Cutler and former position coach Jeremy Bates in Chicago.

"He's coming to such a historic organization, and playing under coach Lovie Smith and being reunited with Jay Cutler and Jeremy Bates speaks volumes about his level of excitement, and how enthused he is about this opportunity," McGuire said. "That's his focus. And his only focus is winning."

As for the incident in New York last weekend, McGuire said people need to be wary to rush to judgment.

"Let's not forget that Brandon and his wife are victims," McGuire said. "Brandon has my unflinching and unwavering support."

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If you want to know why Chicago fans are like wtf? It's pretty simple, this is without a doubt one of the wierdest trades anyone can remember. The Bears made a trade for a guy either knowing or not knowing that a story was about to break about him being involved in a nightclub incident in which Marshall may or may not have hit a woman, if he did it may have or may not have been on purpose and Marshall's wife may or may not have been hit in the face with a beer bottle. This happened while Marshall was either inside or outside the club, after being thrown out or rushing to leave to avoid trouble while on his way outside to possibly get in a fight or get his wife in a car.

If you can judge anything it's that it is clearly one of the strangest moments any team could make a trade for another player. It literally makes more sense if the Bears didn't know about it, but Emery said he did, but other people said he didn't. And the Bears seem kinda surprised and unprepared for it. But how could they actually be ready for this, how could they know the truth, they don't have the facts, nobody does, both sides are telling different stories. So until the truth comes out nobody knows it except the parties involved and they are never going to tell you what actually happened, they will tell you how they remembered it.

Another thing I can question is his judgment, you got a bad rap sheet a mile long, you have BPD, a history of violence, a very bad history in night clubs, and you say your working on your issues. Piece of advice, people who suffer from an extreme lack of impulse control do not belong in inviroments that cater to losing ones impulses at 4 o'clock in the damn morning. When you got issues and a history like this guy, you need to step up and be running your life better than everyone else. You don't want stories like this then don't put yourself in sitiuations you know are bad. I mean really in the other nightclub incident one of your best friends died. Stay out of nightclubs, they are not a good place for you.

Now you know what the fans want, we just want it cleared up. That's it.


Logic dicatates Emery knew about the incident. Why else would the Dolphins have let a PB WR go for 2 3rd rounders? And don't give me that crap about Peyton Manning. That's spin.

Let's remember, Marshall has not been charged with anything. Additionally, HE may be bringing charges against others.

Additionally, the NY Post isn't exactly as reputable as the NY Times. That is obvious considering the fact the "New York Player" was undisclosed and unpublished. You can bet the paper knew who he was and made a calculated decision not to disclose his name.

That makes the article almost completely disreputable in my mind.

This also reeks of nonsense. If Marshall attacked someone, justice should be served on behalf of the victim.

I listened to Waddle and Silvy yesterday. They encouraged people to research Brandon's legal past.

I did. It is checkered, and disturbing ... but ... none of the reports indicated he actually "struck" a woman. He was being disorderly, preventing one to get into a taxi cab, getting into fights with other men.

In most cases, including the one where he was stabbed, the charges were dropped. I don't think it's fair to label the guy as a "batterer" just yet.

Maybe he's crazy, a little abusive, and definitely needs treatment. At this point, I haven't seen any public record that suggests he's a serious violent criminal. He is certainly troubled and that is a concern. I do think it's dangerous to label him at this point though.

I have to ask: Why did the victim not go the PD BEFORE the next day? Could it be because she was drunk? And her story would be questioned?

Nothing good happens at 4:00 am.

Having been involved in a couple of bar fights, I can honestly say it is very difficult to cast blame, or charge anyone.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays out.

estevenj - I totally agree the NY Post is hardly a reliable source of truth and that
Marshall probably is not a "batterer", but the problem, at least for the Bears and us fans, is that regardless of whether Marshall actually struck anyone or was involved in the fight, he may still be found in violation of the NFL personal conduct policy, and thus may still end up with a suspension. This would really suck, though if there are no charges filed, etc. I suppose it might only be a game or two.

Let's hope that this is just a big misunderstanding and that his story checks out and that Emery's story checks out. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt at the moment considering he had been pretty well behaved up until last weekend.

When the story came down that the Bears traded two 3rd round picks for this guy, I didn't think it was that much of a steal. Remember a couple if things:

A. This guy was traded for two 2nd round picks 2 years before and that was after putting up monster numbers with the Broncos. His value wasn't going to go up.

B. Look at what Anquan Boldin was traded for when he went from the Cardinals to the Ravens. I think it was a 3rd and a 4th. And even though it was a different position, look at what a young Antonio Cromartie was traded for a couple of years ago.

For what ever reason, NFL players are sort of like new cars. They lose some of their value the minute they're "driven off the lot." The fact that Marshall has off the field issues doesn't help either.

Esteven...I have to dissagree. I don't think the Bears had any clue. As much as I love this team, they are so back woods when it comes to certain things. Emery isn't even a "GM" as of yet. His full power doesn't kick in for a while. He had no leverage when he came on board. It wasn't like a Polian, or Smith, where they have a history and can dictate some level of respect. This guy had no history as a GM, or even a player personnel director. And that is how the Bears brass wanted it. And if I am not wrong, aren't the Bears lacking in the "pro player personnel department"?

Having said all of that, I wanted Marshall 2 years ago, but with the Gaines Adams fiasco, the Bears had nothing at that point to offer Denver {other than a first round pick, and we all knew Angelo wasn't going to give up any more of those.} They didn't give up much and IF he can reign in some of these off the field issues, be happier with his buddy Cutler, it might reap big rewards.

Logic dictates they new about an incident but they did not know what happened. How could they? Nobody knows what actually happened yet. Did they speak to that women? At best they had half a story. So no they did not know what happened all they knew is something happened and given the fact they would not answer a single direct question about what they new during the trade I would say my argument holds up.

They did not know he may have punched a women, there is no way they knew this and made a move. Virginia would never allow it. She won't even let you have cheerleaders. True or not, does not matter, taking Marshalls word would be ill advised by anyones standards.

Now if you read my whole post you will note I point out the stupidity of the whole thing and the lack of actual information. But the fact is they only had half a story and I don;t know many teams that would make a trade knowing the next day it would come out that Marshall may have gotten into a fight and hit a women. Not to mention, his value has actually gone down sense then. Also the Bears were working on this trade sense the combine it was already a done deal befoer this incident. Miami did not want him and was moving because Manning wanted him gone. The the trade started pre incident. The Dolphins were making moves because of Manning. He got traded for 2 two's two years ago. Two 3's are not a huge difference. He does not get the value you would think because of his issues.

But the trade was going on before the incident, the Bears could have backed out but decided not two. Again they could not have known the whole story it's impossible. None of us know it. So don't tell me they new he may have hit a women and made a trade and given his history how on earth is that logical?. His value dropped even more the day this story broke.

As for not trusting the post. Well you may not like it but something actually did happen. It's just nobody knows the full story. Let me ask you he said somone hit his wife in the face with a bottle. What's your reaction if someone does that to your wife? Even if nothing comes of it, and we never know what happened guess what? Goodell is still going to do something for him being involved in yet another incident.

Let me also add this according to Marcellus Wiley who is a good friend of Marshalls, he was out with Brandon the night before till 4 am at a club. He did not say anything happened but said something could have happened knowing Brandon.

I am going ot say it again there is no possible way they could have known the full story and the Bears have not answered one direct question about it yet. listen to their answers "we knew something happened" "Brandon has problems he admits that, we support him" Those are not answers. They have not said he did not do anything, they said they were comfortable with what he told them.

Let me put it to you this way do even think Brandon new what wasa going to come out about this women? All anyone knows is that an incident occured involving his wife, and that another women has filed a report against Marshall. Which is still getting processed. I know for certain there was an incident, and his wife got hit, Did he hit a women I don;t know, did he know some women would file a report against him? Probably not. It was probably pretty crazy. Fine detail of the incident are a mystery to everyone including the police, so no the Bears could not have known.

Tey are playing a gamble and hoping it pays off. I hope it pays off too, and I hope he didn;t put his hands on anyone again. I hope his wife is okay and it's to bad no report has been filed against the person who struck her. I am not going to sit here and pretend they new what happened, they don't even know now.

I don't disagree with anything anyone has said here ...

That said, we live in the information age. I find it pretty hard to believe the Bears and Dolphins didn't hear about the allegation and know about as much as we do - which isn't a whole lot.

But all points are well taken. The NFL conduct policy probably mandates some type of discipline. HOWEVER, if you look at Brandon's rap sheet. And I have. It is not as bad as the media sometimes makes it out to be.

I'm curious, was Ced Benson suspended for two violent encounters with police officers?

Was Ray Lewis suspended for his obstruction charges in which a man was killed during a bar fight?

What about Tank Johnson and the weapons? I can't remember if he was suspended or not.

I expect Marshal will be suspended 1-2 games. I seriously doubt he will be charged with a crime unless there's video.

I'm not acquitting the guy before the facts are in, but I am suspicious of the allegation. Particularly considering the manner it was reported by the NY press.

Another interesting note: Big Ben got his suspension reduced to what, 6 games? He was part of two major forcible rape investigations across two states where police officers were fired for malfeasance and suspicion of cover-ups. His case could have conceivably investigated by the FBI.

Marshal's issues are a concern to me as well. Again, I've read his rap sheets and even found a couple of police reports. He seems to find trouble, but not Sam Hurd, Tank Johnson, Ben Rothlesberger, Mike Vick type of trouble. I guess that's something.

Good points from everyone. I think Ben's went from 6 down to 4 if he toed the line which he did. And your point about "nothing good happens at 4:00 AM was dead on.

Now for more pressing issues...The more you listen to Bear reports {via Chicago sports talk radio} you get this feeling that the Bears management looks at this offensive line and sees a glass half full. THAT scares me. They have addressed some special team concerns, the back up QB concern {2 wasted draft choices in 2 years that could have been used on OL help}, and part of the WR issue. But I would be very dissapointed if they don't do something on that interior line. If they could sign Winston at T, that would give them so many more options. I saw where Ben Grubbs got signed. Anyway, I love this time of year.

I have been out of town and have not read a newspper or had much to do with the media for ten days or so. The only exception was watching Indiana University struggle and luck out to get to the Sweet Sixteen.Even so, I am now surprised to read about the Bear acquisitions, especially Marshal. Bar incident and his past problems aside, he is the receiver the Bears need.Of course protecting Cutler long enough to give him time to pass is crucial, but Marshall gets open quickly, has speed, and catches in traffic, all of which should help Cutler and the Bears immensely. If the object of getting a player is to help the Bears win More games and give them a Super Bowl contender, this trade makes complete sense.

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