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Looking at how far the Bears could move up in the NFL Draft

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The 2011 NFL Draft was the first in three years that the Bears actually spent a first-round pick. That might explain, in part, why the selection of Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi wasn't completely smooth and without incident.

The Baltimore Ravens, of course, believed they had executed a trade with the Bears, who wanted to move up and select Carimi. But, the trade wasn't finalized, and the Bears still ended up with Carimi.

This year, under new general manager Phil Emery, the Bears have their full batch of picks, including an extra third-rounder via the trade of tight end Greg Olsen to the Carolina Panthers. There's quite a bit riding on that selection (ninth in the third round), since Olsen was a late first-round pick.

Many draft publications have the Bears taking Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd with the 19th overall pick. But, after Floyd ran a 4.42 in the 40-yard dash Sunday at the NFL Combine, I'm not sure Floyd will be around that long, particularly if he avoids any trouble between now and the draft.

That got me wondering: What if the Bears want to move up in the first round? While they have several needs, the Bears may strongly consider moving up, if there's a player they really, really like in the first round.

If they traded away the 19th pick and the third-round pick from the Panthers, the Bears could move up to the 14th or possibly the 13th overall pick, according to a CBS trade value chart that can be viewed here.

If they traded the 19th pick and their own third-round pick, the Bears could move up to the 15th pick. That may not sound like much, but that could be the difference between getting they badly want and not getting him.

I honestly don't see the Bears trading much more than that. Let's say -- hypothetically -- that they wanted to package their first and second round picks, that would only get them up to about the 11th pick. But, that's a pretty steep price. Meanwhile, the first- and fourth-round picks only moves them up one and -- if the other team is desperate or charitable -- two spots.

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I don't know if theres anyone really worth moving up for? Receiver is need #1 as of right now, I say stay put and take Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu. We'll know a lot more when free agency starts, if Chicago signs a big name receiver, they probably don't take a wideout in the first round. If Chicago goes after a DE like Cliff Avril or a guard like Ben Grubbs in free agency, then I can see them going wide receiver in the first.

Defensive end is another position of need, I like Detroits Cliff Avril, but the Lions will probably place the old tag on Avril if a deal can't be reached. Chicago may have to look to the draft for some new blood at defensive end. I see they like Illinois DE Whitney Mercilus, he had a heck of a season leading the Big-Ten in sacks, and was one of the nations leaders in tackles for loss. Mercilus did a lot of damage vs some legit competition. Against Wiscosin he had 1 sack and a forced fumble, vs Michigan, 1 sack and 1 TFL, vs Pen St, 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble, and vs Ohio State, 9 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Thats some pretty good numbers vs some pretty good teams. Is he a one year wonder? I don't know? But its the Bears scouts job to figure that out. Getting a player with the ability to get to the quarterback on a consistent basis is not an easy thing to do. Either an end can or he can't, if Mercilus is one of those players that can, he's worth a look. GO BEARS!!

I know you like Sanu Kevin but he looks like possesion reciever, a good possesion reciever but I do not see a big difference between him and Bennett. I also don't think he is a first round pick, he will probably be there in round two, not sure why you want to force the issue with him. He is slow and most throws will be contested and he is not going to break many big plays. That is why didn't score a lot in college. Well it gets even tougher in the nfl, it is harder to score here even with Cutler throwing to him. Your forcing Cutler to thread the ball all the time.

From what I have read the Bears will not be looking at interior linmen at all. They are pretty happy with there worst line in football. I also read that the Lions will be making Cuts in order to keep Avril.

As for FA recievers its being reported that V Jackson, D Jackson, Bowe and Johnson will not make it to Free Agency.

You only need one tem to think Whitney Mercilus is the next JPP and it will cause a run at him. Right now a few teams feel that way about him, including the Beas. The talk about moving up is probably about him. He's a good player for sure but I don't think he is JPP he is not as long as him and may not be as athletic. You also need a trade partner you know there are plenty of guys other teams may covet and want to move up for.

So you think after the first 14 players in this draft are gone there is not one guy in the rest of the draft worth tradin up for? How very Jerry Angelo of you. My own belief is if you see the guy who believe is the it guy and you don't think he will be there when you pick, you better go get him. Quantity does not beat quality in the nfl. Being deep with a lot of bad or mediocre players like the Bears interior O-Line does not replace a Logan Mankins or Carl Nicks. The big question is can Emery spot the guy. Right now with all this DE talk I feel like Lovie is getting his way a little bit.

Offensive Players on the Bears will always be second class citizens to him. I hope the new GM does not feel that way.

You still think Sanu is the best reciever in the Draft? You claimed that, and I want to know if that stands. I think Blackmon is a stud, Floyd is clearly gifted. Sanu could be another Anquan Boldin, very similar looking player, Boldin was a little thicker and little harder to bring down. Arizona really new how to use Boldin as well. They also got him in the second round at 54. Ummm Sanu probably going to be there in the seoncd round, I would not jump on him in the first. I think he is a solid number 2 reciever prospect who just does not have that game breaking ability that you need out of a number 1. The Bears also don't have Fitzgerald helping a guy out and taking most of the double teams and being the main focus of the secondary. If they draft Sanu and make him there top guy cause that is what comes with being a first rounder, then he is going to need to scare an NFL secondary and I don't think he can do that. Also are they going ot figure out how to use him?

I cannot say Drake has impressed me as a WR coach. You know getting Cutler will be good for a reciever, but I am not sure about Tice and the play calling yet and what he wants to really do with the offense, and I don't like Drake or the other recievers much. Which mean a lot will fall on the head of the Bears next reciever. A new offense, not a lot of help, and to me a poor position coach and Tice being an unkown veriable.

That's a lot to ask a rookie to overcome. Lots of change going on and you really want your draft picks to be stable. Be really nice if they got big time reciever in FA. Then a kid like Sanu in round 2, maybe an end in round one.

Oh and no O-Line players cause who cares at this point anyways, they are either going to end up running the offense like Turner, or Jay is gonna get sacked and pressured a lot and asked to do it all. That looks like the plan. Then Lovie will pull the bus up at the end of the year, point his finger at Tice and throw him under there. Cause the offense being bad for almost a decade is never his fault, even though he is the head coach and pretty much has always gotten everything he has asked for and he has asked for.

Poor Lovie never gets any help except For Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers, Tillman, Alex Brown, Mike Brown, Goon(he asked for him), Tommy Harris, Mark Anderson(funny how got better after Lovie), Chris Harris(Solid SS in his prime), Adam Archuleta(Boy he really wanted that bum) Dan Buzain, Mike Okwo(He wanted both of them bad), draft pick after draft pick for safety and D-Line. Lots of FA's as well for his defense. He was given the best special teams in football which is what he wanted although Toub works that group and Lovie takes credit for it. "we win with defense and special teams." "We get off the bus running." Thomas Jones in his prime, Matt Forte, Benson(4th overall pick, he wanted that power back). He has gotten what he wanted. He has even been handed a pro bowl QB in his prime. But Lovie has not done much for him in 3 years has he? Most teams build around franchise QB's, not Lovie. He would rather blow that chance in favor of his defense. Cause that is his ego, the defense. Look what he said after the Panthers game, he can't get his head away from the defense.

Almost forgot Hill out of GT looks like a nice project. I hope he lands in round 3.

Creighton, you do realize these are the "Chicago Bears" right? A defense driven team, always have been, probably always will be. As for Lovie Smith wanting Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman, and Peppers, dude, who wouldn't want any one of these guys? Especially Peppers & Urlacher, arguably two of the best players at their respective positions for the past 10 seasons.

As for Sanu, yes, I think he's the best receiver coming out. Whats killing his draft stock is his lack of elite straight line speed, that doesn't mean he won't be a good NFL receiver. And I also agree that Blackmon is a stud, will he be better than Sanu? Only time will tell? I just like Sanu better. Blackmon played in a pass happy offense, and had one of the nations best QB's throwing him the ball. Sanu probably puts up better college stats if he would have been in the same situation as Blackmon, also, if Sanu was a 4.4 or better runner, there would be an argument over who is the best receiver coming out this year. I would also like a big time free agent receiver, but I see the Cheifs are placing the ol franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe, that stinks. Oh well, GO BEARS!!

The Bears should move DOWN - and try to get another second or third round pick ... and then go after a FA WR. There are a bunch and they should CHASE THE MARKET. The WR talent (right now - over the next 3 years) is in the open market.

Nabbing an OT, DE, CB, LB, and WR in the first three rounds ... + a top FA WR should give the Bears a reasonable cap number and a huge advantage going into next year.

How about grabbing Vincent Jackson and Donald Driver in the market? Then trading Johnny Knox for a second or third? Maybe keep the first rounder ... or trading it for an additional second rounder?

Emery could build respectable depth with the team through the 2-3 rounds, and then acquire impact free agents at the WR position, and keep the cap figure down, and at manageable levels.

Just a thought since the Bears have depth need at many positions and are likely to find competent backups... maybe even starters at all of those positions in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.


I believe there are certain positions you should never spend a first round pick on beacuse of the risk reward - Center, guard, ROT, safety, RE, and WR are a few of them.. The Bears can find a WR in the middle rounds. Webb is a bust as a LOT and the swing rackle (Frank Omliayle?) is a joke. They also could use a stud DT who is BIG...enough of theses 295lb "single gap" tackles. I want a 330+ plus beast like the kid in Baltimore. It's simple physics folks. If a 295lb DT runs into a 340 guard enough times who is going to get hurt fiirst? That's why Harris didn't last. They need LBs and a new guard and center as well ..Move Carimi to ROT and find a new LOT either in the draft or in FA. If you want to win it starts on the from the lines out.


I agree with you for the most part, although I don't think Webb is a bust. I think he's a quality backup who was drafted int he 6th or 7th round. Also, the Marz system put a TON of pressure on the LT - and Webb really wasn't up for the task.

I think the Bears should draft at that position, but don't think their current first round slot is really good enough to get the "can't miss" player at OT - and frankly, they would be better served financially by taking a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round.

There are exceptions (Aaron Rodgers, AP, Randy Moss), but for the most part, the late first round can be equated to throwing money away with regards to certain positions. The Bears have enough need at so many positions ... I think they should stockpile some of those early-midround picks, and then nab an impact WR on the open market.

Right now, there are so many free agent WRs available, I don't expect prices to be at a premium. Competition drives the market price down. If the Bears build depth, and can develop some starters at a moderate price level, they can sign Matt, a FA WR, and draft some better players at other positions.

You know?

If you are going to reach for a receiver at 19 I would go with Stephen Hill. He is this years JPP. Like JPP he will need a year to develop, JPP in his first year was considered a reach pick that was a bust. Year two not so much. I know he went to GT and was under used there but a 28-29 yard average there this year is a pretty good sign. If your going to reach for a guy, reach for the athletic frreak that showed good hands and made the best catch of the combine. Bucs may take him though. Hill may not be the next Calvin Johnson, but I think he is the next Vincent Jackson.

Someone will reach for hill, Bucs may grab Floyd or look to move down for Hill. Hill needs work but he has talent. I know Thomas has scared people off some but Thomas has been in two offenses and 2 bad QB's in two years.

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