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Johnny Knox on pace to return in July, agent says

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The agent for Bears receiver Johnny Knox said his client is in good spirits and on track to return to full strength in July.

"His rehab has been going great," agent Marc Lillibridge told the Sun-Times. "He's on the schedule that he planned to be back by early to mid July. He feels good."

Lillibridge reiterated the encouraging update from Bears coach Lovie Smith.

"Right now with Johnny, looking at that injury, I'm just counting on him to get better each day and we'll see how it all plays out," Smith said. "There's a long road to recovery. We have time. So we'll just see how it plays out. Johnny's ready to go. Of course, he's one of our guys. And I'm hoping that he'll be OK."

Knox required surgery to stabilize a vertebra in his back after enduring a horrific hit in a 38-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in December.

Lillibridge said Knox hasn't had any setbacks yet and that his quality of life is "as good as it could be" now.

Lillibridge added that his client has been thankful for the support of the Bears medical staff.

"The team has been phenomenal with Johnny's rehab," Lillibridge said. "He couldn't ask for a better staff."

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Knox was never a good WR anyways. He just needs to retire.I kinda wish he got paralized so the Bears would have an extra WR spot open.

You think he's not any good so you wish he'd been paralyzed. That's about asinine a statement as I can imagine anyone making. How old are you twleve?

You must be an idiot

It sickens me to replay the injury in my mind. I wish Johnny Knox total recovery.
How the guy could even want to strap it up again is beyond me. What a warrior. What a Bear. What a man. We Bear fans should all feel proud of him.

If Creightonis also crap-ton, he has moved sriusly downward on the respect scale of every sensble blogger.

wow, no class with a comment like that! I'm a Knox fan and am so glad to hear he WILL be back!!! GO BEARS!!!

God, I can't believe you. No doubt in my mind you are an absolute idiot.

Ummm, no, just saw this. I did not write that. And Sean has already pointed out on this blog that I am not Crap-ton. However some people do post under my name and those same people probably post as Crap-ton as well. Well Crap-ton wrote something similar to this and if you go look at it you will see me defending Knox.

Sean it would be nice if you cleared up that I did not write that. Because I did not.

Creighton you must be trolling because I can't imagine that anyone could be so mean as to wish for someone to be paralyzed. Knox is a pretty good receiver that isn't used properly by the Bears. He's got great speed and has made plays in the past. He's not a #1 but a solid #2 and #3. He's got great speed and is still maturing as a receiver. For a guy drafted in the 5th rd he's had a pretty good career thus far.

I would really like to know how Johnny is doing now? I wore his Jersey in September when they lost to the packers. That was my first game at soldier field and I had the best time ever even though we lost. You caught passes for our team that day Johnny. I had several fans patting me on my back when you did. Thank you.

Creighton, you must be the perfect in every possiable way ! IDIOT

The most recent stuff we have seen from Knox came a few weeks ago, when he tweeted pictures of his back brace which he has to wear most of the time. He takes it off before taking a shower and thats about it. He he said he was doing good.

Thanks Sean, I feel like an idiot for even having to bug you with that, but I thought it crossed a line. I don't care if people want to insult me or make fun of me, you know that. But that post kinda just crossed a really bad line. You don't need to apologize cause you didn't write that garbage. Anyway thanks for clearing it up, even though people are still mad at me about it, which I do actually think is funny.

You and Mark thinking about doing a Q&A thing before the draft? It's been awhile and with all the change at the Halas Hall, plus the combine and draft, you might actually get some good questions for a change.

Like this gem. Did Lovie Smith really say they needed new Leadership on the coaching staff? He is the leader of that staff and hand picks it, so isn't that a huge self indictment?

I think Johnny Knox is an excellent football player. I hope he will be back to his normal self very soon. I think he would be excellent as a deep threat with his crazy speed. I'm not too sure about Roy Williams as a number 1 or 2 receiver. I know we need to have a better big WR. Someone like Brandon Marshall or Vincent Jackson. If we sign someone like them, and then draft another, we would have the receivers in place. I really want to see the Bears eat up the packers next year, like destroy them (I'm thinking shut out).

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