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Jay Cutler excited about Bears' offseason changes

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You know Jay Cutler's bored when starts calling sports radio talk shows in the middle of February.

Cutler, restless in Nashville, Tenn. during a prolonged offseason after missing the last six weeks of the 2011 season, called up the ''Silvy & Waddle Show'' on WMVP-AM on Monday to wish co-host Tom Waddle a happy 45th birthday.

During a breezy, 10-minute interview with Waddle and Marc Silverman, Cutler said he was happy with the Bears' changes on their offensive coaching staff -- replacing offensive coordinator Mike Martz with Mike Tice and hiring Jeremy Bates, his former quarterbacks coach at Denver, to be the quarterbacks coach under Tice.

''Very happy. Very happy,'' Cutler said when asked about Bates. ''I've been a fan of him since I left Denver. When I left Denver, I told him that somewhere down the line hopefully we can work together. This was a good situation for us.''

As for Tice, Cutler didn't talk in specifics, but tacitly acknowledged that letting Martz go and promoting Tice was a good move -- crediting coach Lovie Smith for ''making sure we get it right this time.''

''I think Lovie's done a very good job of being very selective and taking his time and putting together his offensive staff,'' Cutler said, ''and making sure we get it right this time -- we get the guys that not only are going to help me, but help everyone else around us and find match ups for everyone and make everyone successful on the offensive side of the ball.''

He also indirectly put in another pitch for Brandon Marshall, his former teammate at Denver who made the Pro Bowl with the Miami Dolphins last season.

''He's a monster [physically]. So big. So physical. [He] does an unbelievable job of getting open,'' Cutler said. ''His physical presence and physical ability I think are second to his mental side of the game. I've never been with a receiver who understands the game, understands why we're doing certain things. ... He just understands coverages. He wants the ball every snap, which is a problem sometimes. But he's fun to play with.''

Though Cutler has been supportive of the Bears' current receiving corps compiled by former general manager Jerry Angelo, Cutler also said he hopes that new general manager Phil Emery will provide him with even better weapons -- particularly a big receiver.

''That's the word on the street,'' he said. ''I think every quarterback in the league wants that. We're not happy unless we're getting offensive guys year-in and year-out, more toys to play with. I think [Emery] is going to do a great job. We went out and hired the best guys. We got him. Hopefully he'll get some guys for us to play with.''

Silvy asked Cutler about San Diego Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson, who could be a free agent.

''Anyone over 6-2 at this point is going to look good,'' Cutler said.

Off the field, Cutler and fiancée Kristin Cavallari are expecting their first child in late July -- just about the time Cutler has to report to training camp.

''Very excited,'' Cutler said. ''I love kids. Having one of our own has been something me and Kristin have talked extensively about. We're very excited. It's been a fun ride so far and we're looking forward to what happens in the future.''

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"crediting coach Lovie Smith for ''making sure we get it right this time.''

Hahahaha, Lovie is working under the old 4 strikes and your out rule with his OC's. This time for sure. I am sure Lovie did so much to bring in Bates.

"I've never been with a receiver who understands the game, understands why we're doing certain things"

Devin Hester just said "What...?" "But I am a legitamate number 1 reciever, Lovie told so."

Boy, Lovie Smith has only been here 8 years, and now he has seen a problem with the offense and he is all over it. " Ithink we might have a problem with the offense" But don't worry cause Lovie is all over it "Sooooo Jay what do you think we could use on offense?" "Not that I need your opinion cause look at what a great job I have done with the offense. But hypothetically speaking, if you were to change this offense, what exactly would you do and would you mind writing it down for me?"

Man Jay is putting the heat on the team, that article says a lot more between the lines than anything else. He is making sure everyone knows this is on Lovie, so if it don't work it's gonna be on Lovie. Jay has been out there pushing for big recivers, more weapons and a line sense the season ended. Tweet this, show up on a radio show. Lovie better get it done, cause you don't want your franchise QB taking those sacks personal. And I think when your head coach has ignored your offense this long it starts to feel a little more than personal. Like maybe Lovie don't care, like maybe he only cares about the defense. And just maybe Jay feels like he has got to go to the media to lobby for guys he needs and personel he needs and coaches he needs. It's not suppose to be like that, your coach and GM are suppose to take care of those things for you, why they have failed to do so for so long is beyond me. Being on offense in Chicago must be like being a second class citizen.

This is our leader? I want a child but don't want to marry his mother. I want a receiver but he must be over 6-2. I want Jeremy Bates to be my personal mentor. I think Aaron Rodgers is a cool guy. This guy is strictly second tier guys. You all are dreamers if you think this character can lead us to the Promised Land. Trade his sorry ass while we can. a b ack loosers!!! wow lert me just say atht lovey is te hWOPRST COACHI NTHE HIOSTROY OF FOOTBALL!!! he never wins any games!! and i now oyuo looser atre tyhnkging thta gee crapton lovie wns games he has a wining record oh yea loosers??? welli thnk i now my football batter sense i am alwas right ans i only give FACTS.

oh yeah donut even get me startred on tem...

knox....BUST who wills never play agian ans i say good sense he sucked.
chrisy wiliams...BUST
garza BUST
creami bust
bennet BUST
forete.....oh TEH BIGGET BUT EVER!!! CUT THAT LOOSER!!!!! MENDEHANLL IS 10000 times better!!!

wow hjst wow...

but yo guys now me old crap-ton...just tyrong to be postavie

p.s. me.. jay jay.... ans rashard mendenajll....w waht i cans dream cant i?? :)

Hey, western roll, you make a few statements earlier that make good sense, but then you send an idiocy like tody's blurb. Are you bi-polar?

Western Roll... you're high ! First off, Cutler and his lady are engaged.... Secondly this guy has more heart and character than any other qb in the league outside of Brees. Asking for a receiver over 6-2, how is that out of line ? Cutler is our leader and get this team a couple of more pieces and he will lead this team to championships !

Hey, Paul Manter, er Professor Manter: idiocy and bipolarism are profoundly serious states of retardation and mental illness. You should be ashamed of yourself to use them as terms of rebuke. And, oh, you needn't hyphenate bipolar and a blurb is a brief publicity note appearing on a book's jacket, so be more thoughtful before you blurt. You did say you are a professor, didn't you?
Yes or no.

Hey, dbearsk, Cutler's lady is pregnant NOW. Her father should grab his shotgun. Stand up, Jay.

Good point, Western! Wanting a WR who is over 6 foot two is just plain ignorant. All we need to do is sign Mike Hass and we should be set for 2012!

Crappy where you been man? I think the Knox comment is a little over the top, kid could have been killed you know.

It would have been funnier if you called Carimi, Creamy. That would have been funny.

Yeah I don't know if that's Western Roll. It seems kinda over the top for him.

soufan de jay cutler mas sou um cara pobre não consigo ficar grande por falta de patrocinio adoro o fisiculturismo deus de pequeno mas não condiçoes finaceiras preciso de patrocinio pra isso sera que consigo.

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