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Bears inform DT Anthony Adams of his release

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Defensive tackle Anthony Adams, who signed a two-year contract last offseason, has been informed of his release.

Adams received $1.5 million in guarantees. But, he only started four games, and he appeared in 11 total. Down the stretch, he only played in two of the final six games. He finished with 16 tackles and no sacks.

A key defender in seasons past, Adams was passed on the depth chart by younger players like Matt Toeaina, rookie Stephen Paea and newcomer Amobi Okoye. Adams is 31 years old.

Due to make $1.9 million next season, the Bears will save that money, but they'll have to endure a $750,000 acceleration for the prorated portion of his guaranteed money.

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Sean are you thinking what I'm thinking? Now that the the Bears have an extra spot open on the d-line that means, wait for it Sean, they can resign Dusty "the Destroyer" Dvoracek!!! Ohhh myyy, ohhh myy, ohhhh myyyyy!!! Total Beast he most certaionly was!

Which reminds me have you heard of the Omaha Nighthawks? Both Garrett Wolfe AND Dusty on there team!? Goodness thats not even fair! What a powerhouse they must surely be!

As I said when I talked about the Bears wanting to clear more cap room because they just don't have as much money as people think because of all the FA's they have to replace. Not to mention Forte is looking for big money. Not no 7.7 million for one year, he wants around 10 million a year according to nfl network.

Bumstead a brilliant piece as usual. Oh Bumstead have you heard of Mohamad Sanu. I think your going to like him. You gotta love a guy who has a first name that starts off mispelled. Lets do Mohamad with one m, that way he will be different.

He is great, a little slow, skinny in the legs, tends to round his cuts, good hands, catches with his hands, good at a lot of things not exceptional at anything. So what does that make him? Do you think already being decleared the best reciever in the draft by a certain someone is gonna be enough? Wait till he makes his first training camp catch, why i'll bet he jumps up to the _______ _______ catagory in no time. Fill in the blanks.

Sean isn't Okoye a FA and no longer on the Bears along with Izzy? So they were thin on the D-Line before at least talent wise and now they are really thin? Along with Jennings, Steltz, Graham, Meriweather and Bowman in the secondary also being FA's the defense is looking pretty thin considering how thin they were at LB already. Not at all loaded like the Bears offensive line which is filled with nothing but elite studs and was built to dominate. In fact the offensive line is so loaded you could put anyone on it and Tice and Lovie would declear they Love the guy and he is a stud.

Anthony Adams was a pretty solid player for the Bears over the past couple seasons, but has lost a step and at 31 seems to have durability problems. I think 2nd year defensive tackle Stephen Paea made Adams expendable, I look for Paea to develop into a heck of a player for the Bears.

The free agents on defense that Chicago must re-sign are DT Amobi Okoye, SS Craig Steltz who looked good down the stretch at seasons end with his 37 tackles, which was 3rd best on the unit. Steltz adds great depth and is a good special teams player. Isarel Idonije is a must if no big name free agent DE is brought in.

Creighton Creighton Creighton, any thoughts on the Bears starting under tackle Henry Melton and his 7 sacks, which was 3rd best among all NFL DT's, the other 2 ahead of Melton beat him by half a sack. Melton will only get better by the way. Thoughts?

Also Creighton, I don't know if the Bears are as thin as you might think at linebacker behind Lach, Briggs and Roach, unproven and young yes, but they have a couple 2nd year players that might add some good depth. Dom DeCicco, Jabara Williams, and J.T Thomas all look to have promise. I know Thomas has the drug thing going on, so maybe he's no longer an option? But DeCicco and Williams both look like nice young prospects. Now Creighton, don't go taking what I'm saying here out of context (like you always do), I'm not calling DeCicco and Williams the next coming of Urlacher and Briggs, I'm just saying the Bears do have some nice young prospects that could add nice depth on the roster GO BEARS!!

Melton is a Flash player, nothing more, he flashes for one play and then vanishes for hte rest of the game, that's why Lovie said he needed to step up and play better.

I am not sure what I took out of Context, could you point it out please. I mean I know you say a lot of things and then double back on them and say "no this is what I really meant. So lets take a look, shall we?

"Kevin Armstead | February 11, 2012 11:17 AM | Reply"
"My guy is Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu, I think he's the best receiver coming out. Sanu has great hands, 210 career grabs, a Big-East record, and size 6-2 to man the split end position, and most scouts say he's the most NFL ready of all the prospects coming out, I'd take him."

You said he was the best reciever comming out. What did I take out of Context? You took some things out of Context, and clearly have a reading disorder. Cuase I said this.

Creighton replied to comment from Kevin Armstead | February 11, 2012 6:25 PM | Reply

"Which scouts said Sanu was the most ready? Personally I am not a big fan of a guy who only had 12 receiving TD's in three years starting and spent that much time in the Wikdcat. I wouldn't call it a great year for the Big East either. You always have loved the climbers. He is a nice player, but to say he is better than Blackmon is huge stretch. Blackmon put up 224 receptions, 3118 yards and 35 TD's in two years, to Sanu 210 rec. 2201 yards and 12 TD's in three years starting."

Then you said this.

Kevin Armstead replied to comment from Creighton | February 16, 2012 11:37 AM | Reply

"Creighton, remember one thing before you compare Blackmon to Sanu stat wise, Blackmon had Brandon Weeden throwing him the ball the last 2 seasons, not saying Weeden is the second coming of Dan Marino, but he is one of the top 5 rated QB's coming out this april. Quick, who did Sanu have throwing him the ball? Exactly. The main knock on Sanu is he doesn't have elite straight line speed, if he did, he'd be a top 5 pick. Never ever toss a prospect to the side simply because he doesn't run fast in shorts. And again, had Sanu had a passer like Weeden throwing him the ball, his stats probably would have been a little prettier. Sanu will be one to keep an eye on at his pro-day, if he can get hi 40 time to at leats a 4.4, he'll up his stock."

At no point did I ever mention his speed, yet you have me throwing under the bus because of his speed. Please explain being out of context. What's reeally funny is you said if he was faster he would be a top 5 pick, right after you said his speed does not matter. Make up your mind. I did point out later that he makes soft cuts, that he does a lot of things good but nothing great and is a bigger version of Bennett. But I never mentioned speed you did, and you also said you thought he was the best reciever in the draft. Please oh brilliant one, explain yourself. Honestly it seems like your trying to cover up the fact that you said that stuff, so basically it's kind of misinformation on your part. But lucky for me I have proof. Oh and nice try trying to use Melton to defelct the argument and change the subject.

Kevin Armstead | February 27, 2012 10:22 AM | Reply

"Creighton Creighton Creighton, any thoughts on the Bears starting under tackle Henry Melton and his 7 sacks, which was 3rd best among all NFL DT's, the other 2 ahead of Melton beat him by half a sack. Melton will only get better by the way. Thoughts"

Thoughts? That's a good question. Hmmmm... Kate Upton is hot. These thin mint cookies are good. Poe is really fast for a big boy. Is Waling Dead on tonight? My left knee hurts. I wonder how long it will take my dogs to wake up if I put a piece of food in front of them. Kate Upton is hot. I want to see Kate Upton make out with Marisa Miller while wrestling in jelllo. Wait I want to make out with Marisa Miller and Kate Upton while wrestling in Jello. Hmmmmmm Jello. I should throw out my Christmas tree it's pretty much a lethal fire hazard at this point. How could they kill Jimmy off Boardwalk Empire? I should go to the gym. Or I could order a pizza. Kevin makes me laugh "GO BEARS!!' every post even when he talks about other teams or different sports. I wonder if Kevin ever dated Brando they seem like a perfect match. I wonder if when Kevin asked for thoughts he meant about Melton? Maybe he did, okay glad I figured that out I would be here all day writing down thoughts. Henery Melton had 7 sacks, Kevin Payne once led the secondary in tackles and picks, so what does that prove? Henery Melton equals flash player, nothing more.

Hey Kevin Jerry Angelo was fired by the bears the man you claimed was the best GM in football, thoughts? Hahahahaha

Jabara Williams is young that's true, talented? Wasn't he cut by the rams last year? The 2 win Rams? And the Bears signed him because they had no depth. Dom DeCicco played Safety in college, and is nothing more than a special teams guy. So those are two of your LB's of the future? And any of them can just replace Brian if he gets hurt. Those are your highlights for the LB position? Wow and that makes you happy oh and the moron who got busted driving down a one way street with drugs in his car. Thanks Kevin I feel way better about the position now. Oh and your happy with Roach, that's great.

If the Bears are trimming some extra cap space to make room for Forte and whoever they sign at wide receiver (I am thinking Laurent Robinson will be the only one on the market who makes sense by the time all the tags are applied and the real free agents hit the market), here is who I would get rid of, and what I believe their cap savings in 2012 would be (net of accelerated signing bonus money):

-Barber: roughly $2.3M in cap savings - re-sign Bell?
-Spaeth: about $1.2M in cap savings - re-sign Davis, and give Kyle Adams a shot
-Omiyale: $2.0M in cap savings - buy an extra value meal at McDonalds that would be more effective in pass protection
-Louis: $500K in cap savings - Just don't think he does anything well enough to keep, and he is part of a logjam at guard with C and E Williams, Spencer, Garza, and a potential draft pick. If C Williams is moved back to tackle, then I think Webb is the candidate to get dropped, which is also about $500K in cap savings

That's another $6M off the cap number for 2012, not counting what we get if we trade Briggs to avoid the "I want a new deal" pouting event for 2012 ($2.6 mil savings if we move Briggs).

I agree with Creighton that our LB situation is dire to say the least, but I still think we should move Briggs if we can. We have shown that anyone playing that spot can rack up tackles, and that is the design of the defense. We should draft a LB this year, and perhaps sign a free agent or two to bolster the depth, but we can probably get 2 for 1 by moving Briggs, and possibly picking up a mid round draft pick from a team like Buffalo, Miami, or Philly, who all need LBs for their 4-3. Maybe even the Giants could use him in the middle in Fewell's defense. DeCicco, Williams, and Roach are not much of a depth chart, but we need to be cautious about committing money to LBs, as Urlacher's deal is up soon, and one would assume he will finish his career as a Bear, which means a 2 or 3 year deal for big money. Peppers is taking a lot of cap room as well, and you still have to sign Forte, Bell, at least one wide receiver, and bring back Kellen Davis on the offensive side of the ball.

Emery is not in an enviable position, as Lovie and Angelo have been mortgaging the future to win now, with little success. He now has the task of not only trying to win with the aging stars on defense, but to build around a franchise QB entering his prime years at the same time. We need long term solutions at Center, Left tackle, split end, tight end, defensive end, 3 technique, corner, strong safety, and probably long snapper. That's a lot of needs, not counting rebuilding our depth, which is virtually non-existent, unless you count kick and punt returners...we have a lot of those....And maybe special teams gunners....

Joe I don't think they will cuy Webb, they seem to love the guy and he is Tice's pet project. Tice always has one from what I have read, but I think he bit off more than he can chew with this.

I would cut Spencer as well, his career seems to be a he plays a few good games early in the season and then he goes down hill from there. Although it's asking Emery to replace a lot of players. They already have a ton of FA's.

One thing I worry about with Emery, actually a couple of things are this. He does not know this team, and is short staffed right now, which means he is listneing to guys like Tice and Smith instead of formulating his own opinions. He currently has next to no pro player department. So he is having to focus all his attention on FA which is not his area of expertise to begin with. He has to do that in a year in which he has like 5-6 starters in FA, and is desperate for depth and help at most positions. He has to draft and sign players for an offense he has never seen and never seen the current players in.

Joe I would throw a OG into that list and a DT. I think you have bodies at guard but not talent and you lost two DT's so far. So you need help there.

According to the Bears they love thier offensive line and think it was great.

It has been a while. I read most the posts most every day, but with travelling the 10 states in the southeast on a regular basis, it's hard to comment like in times past. But since I am stuck in a hotel room in Savannah, GA I have nothing better to do.

Kevin is the same. Falls in love with a player and can't get him out of his mind. Having seen quite few Rutgers games being in Big East territory, Sanu sticks out like a red, white, or blue thread on "ole glory". The most talented WR in the draft is "Brandon Marshall Jr". And he scares the crap out of me. If he {Floyd...and you got to love a guy with Floyd in his name. If only his first name was} falls to Chicago and you pass on him like you did Moss 14 years ago, Emery won't live that one down for a long time. I don't want a 6'2" Earl Bennett {Sanu}. I want the 6' 4" "Beast" I have to pay royalties for using that term? I agree with Joe on Barber. What a waste of cap space. Cutting Webb is a Bears Fan's fantasy. It's not going to happen. But let's hope the Omiyale experiment is over. I don't know the Saints cap space situation, but I can't imagine they can afford to sign Brees, Colston, and Nicks. Nicks wants Evan's $$. If they choose 2 of the 3, I would hope the Bears would have a plane ticket waiting for the one that didn't get resigned. The only thing about Colston that scares me is that he plays at least 11 of his 16 games every year in either a dome or warm weather. Being realistic, he might get similar {not the dome part} conditions in Chicago. There is fairly mild weather through mid November, plus you don't know how many of the Bears final 6 games of the year will be against the Lions, Vikings, and/or southern or domed teams. I think he would be well worth the risk. If they sign Colston, the Nicks is a no brainer.

Hate to bust Kevin's bubble, but I hope they only sign Forte to the tag. See how the cap space looks in 2013 and address it there. He is a good back that does alot of things well, and that in of itself might make him somewhat special, it doesn't make him elite. Too much risk in that position to blanket out 5-6 years.

If you wanted to make a splash {and it's my FA fantasy} cut Peppers. You can't because the Bears have painted themselves into a corner with all the years of Angelo destroying this team, but I pointed out 2 years ago that he was useless and this past season he was as noticeable as a piece of torn up sod at Soldier Field. Forget the Pro Bowl 2 seasons ago. Too many games {and I listed them here} where he had no sacks, no tackes, no assists. His lazy reputation from Carolina followed him here. If by chance, Mario Williams gets cut by Houston, the Bears could target him. I sure thought that when guys on here told me that the Bears got 1st round talent in the 4th round with a gimpy Wooten that our end issues would be solved. I am sure that the term "beast" was used on occasion. bust is more like it. Speath was ill used on the Bears last year. Either he or Davis should go, give Adams a shot, and dare I say it?? Look, again, for a pass catching tight end in the draft. {Wake me up in should take that long.}

This is what happens when you get to a hotel and nap for 3 1/2 hours. Time to go for a run.

I wish you would blog more often.

You still on about Peppers? Well First if you cut Peppers your talking about a huge cap hit. But lets put that aside for a moment. Now you want to forget the Pro Bowl from two years ago, and this years as well I am guessing. Would you also Like to forget the All Pro honor in 2010? Also what About defensive player of the month 11/2010 and 11/2011? So lets just forget the awards.

"Too many games {and I listed them here} where he had no sacks, no tackes, no assists."

"If by chance, Mario Williams gets cut by Houston, the Bears could target him."

Love Williams, Great Player, tons of talent. Lets take a look at him and Peppers numbers there last three seasons. Actually so it is fare how about Peppers last 3 and Williams in 2010, 2009, and 2008. Williams missed most of 2011 with an Injury and was playing a different position. So last 3 years at DE for both.

Peppers: Sacks 29.5, Tackles 112, Assits 21, PD's 18, Int's 4, TD's 1, FF 11

Williams: Sacks 29.5, Tackles 124, Assits 20, PD's 5, Int's 0, TD's 0, FF 7

PFF Defensive End Rankings
Peppers 2009 9th, 2010 3rd, 2011 7th

Williams 2008 11th, 2009 8th, 2010 14th

Those are just just based there statistic rankings and are not there whole story so to speak rankings. As a player they ranked him the 5th best End in the nfl from 08-10, they have not done the 2011 year end player evaluation rankings yet, just statistical performance. This is what they said about him.

5. Julius Peppers, Chicago Bears

"It’s hard to explain what seems to have happened to Julius Peppers. He has always been a very good pass rusher, but in his last two years at Carolina he just wasn’t making the equivalent kind of plays in run defense. He moves to Chicago and wham-o! With extra fire in his belly to prove those who doubted, he showed up on every play. Peppers was a real force and justified a contract that had so many zero’s on it, it was going to take something special to justify. The Bears really seem to have found out how to get the best out of him."

Don't take this the wrong way but the guyss at PFF are well respected and are better at evaluating players than you and me put together easily.

Just an FYI PFF has the Bears 2012 team needs and evaluation. Offensive tackle is listed at number 1. No shock there, it was close between that and reciever. But Webb conquers all in the art of being bad.

If you want to take it alittle deeper.
2011 QB Pressures 53 2nd in the nfl among 4-3 ends, and 29 stops tied for 16th

2010 QBPR 40 Tied for 10th, and 38 stops tied for 5th


2010 QBPR 36 13th and 21 stops tied for 26th

2009 QBPR 29 tied for 9th, and 35 Stops 4th

93 QBPR and 67 stops for Peppers his last two years

65 QBPR and 56 Stops for Williams his last two years at end.

Seems to like Peppers has put up the better numbers and performed better. Seems that way to PFF as well Wiliams did not rank in the top 10 from 08-10.

In 2010 PFF ranked Peppers the 13th best player in the NFL and said this about him.

13. Julius Peppers, DE, Chicago Bears
I’d be lying if I said I thought Peppers would live up to the contract the Bears gave him. But credit to him, he did and shoved all those “taking plays off” criticisms down the throats of those who dared speak them. What made Peppers so great wasn’t necessarily his pass rush (which was more than good enough) but his work for the Bears run D. He was immense in this regard and it’s what earned him such deserved praise throughout the year.
Best Performance: Week 3 versus Green Bay (+6.1)
Key Stat: Had a positive grade in 17 out of 18 games for the year.

Now to give you an idea about PFF they have been talking up Justin Smith for about 4 years. That's pretty much a year before anyoone else mentioned his name and he was considered a bust at that point. They do there homework

Didn't the Players just name Peppers one of the top 10 players in the league? And didn't he finish ranked 4th for defensive player of the year in 2010?

Yep they sure did.

Dude your argument is losing a lot of steam. What more do you want from the guy. He has been really good with the Bears.

Lots of speculation here. I'll only add that I like Melton and think he will get better and better. He's much more than a "flash" player. I realy won't miss Adams all that much.


Going back and looking at the 2011 season, Peppers had a better year than I remember. I will pin that on going through a messy divorce rather than old age. I can only fall back on this once. Having said that, I never said anything in hind sight, back in 2010. I said it as it was happening. If the guys at PFF think that 8 sacks, taking whole stretches during games off {Washington, and Seattle games comes to mind}, and having 2 or 3 games in a row where he basically doesn't show up on a stat sheet, worthy of their praise, then maybe they aren't as smart as they let on. No offense to you. I can vividly remember more than 1 game where the announcers even said..."you know a name we haven't mentioned all game?...Peppers." How many times have we as fans licked our chops in the past 2 seasons when Peppers was going to go up against either a back up tackle or one that was supposedly hurt only to have him non existant.

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