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Bears hire Tim Holt as offensive line coach

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The Bears filled the last significant vacancy on their coaching staff, hiring Tim Holt as offensive line coach.

He replaces Mike Tice, who was promoted to offensive coordinator.

Holt spent the last three seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, working as the assistant offensive line coach in 2011.

Prior to joining the Buccaneers, Holt spent 14 seasons (1995-2008) coaching collegiately, including 10 working with offensive linemen. Holt started his collegiate coaching experience at his alma mater, Southern Connecticut State, as the tight ends/assistant offensive line coach.

He also worked at LeHigh and Cornell.

Holt played on the offensive line at Southern Connecticut State from 1991 to 1994, and he was a three-year letterman.

The Bears hired Jeremy Bates as quarterbacks coach on Tuesday.

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Couldn't help it, huh? Had to get one more guy from Tampa into the organization before it all implodes....

In all seriousness, the Bucs offensive line was pretty solid in the run game, but not great in pass protection...sound familiar? Hopefully Tice's style, plus an influx of new talent will make the difference in 2012 for the OL.

So how much room do we end up with under the cap when we kick off the offseason? From what I remember, we still had a lot of dead money in 2012 for guys like Tommie Harris, and we should gain some back when we dump Roy Williams, and don't re-sign some guys like Jennings and Anthony Adams. Do we have enough to make a run at Avril AND Vincent Jackson, and not strap us for cash?

What a crappy resume! Nice going, Lovie.

I thought Tim Holt was a former black and white,western movie star. Is more information available on him somewhere? From what I read, his pro experience is either limited or nonexistent and his college experience is not particularly impressive either. Diamond in the rough? Let's hope so.

Sorry, Sean, I didn't read your comment carefully enough. Holt seems to have had good pro experience at Tampa Bay.

Joe Cap wise the Bears are suppose to be around 25-30 million under, but that is with a lot of guys in Free Agency. Adams Contract ends at the end of this year. Vincent Jackson is gonna cost around 9-10 million a year. Avril I figure will get a contract similar to Ray Edwards and Mathis so around 5 years 30 million, maybe a little more because he is only 25 and keeps getting better, but he has had 17 penalties in the last 2 years and that needs to get fixed. So yeah they can sign both, but then you also have to consider Forte are they gonna resign him and if so how much?

Then you have to deal with t he fact that they only have 3 DB's because 5 of their DB's are free agents. Izzy is a free agent, which means if you sign Avril your still thin at the position. You have no backup QB, Briggs wants a raise, the Bears are desperate for a LT, and need huge upgrades on the inside, Okoye is gone so the D-Line which is already thin needs even more help, you have no pass catching TE, Knox may not play again, which means your losing 2 WR's not one, you have no depth at LB. There is not a spot on this team that does not need depth, or an upgrade.

And yes as soon as I saw Tampa I laughed. I am not sure what anyone wants though, how many good O-Line coaches are currently available? The Falcons and Dolphins hired College coaches for their O-Lines. It's not like they can drag Hudson Houck out of retirment.

Best bet for a reciever is if KC does not Franchise Bowe. But don't forget Steve Johnson, he is not really fast but he gets the job done. None of the guys out there is the best of the best but they are all big upgrades over what the Bears have.

Okay Joe I was doing some searching for the Chicago Bears Cap space and it seems to be a bit gray. So I found this for you.

As you can see the Bears look to be about 18.2 million under the cap at the moment. That's pre cuts. They also have about 7-8 million from last year that they can roll into this season under the new CBA and Emery has mentioned this. So about 25-26 million pre roster cuts which may not be very extensive given the lack of depth, and amount of Free Agents they have.

However having 7 million to roll over does not mean they will roll that over. While it allows a team to have a cap like 27 million this year the following year means you need to make large cuts or limits you in what you can do move wise in FA. Most of the teams in the north will be making cuts this year cause they still have to pay for a draft class.

The Bears also have to consider their draft class and have room to pay for them. They also have a ton of positions to fill. So while it's a lot of cap room it's not as much as people think given the teams needs.

If you start wit hthe 18 million number. You need to count about 6-7 million for the draft class. So now your down to lets say 12 million. Next on the list is Matt Forte. You tag him and it's about 7 million. Now your down to about 5 million, you sign him and your talking about 5-6 million a year or so. So lets give the Bears 6 Million.

At this point you have no number 1-2 reciever, 1 starting Corner, no starting Safeties, 1 starting DE, You need a LT, and at least one interior linemen, DT depth, and LB depth. Oh and a backup QB. So role over the 7-8 million from 2011 and cut some guys, not a lot to cut though. Lets say they cut about 3 million worth of salary. So basically your looking at about 15-16 million for FA's. Jackson or the top 4 FA wideouts are gonna cost you 8-9 million. Lets say 9 and now the Bears have 6-7 million left to spend. They could afford Avril maybe but then you are at the cap limit and you need about 5-10 more FA's. If they don't roll over the 7 million they can get one guy and Forte.

Thats the best I can do for you with the cap without getting to into it.

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