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Bears hike ticket prices for 9th time in last 10 years

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When you're paying one guy to be your general manager and another to not be your general manager, everybody has to chip in.

So it was no surprise that coming off their fourth non-playoff season in the last five years, the Bears are raising ticket prices for the ninth time in 10 years since the opening of new Soldier Field in 2003.

The Bears announced Tuesday that prices for non-club tickets -- approximately 85 percent of the 61,000 seats at Soldier Field -- will increase from $2 to $10 for 2012. The bumps the non-club ticket range from $76-$150 per ticket. The range was $45-$85 when the new Soldier Field opened in 2003.

The good news is that those who can best afford to pay more won't have to: The Bears held the line on club-seat ticket prices, maintaining a range of $265-$530 per ticket for 2012.

The Bears' announcement also noted that non-club season-ticket holders will save $25 per ticket for regular-season games. Fans can sign up for the priority list for non-club season tickets by submitting a $100 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the season-ticket package when it becomes available. The sign-up is available on the Bears' web site,

The Bears ranked fifth in the NFL in average ticket price last season.

Earlier this month, the Packers, coming off a 15-1 season following their Super Bowl championship in 2010, announced increases of $3-$5 per ticket for the 2012 season. They are in the process of a stadium renovation that will add 6,700 seats, two high-definition video boards and other amenities to Lambeau Field.

The Lions, coming off a 10-6 playoff season, also are raising ticket prices for the 2012 season, approximately 8 percent over 2011.

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"The good news is that those who can best afford to pay more won't have to: The Bears held the line on club-seat ticket prices, maintaining a range of $265-$530 per ticket for 2012."

Tounge and Cheek right? Nice.

Of course they are raising prices, they dummies built and ugly 61,000 seat stadium. Not to mention it was way over priced for what they got. Ted Phillips should be fired for the Stadium alone. What was he thinking. Well I'll tell you, Daily wanted a modern/old world blend style made popular in London, which is what Soldier Field is. Daily bent Phillips over told him exactly what he was going to get, and Phillips just nodded his head and took it. The McCaskey family always talks about Ted like he did something great. "He got us a new stadium." Yeah cause no city like LA would ever want the Bears franchise, and new Chicago football team would go over so well. Like the Chicago Blitz, boy that was popular.

It's never a surprise when they raise ticket prices, it's surprise when they don't. Still not as bad as some Bulls tickets I paid for.

I am all for the raise if it's the pay for Angelo to be fired fund. Can start the Lovie fund as well.

Wow that just makes me want to vomitt. I am sick of the 1% like the mCasakeys doing whatever they want. this just the kind of garbage Mr. Karl Marx wrote about that he said peeople should revolt against. We are the 99% and theirs more of us then their are of them. We don't have to satnd for this.

Gather around me ny Bear Brothers. Well see how the McCaskey lik it when we occupy Soldeir Field like we've been occupying Wall Street.

We are the 99%! We are the 99%! We are the 99%!

Well seeing as they consistently put a winning team on the field every year, I think it's justified that that they raise the prices.

Oh wait.

I really like this, but it's not near enough. As I said once before, Lovie Smith is a special genius. People shouldn't get to even get a glimpse of him in the same physical space for anything less than an astronomical price.

A season ticket to me should be at about $250,000 with each game like a mortgage payment including principal plus interest. And that's super cheap given that you get to see Lovie and future Hall of Famer Frank Tayo Omiyale (rhymes with Oh my Golly!). Word is that the Canton hall is building its own wing for Big Frank! Wooo! Woo!

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