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Anthony Adams leaves Bears with mixed emotions

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Anthony Adams, one of the Bears most grounded players, isn't angry about his release.

"I don't blame them," Adams said Monday. "I probably would have done the same thing."

After signing a two-year contract last offseason, Adams suffered a torn calf muscle that limited him during training camp and at the start of the season. Then, as he worked to get healthy, he was passed on the depth chart by other players, most notably rookie Stephen Paea.

Adams ended up playing just 25.9 percent of all defensive snaps last season.

"The longer you stay in the league, the more you start seeing all kinds of stuff," Adams said. "So I wasn't surprised by anything."

Adams is thankful that the Bears made the decision quickly, because he'll immediately become an unrestricted free agent, able to find a new NFL home before free agency officially begins March 13.

"It wouldn't make any sense to drag me along, then I get released in August or when teams are solidified," Adams said.

Now healthy, Adams said he's excited about the game.

"It's not the ideal situation," he said, "but if I can still play, that would be great."

The toughest part, of course, is leaving Chicago and his Bears teammates and coaches.

"This is a place where my kids were born at, so there's just a lot of memories, and there was a lot of growth," he said. "When I first got here, I was 26, married for like a year, no house. I bought my first house here.

"I had all three of my kids here. Went to the playoffs for the firist time here. First divisional playoffs here. There are a lot of memories."

Adams added that he doesn't think there's any locker room quite like the Bears.

"They've been great," he said of his teammates. "They're going to be forever teammates. It was great to play with those guys. I think they feel the same way."

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1 Comment

You know for a couple of years Adams was the most consistant DT the Bears had. I don't think he needs to explain anything. He was never brought here to be a starter but when other players failed, he filled in and did a decent job for the most part.

Why Omiyale is on the team is beyond me at this point. He makes more than Adams and has never been effective. Although some people like Kevin really like the signing back in 2009. And some of us didn't.

Kevin Armstead | February 27, 2009 1:10 PM | Reply

"As fans, its hard for us to really judge offensive linemen with any degree of accuracy by what we see in quick glimpses on TV. The fact the Bears weren't the only team that had Omiyale on their radar proves Omiyale could be legit. The Bears and other teams have access to scouting tape on Omiyale, they obviously saw something to warrant this much interest. Omiyale was a 5th round draft pick, so he probably wasn't ready to start his first 2 or 3 seasons in the league, some linemen take time to develop, and thats what Omiyale did. This season in Carolina he came in for 2 games and played left tackle, and did a good job, even showing the ability to run block. Frank Omiyale is now a young NFL ready offensive lineman, this is probably why so many teams were after his services, young NFL ready tackles are hard to come by. This point in Omiyale's career is the perfect time to sign a lineman, he's not to young, and he's not an 8 year vet who would only be a stop gap. There are some nice rookies coming out this year, but Omiyale is probably a safer bet to be ready to come in and start, I like the move GO BEARS!!"

Creighton | February 27, 2009 2:10 PM | Reply

He is not a starter and he has proved that in Atlanta and Carolina. He is also not a RT, he is not much of a run blocker either, if they try and start him on the right side there in trouble. He is not a starter. He may be insurance for Chris Williams back, that makes the most sense.

Just like to point out that getting Carolina cast off's that did little to help that make the playoff's, is not going to help the Bears make the Playoff's.

Kevin Armstead | February 27, 2009 8:47 AM | Reply

This wasn't a bad signing, Frank Omiyale is young enough to be around for awhile. With the money Omiyale got, you can pencil him in at right tackle. Omiyale, unlike a draft pick, has NFL experience at tackle. This is the kind of signing I was hoping the Bears would do, this opens things up for the Bears on the first day of the draft. At 6-4 310lbs, Omiyale has nice size, and has only been in the league for 4 seasons so he's more than a stop gap, he could have a bright future with Chicago. Omiyale only has one start, but he also has 4 NFL training camps under his belt, doesn't sound like much, but I think he's more NFL ready to come in and start for Chicago at right tackle than a rookie would have been.

With Chris Williams at left tackle, Josh Beekman at left guard, and now Frank Omiyale at right tackle, the Bears line is getting younger, and hopefully more effective. It will take some time, but line coach Harry Hiestand should have these guys working together pretty well for the Bears GO BEARS!!

Creighton | February 27, 2009 3:00 PM | Reply

Wow I see you guys never learn. Lets see this is a great signing because he is 27, and a 310 pound OT. Oh and he played LT against KC and has started 1 game. Thats right a big OT in the NFL, no one else has one like that. Started a whole game against none other than KC, who actually had the worst Pass rush in football. I think he is the next Jon Ogden, no one can stop him.

If you you have not figured it out yet, this kid is not a starter, he is insurace for Chris Williams at most or they think he is. He is also not a RT because he is a weak run blocker. He is a back up LG. Nothing wrong with that but if you are going to pencil him in as a starter at RT you will have problems. When Otah went down last year in week during the Saints game, they actually had to move Gross over to cover for him and let Omiyale play at LT, they did this because he is not a RT and struggles at that position.

Kevin Armstead | February 27, 2009 8:36 PM | Reply

5 million in guaranteed money tells me he's gonna be the Bears right tackle, and on top of the fact John Tait, the Bears current right tackle, is retiring. I could be wrong, Angelo said, "we want to check out Omiyale at guard first," and then in the same breath Angelo said, "we'll look at him at tackle where he has the most experience." Angelo could be smoke screening to get St.Clair back as the swing tackle, by saying Omiyale could play either tackle or guard would make St.Clair think he's could still start for Chicago at tackle, St.Clair made it clear he wants to start. Remember, Angelo also said, "were not going to go into free agency with any kind of desperation," then what does Angelo do, he signs a free agent tackle that other teams had interest in as soon as free agency opens....hmm, smoke screening anyone? Lovie Smith said, "Omiyale played left tackle, so you know he can play right tackle." I agree with Lovie Smith, I see no reason why Omiyale can't man the right tackle position for the Bears. If the Bears do bring St.Clair back, it will be as a stop gap, especially being a 10 year vet. I say bring him back as a swing tackle, but not as a starter at takle or guard, the Bears need to get younger up front. The Bears already have three younger guards under contract in Garza, Beekman, and Dan Buenning, and only Chris Williams at tackle, this is why its hard for me to believe they paid Omiyale 14 million to play guard when there so low on tackles. I think Angelo is baiting St.Clair back to be the Bears swing tackle, we'll see.

As far as Omiyale, he came from tiny Tennesse tech, so he probably wasn't ready his first couple seasons in the league, so I wouldn't take the fact the Falcons cut him in his second season as a slap in the face, again, not every player is ready right out of college some guys take a couple seasons to develop. This season he was the Panthers swing tackle, and when called upon, played well. If you look around the league, most tackles that can play left tackle can play right tackle, its the guys that can only play right tackle that you got to watch out for. Jordan Gross spent most of his career at right tackle for the Panthers, the fact the Panthers put Omiyale in at left tackle when Otah went down doesn't mean Omiyale can't play right tackle. The Panthers probably wanted to see Omiyale at left tackle because they didn't even know if Gross was coming back or not in 2009. I've read that had the Panther been unable to resign Gross, Omiyale was their next option, this shows me the Panthers were big on Omiyale. What the Bears got is a young lineman that has a lot of football in front of him, they got a lineman that has NFL experience, and again, the fact a lot of other teams were after him, obviously potential. I like the signing and think its gonna make the Bears a younger better team GO BEARS!!

You can see the rest of the debate here:

Well some guys seem to be able to judge line talent "cough" me, and some can't. He is still on team though, I hope that does not last much longer. He got paid and he was bad, so I don't worry about Omiyale's future because he became rich by being bad at his job. Now Emery please cut him.

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