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What do you want to see today?

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The Bears didn't defend their NFC North title, and they won't even have a chance to play in the NFC title game again.

Obviously, this season has been a huge disappointment.

But, there's still a game to be played.

What do you want to see today? Is there a particular player or players who you have your eye on? Anything else that you'll be closely monitoring?

One of the things I want to see is if Josh McCown can have a strong performance against the porous Minnesota Vikings defense. I know Jared Allen would love to break the NFL sack record (he needs four more), and I know defensive end Brian Robison would love to get to 10 (he needs three more), so McCown will have to deal with some highly motivated pass rushers.

But, if the Bears o-line can provide adequate protection, then McCown will have ample opportunities to shred the Vikings' secondary.

If he does, then McCown has a real strong chance to get a contract to remain as the Bears backup heading into 2012. Not bad, considering he had so much trouble landing an NFL job in recent years.

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I wouldn't mind seeing Jerry Angelo get fired! On the way out he can take Marian Barber, Roy Williams, J-Marcus Webb with him. They all suck at what they get paid to do.

I already saw it when my alma mater,Indiana University, defeated #2 Ohio State last night.

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