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Tim Ruskell interviews for Bears GM vacancy Thursday

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Tim Ruskell, the Bears interim general manager, interviewed to replace Jerry Angelo full-time on Thursday.

Ruskell established himself in Tampa, alongside Angelo, working under Rich McKay.

When McKay was hired as the president and general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, he named Ruskell as his assistant GM. Then, in 2005, Ruskell was named general manager of the Seattle Seahawks.

He helped the Seahawks advance to a Super Bowl and win three division titles.

New England Patriots director of pro personnel Jason Licht interviewed on Monday, followed by Chargers director of player personnel Jimmy Raye on Tuesday and Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross on Wednesday. Phil Emery of the Kansas City Chiefs will interview Friday.

Here's a closer look at Ruskell's draft record in Seattle.

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Oh boy. This is who is probably going to be the guy. Just as Marinelli went from DL to coordinator. Lovie, the real GM, wants him.

Hit it!

His name was Creighton, he was the master,
With yellow feathers in his hair and a dress cut down to there
He would merengue and do the cha-cha
And while he tried to be a Bears star, Hub Arkush always reported hard,
Across a crowded floor, they wblogged from 8 till 4
They were young and Angelo wa sgone
Who could ask for more?

At the Suntimes(Oh!), the Suntime bears blog (Bears blog!)
The hottest spot north of Chicago (here)
At the Suntimes (Oh!), Bers blog!
Me being right about this team is always in fashion
At the Suntimes....don't doubt my facts....

Yeah whatever just trying to keep happy and cross my fingers that the Bears do not hire Ruskell do replace Angelo. I bet Teddy is drooling aboutit as we speak. What an Angelo clone? Fantastic your hired! So can you loosers blame me?

Don't fall in love...
Don't fall in love...
Don't fall in love...

Let's hope this in-house guy is booted to outhouse. I like the Giants' guy and hope he is offered the position and accepts it. The bears could certainly use a few picks like Cruz.

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