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Thomas Dimitroff impressed at how Phil Emery handled demotion

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When he was named general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff made some changes to the scouting department.

One of them was bringing in David Caldwell to serve as the college scouting director. That meant Phil Emery, who had been in that position, would need to be fired or re-assigned. Dimitroff demoted Emery to a regional scout for the 2008 season, and he was impressed at how the veteran scout handled it.

"He didn't rock the boat," Dimitroff told me Wednesday.

How impressed was Dimitroff?

When close friend Scott Pioli -- whom he'd worked with several years in New England -- took over the Kansas City Chiefs, Dimitroff recommended Emery.

As you saw the other day, Pioli has become a huge fan of Emery's in their three years together in Kansas City.

Full disclosure: I've tried hard to get anecdotes and insights on Jason Licht, of the Patriots. But, there are, frankly, not that many people allowed to speak on the record about him. I've passed along insight from many others, who respect him as a scout and as a potential GM.

But two of the most qualified to speak on Licht were not in Mobile: Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Heckert worked closely with Licht in Philadelphia, and Belichick is the point person for the Patriots, the only one in a position to comment on him.

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Hey no offense, but this bit about Emery & Dimitroff has been reported for almost a week now. Just because single line quote, doesn't mean you should report it as something you just broke. One of the other beat writers had this story LONG before you.

Yes your right this was repoted here at the times days ago, by Sean in fact. This is the Bears insider blog, not all of these posts are articles, stuff is put up here for people to discuss. Give him a break man the Trib has like 8 guys covering the Bears and the Times has Sean and sometimes Mark who is a sportswriter and not the beat reporter and Neal who sometimes gets lost and post Bulls articles here. Oh and then there is Joe Cowley a rabbid Steelers fan who somehow found his self as a comlumnist who on a rare occassion pops in to talk about the Bears but usually ends up talking about Cowher while he drools over a picture of the former coach.

Could this guy get anymore back handed insults? Saying he's "a grinder" and that he handles demotion well is like saying your date has a good personality and is really nice. Why are we interested in him?

"Why are we interested in him?"

Not we, but THEY. They, the Bears, were unable to even clean house competently, deciding that Angelo and Martz would be the goats when everyone from Phillips on down should have gotten the heave-ho. Never mind that Lovie brought Martz in who allowed Cutler to battered. If the Bears miss the playoffs in 2012, the only person left to blame will be Tice.

[Please remove this if it's a double post, but this site is still experiencing server problems.]

I don't think those are insults, I doubt Dimitroff would recomend this Emery for a job with a good friend of his if he thought the guy was a bum. Dimitroff did not know Emery when he got to the Falcons and had never met him before and like most new GM's Dimitroff brought in his own guys. I believe him when he say he was impressed, if he didn;t like he would have never sent him to Pioli.

I don't know a ton about Emery or what guys he has identified in the drafts he has worked or players he has scouted. He has some legit credentials when it comes to structuring a scouting department, and front office. What I don't know is does he have an eye for talent.

I am not a fan a Licht, which I have been kind of pointing out. But what bugs me most is that nobody seems to want to talk much about him. Sean thanks for trying to find out more about him, I have been asking questions about him and your the one reporter who I have seen try to dig a little deeper on this guy.

I heard Hub talk about Licht today and some of the stuff he is saying is not very glowing. He didn't say anything bad about him, but said some people are telling him he is not the best guy for the job. But who knows with these guys. It's like shadow games trying to find out about these guys. Wouldn;t it be nice if scouts were given credit for the players they identified? Whenever I tried to findout about Angelo and who he identified in Tampa I always got the same answer. Angelo, Ruskell, Dungy, McKay, and Wyche all seemed to take credit for every great player they drafted. People keep running around going no that was my guy, no it was my guy. Whatever happen to that whole honesty is the best policy thing?

Anyway it won't be long now.

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