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The "Licht" Touch?

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Jason Licht, a finalist for the Bears general manager job, has something going for him that can't be overlooked.

He's been on some Super Bowl-bound teams.

In 2001, when he was a national scout, the New England Patriots went to the Super Bowl and won.

In 2004, when he was the assistant director of player personnel, the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC and appeared in the Super Bowl, losing to the Patriots.

And in 2008, in his lone season as a personnel executive, the Arizona Cardinals appeared in their only Super Bowl.

Now, as the director of pro personnel, the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl, with a chance to win another ring Feb. 5 in Indianapolis.

I've written before about Licht's reputation. He's respected by his peers, and he's distinguished himself as both a college and pro scout. One league source who has worked with Licht also said he has strong leadership skills.

He and Phil Emery (college scouting director of the Kansas City Chiefs) are the two finalist for the Bears GM job, and they'll interview later this week at Halas Hall.

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HIRE this guy now.
He has NO connections to anyone on the Bears staff so he can look at the team with FRESH EYES.
Emery has friends here he would probably have a hard time firing.
What this team needs most of all is a FRESH PERSPECTIVE from a winning organization.
Hire Licht NOW.

I agree wholeheartedly! He's been associated with winning programs, unlike Emery (Bears 2004, Chiefs 2010). I'd much prefer Ross, who looks like he'd know how to get players that would fit the Bears' needs (strong defensive players - especially linemen/backers, and tough, tall WRs & RBs)

I hope you have some influence with the Bear management, Sean. I would definitely prefer Licht over Emery, as I have stated previously, but suspect the Bears will end up with Emery.

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