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Raiders request permission to speak to Mike Tice about head coaching vacancy

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Mike Tice was just promoted from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator.

But the Oakland Raiders have requested permission to speak to Tice about their head-coaching vacancy, according to two league sources.

The Raiders officially hired former Green Bay Packers football operations director Reggie McKenzie as general manager a week ago. McKenzie announced the ouster of coach Hue Jackson, who had been head coach for just one season. Since then, the Raiders have been interviewing many candidates.

They include: Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, and Packers assistants Winston Moss, Dom Capers and Joe Philbin.

Miami Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles also interviewed last week.

Last week, the Bears interviewed Greg Olson for the team's vacant quarterbacks/ passing game coordinator position. That job hasn't been filled, and coaches are on vacation this week.

After playing 14 NFL seasons as a tight end, Tice rose through the coaching ranks and became the Minnesota Vikings head coach in 2002. After the Vikings defeated the Bears in the 2005 season finale -- to push the team's record to 9-7 -- Tice was immediately informed of his ouster.

The Vikings hired Brad Childress, who was fired late in the 2010 season, after his team started 3-7.

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well last I heard he wanted to come to chicago to be closer to his kids..

unless thats changed and he really wants to be a head coach again with a short leash ( its the raiders were talking here) I dont see it happening

if it does da bears might have to stop their hibernation aand get moving!!

If the Raiders to take Tice I say good riddance!!! 8-8 means all the scrub coaches on this team should be sent packing!!!!

Cry-ton, you still suck!!! Blah blah blah!!!

If the Raiders to take Tice I say good riddance!!! 8-8 means all the scrub coaches on this team should be sent packing!!!!

Cry-ton, you still suck!!! Blah blah blah!!!

nino, unless you missed it, Al Davis is deceased, so this is an entirely new ballgame with the Raiders. McKenzie is an old-school type player, and will bring that developmental approach to being a GM, where he will put a plan in place that means long-term competitiveness. Probably won't be that short of a leash.

While I think Tice would be a good fit for the Raiders, his loss to the Bears would be an ugly situation. 2 years ago, we couldn't get anyone to come here as the OC, and we had to settle on Mike Martz, and we all see how that turned out. This time around, with a new GM on the way, and Lovie on a short term contract, there won't be anyone crazy enough to come here.

Good for Mike, who is apparently the only coach on the staff outside of Toub that has any credibility in the NFL. The rest of these bozos couldn't get a job in the NFL if not for Lovie...

I agree with your overall assessment of our situation - who would want to come here - but it's only fair to mention that, in addition to Tice and Toub, our secondary coach, Jon Hoke, has drawn interest from the Vikings, who have requested permission to interview him. Other coaches seem able to adjust to occasional raids ontheir staff, but Lovie doesn't seem to have many contacts out there and none at all on the offensive side of the ball.

That's it Joe, it's throw down time. Nobody disrespects this coaching staff while I live. Who cares if Tice gets hired by the Raiders, we got Lovie Smith. Did you feel that, did you feel the goosebumps? I know you did, did you hear a Hawk cry in the distant sky? I know you did. Did here the thunder, did you see the lightning? Hell yeah you did. Lose Mike Tice? HA! You forget yourself sir, we got Lovie(goosebumps, Hawk Cry, Thunder crack, Lightning Bolt) Smith. Lovie is the head coach sir, the head coach, and has spent the better part of a decade training to learn offensive play calling. He called plays for the defense, he can call play for the offense. He is no DC, he is a head coach and can do it all. Like Bill Walsh, Bill Bilichick, Sean Payton, Jon Gruden, Bill Parcell's, Bill Cowher, and many other head coaches. Lovie can and will call the offense. He will lead the Bears offense, he will make all the players better, he will whip out his 5 page play book/coloring book, steer down his opponent, raise his hand to the sky and like a lightning bolt summon the gods of offense to his hand he will bend the game to his will for he is Lovie Smith, offensive guru.

By the way did anyone ever notice how many guys named Bill have been great head coaches?

Anyway I am totally so confident that if they lose Tice, Lovie can do the job he has as a head coach and take over play calling just like he did for the defense a couple years ago. Personally I would love to see Tice go, and I hope Lovie takes over the offense, so he can show everyone once and for all how great he is. He is not just defense, he is the head coach he is offense and defense rolled into one, he is thunder and lightning, he is country and rock n' roll, he is Cool and the Gang, he is Donnie and Marie.

I doubt Tice gets hired, but you never know.

Tripper I thought you promised not to post when you have PMS?

Gotta keep Tice. How can anyone quarrel with his run-blocking schemes? Kahlil Bell praised them at year end, Don't you think that he could make any running back better? I'm tired of this pass, pass, pass era. Run the ball. Knock them on their ass, ass, ass. Rumor has it that the Bears have just hired a U. of Pittsburgh guy for OL coach. He coached, they say, Joe Thomas and Gabe Carimi at Wisconsin. That' a nice credential. Throw in just one #1 at wide receiver to keep everyone honest, and presto we have an offense. Down with the gun, gun, gun. Let's run, run, run. Knock the 49ers out like bowling pins. I don't want to see Vernon Davis crying again. That was shameful.

Creighton, even amusing sarcasm should follow the brevity rule. On the other hand,__Gulliver's Travels__ and "A Modest Proposal" were both pretty long and did not hurt J. Swift all that much. Regarding Tice, I hope he stays with the Bears, but if he goes, I do not see him as irreplaceable; nor, of course, is Lovie. An array of disarray seems to be the typical Bear approach in selecting coaching and administrative personnel.

What is this "The server did not respond in time" comment I get when I try to post.? Am I being cut out because of being assessed no fees?

Paul, that the length of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS did not hurt Swift' reputation I would agree. That it destroyed any hope of a modern audience I would entertain (not that such is a valid criterion.) That it's style turns off the modern reader I would agree. That it is BORING I would scream from the top of my lungs. I couldn't read it as a boy, nor decades later - very recently - as an adult. Irony is so widespread now in the new media world - and quite well done - that Swift stands out only in his ability to write the kind of convoluted sentences that impressed the reader of his day. All that stuff appeals more to a Brit audience than to an American. Gets a bit old, mate.

(try following the draft proceedings...they have given me years of fun.)


Sounds like IT-speak to me. Tell them to re-arrange their priorities. We "Inside the Bears" folks are an impatient bunch.

Okay first off in no way is that post to long. Second if you want to compare me to Swift I will take it with a smile, the satire fantasy that is Guliver's travels is the Bears existance. The book has never gone out of print in the near 400 years it has been in print and they just made a horrible movie about it. Not the books fault Jack Black could screw up boiling water.

Just because the attention span of the modern audience fails to focus on anything longer than a wiki intro they can read on the 3 inch screen of their I phones. It is no wonder most consider print to be dead. When well read men aspire to 140 characters and can't focus long enough to read two paragraphs you may want to rethink your stance on post length and worry about your own inability to focus on anything longer than a tweet without suffering from fits of exuastion.

We live in an era in which a comic book is now considered a novel, and information is gained without effort or knowledge, but given without the audiences ability to understand what they are reading. The world has become one big standeridzed test. Perhaps my posts should be written as such. Lol, OMG, LMAO, ?4U, 143(did you know this means I love in the modern language? We have reduced I love you to 143), A3, AAR, BBC, etc... Would you like me to put in some emotion cons, or smile faces? "I don't understand what the writer is saying can someone put in a smile face or and LOL so I know if it is funny."

Yes I went to NU and got my masters in journalisim so I could tweet, all that hard work paid off. Stupid Gulivers travel is so long LOL. Do you know what Bieber said about Guliver's travels? He said, LMAO, really, he said it sucks, he is so awesome.

The best tweets of all time.

1. "I've decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change."

2."Dear @SouthwestAir - I know I'm fat, but was Captain Leysath really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?"

3. " - There's a plane in the Hudson. I'm on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy."

4. "Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event)."

5. "Hello Twitterverse! We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station -- the 1st live tweet from Space! :) More soon, send your ?s"

This is brilliant writing, the world is changing for the better. Soon we won't even need words, just some symbols, a few numbers, and some pictures of yellow faces smiling. So what is trending now? Oh boy trends, thanks for telling me which way I should point the arrow that is my life. Who needs an original thought anymore we have trending, now we know what choices to make. Twitter is like one giant Jedi mind ####.

Oh and does anyone really think McKenzie will not hire someone from the Packers to be the next head coach?

Oh gosh is this to long? Will you be able to make it through this post? Gosh life is so hard.

Why are you addressing these comments to me? It was Paul Manter who said your posts are way too long. (though I agree with him). Also, my comments about Swift were made to Paul Manter, not to you (and I certainly didn't compare you to Jonathan Swift.) I didn't see any reason for directing them to you, and now I really don't, and not for a moment do I believe you ever read Gulliver's Travels in its entirety. You saw the Jack Black movie. And you have the nerve to criticize modern man for wanting abbreviated forms! I thought Jack Black was terrific in KING KONG.

I think your blogs are replete with interesting commentary, but that they are too much for today's reader is indisputable.

Oh don;t get all sensitive on me, only about 20%of the post was for you and Paul. I didn't think anything you said was insulting, I was just trying to twist your posts into a rant about twitter, which I hate. I am sure Sean can tell you this is not the first time I have gone off on twitter. You saw the satire in the first post but failed to see the Observational comedy involved in the second post. Well Observational and Character, I throw a little character comedy in all my posts as the actual online persona of myself is really a characature of myself.

And yes I saw that movie and I wanted to blow my Brains out and no I never finished it. And no I don't hate Black Tropic Thunder is great. Now I have to go hammer alternative Creighton, his latest post is just so bad. It's a poem and it's just so bad, it's hard to read it's so bad it's Jack Black Guliver Travel's bad.

Oh and I don't write anything for todays readers, last summer I subbed for this Professor for 4 days. I subbed for 8 classes over that time. And everyday I saw the same thing. About 40-50 kids sitting outside the class with their Smart Phones tweeting and texting away. They almost never said anything to one another. If they did they were sharing someting on their phone with them. But no real talking not a single conversation. Of course they would then sit in class and try to sneak out those same phones so they could tweet and text and whatever. Several got up during the class to leave so they could go play with their phones. Both classes almost failed the course thanks to me, Anyone caught using a Phone was marked absent, they clearly were not attending the class. So yes I understand how this generation behaves, I see it way to much. Can't put down those damn phones for a second.

Creighton: thanks for expanding on your views about "just trying to twist [my] posts into a rant about twitter..." Lotsa punctuation there, so, to ensure against misunderstanding, let me try again. (There is a reason for all this buildup) Are you interested? Well, guess what, today's audience wouldn't even get this far into my blog. They can't read! They have no memory. They have given up on our language, while Spanish-speaking people take extreme pride in theirs, and even have fun with it with one another. They fiercely defend their desire to use it whenever they want. Meanwhile, our youth have abandoned ours. They should be thoroughly trounced for this. The generation that surrendered their language! I have never read a Twit nor a Facebook entry. I didn't buy a cell phone until August, 2009.

I'm sorry for not picking up on your use of multi-voices. Though I am a city boy, I retain a lot of that midwestern, can-I call-it gullibiity, so I get confused when you change voices on me. Say I'm just a dumb you-know-what.I don't mind. A day without at least one of your posts is fortunately rare. Loved your last paragraph about the kids standing outside your class twitting and texting away and praise your grading policy. Good for you, man - really.

I, too, say things for effect, even when I don't really believe them, e.g. my case for Jack Black in King Kong. The movie stunk, yes; but here this guy popped up on the screen who matched Kong himself in his energy and presence. I had never seen him - who in the hell is that guy?- and they said his name was Jack Black.

I am reading Charles Dickens' THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP now. I am a slow reader, so 550 pages will take longer than I would care to admit. Someone has to respect the language, like I said.

Wow!! Welcome to the new literati, western roll ( odd name ) and Creighton. I love it!.Counting the students absent was a good first step, Creighton, but confiscating the phones and requiring an essay on why they should be returned might have been a good second step. As a retired English professor who also taught American Literature, I would suggest that you both read Swift's "A Modest Proposal"; it is an essay, not a novel, and probably makes as powerful, if somewhat harsh, case for abortion as one is likely to encounter. In substance, the messages and proposed solutions could be written today and have total relevance .By the way, western roll, your comments about __Gulliver's Travels__ say more about your attention span than Swifts stylistic inadequacies.

Put'm up professor.

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