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Phil Emery wraps up interview, decision may come soon

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The Bears wrapped up a lengthy interview at Halas Hall with Phil Emery Friday, and they could make a decision on their next general manager sooner than later.

Emery of the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason Licht of the New England Patriots are the two finalists to replace Jerry Angelo as the Bears' general manager. Licht concluded his second-round interview Thursday.

If the Bears select Emery, there's nothing that limits their ability to make that announcement. But if the Bears select Licht, they'll need written permission from the Patriots, since the the club's season is not yet over. They'll play the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis on Feb. 5.

Technically, the Patriots could force the Bears to wait until after the Super Bowl to announce Licht as the new general manager.

"No contract shall be executed, and no agreement to execute a contract, or an announcement of a contract or of an agreement for employment, shall be permitted until after the conclusion of the employer club's playing season, unless the employer club has specifically granted written permission for its employee to accept a position with the new club prior to the conclusion of its participation in the postseason," the league rules state.

The Patriots, though, have accommodated the Bears interview requests, thus far.

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I like some of the things I read about Phil Emery, he's hard working, a "grinder", and thats all good. But, can he identify talent? I don't know? Since 2009, when Phil Emery became the Chiefs director of college scouting, who have the Chiefs really brought in via the draft that went on to be a major contributor? On offense you got right guard Jon Asamoah who the Chiefs got in the 3rd round of the 2010 draft, thats all the Chiefs have gotten on offense since the 2009 draft, when Emery took over as director of college scouting? Thats a red flag my friends. On defense Emery and the Chiefs scouting department have done a little better...a little. The Chiefs have as major contributors on their defense from the 2009-2011 draft Justin Houston LB, 3rd rounder in 2011, Tyson Jackson DE, 1st rounder 2009, and Kendrick Lewis FS, 5th rounder 2010, thats it? So on defense, thats 3 players, one from each of Emery's drafts as director of college scouting. Thats a little below average for bringing in talent via the draft. I'm not sold. Safety Kendrick Lewis has probably been the Chiefs best draft pick since 2009, and again, he was a 5th rounder in 2010. Tyson Jackson, the only 1st round contributor for the Chiefs since 2009 other than 2010 1st rounder safety Eric Berry, has been a let down. If the Bears bring in Emery as their new GM, I'll support him, I just hope they're nor bringing him in because he has ties to the team? I still say pick Jason Licht, Belichick should give Licht his blessings. When Licht was a national scout for New England back in 2001, they nailed their first 2 picks with defensive lineman Richard Seymour and offensive lineman Matt Light, thats not bad scouting.

Something else no one is talking about, a new GM always wants a new head coach, his own head coach, no matter what he says. This could cause problems within the organization, Lovie is gonna have to win, or he's out. Which is all good, I just hope this doesn't cause problems or effect the way the Bears play. This is gonna be interesting GO BEARS!!

I'm not sure GMs have the power they used to. Team presidents and ownership seem to be taking on the role of building "senior staff." The A.J. Smith's of the world are starting to go away.

I think part of the reason that Licht was not selected probably had to do with him wanting to bring in a new coaching staff ... maybe switch up the defense to a 3-4. That's a mistake with this group. They're too old.

We've seen GMs in the league want to bring their own guys in ... yes ... but I think that's changed enough and it doesn't matter as much anymore. I don't think Emery and Lovie will clash at all.

Like you, I am a little concerned about Emery's ability to draft well, but the guy deserves a chance. If he has any sense, he knows the Bears have immediate need at WR, LT, DE, and CB ... probably in that order ... maybe even LB.


Kevin I am not sure on this but I think Emery came to the Chiefs just after the 2009 draft so he only would have been part of the 2010 and 2011 drafts. But again nobody knows who any of these guys are really a part of drafting.

But the Chiefs did improve in the draft the last couple of years.

Eric Berry (Easy Pick)
Dexter McCluster (Not a great pick but not a bad pick)
Javier Arenas (Nickle back, good not great)
Jon Asamoha (pretty good pick was a strter this year and played well)
Tony Moeaki (Nice pick but was injured this year)
Kendrick Lewis a 5th round pick and he is decent

So 2010 was a solid, not a great draft.

Baldwin (not very impressive in his first year but he was expected to be raw.
Hudson only played in 4 games and was solid in 3 of them
Houston Played pretty well looks like a really good pick.
Bailey didn't play enough to tell but was not bad in limited snaps
Brown, I don;t think he played

All other guys who they drafted I have no clue about in those two years.

2009 was not a good draft for them and 2008 which is clearly pre Emery was actually a strong draft even though Dorsey is only a solid player rather than a great player, Flowers, Carr, Albert and Charles give you a pretty strong draft.

Of the last 4 draft classes all but one have been solid but none of them have been great. None of the first round picks will wow anyone not even Berry is good not great. Charles is probably the best pick but it's not like many teams are having trouble finding RB's these days. The organization has been much better at drafting defense than offense, and it seems they use a similar approach to Angelo, they look for how low a guys floor is rather than how high it could be. They are looking for guys who may not be great but probably won't be busts either. In the process they stay away from boom or bust guys.

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