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Perry Fewell loves Lovie Smith, but he wanted to run his own defense

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In 2010, Perry Fewell could have become the defensive coordinator of the Bears or the Giants.

Despite being the Bears defensive backs coach in 2005, Fewell decided not to return to Chicago and instead headed to New Jersey.

"I love Lovie Smith and enjoyed my time in Chicago," he said, [but] I knew that was coach Smith's defense. He is an excellent defensive coach and I just thought that at the time, I probably needed to step out on my own and run my own defense.

"It was always going to be coach Smith's defense and if I was going to make my mark in coaching I had to do it Perry Fewell's way, and that was one of the main reasons I came to New York."

Still, Fewell said he considers Smith "like a brother," and the decision was still a hard one.

"Probably the most difficult decision I've had to make, because Lovie Smith means a whole lot to me," he said.

Specifically, Fewell said he learned how to deal with players and people under Smith.

"That experience is probably the best growth experience I've had in the National Football League, as far as how to handle tough situations and how to be a professional," Fewell said.

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Good riddance, Perry. Why anyone would turn down an offer to work for the Chicago Bears is beyond me. Even Ditka flaked out on this count. He wanted more money from the old man, who refused to give it to him, so demanded a trade and wound up in Philadelphia then Dallas. Still breaks my heart. Say it isn't so, Mike.

Simply put fuel wanted to be an actual DC rather than Lovie's over paid assistant to the DC. Even his friends are worried about working with him.

I understand all that.

Wait till Emery's phone rings tommorrow. Better yet wait till Knox's phone rings.

Can you imagine Knox: "They want Marshall over me? But Why?"

To bad it won't happen we don't have the trade goods to pull off the deal. Oh wait maybe Kevin A can swing the deal.Maybe we can offer Bell, Carimi, McCown, Hester, Williams, Garza, Bennett. Never mind we could offer are entire offense and Dolphins would say no.

In fact I am so sure that Emery will not get Marshall that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck.

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Just a teaser.

Creighton I've been calling out Lovie since day one while you were probably one of those fans demanding the Bears give him a contract extension after losing the Superbowl like his personal cheerleader. Go ahead and look at my posts from fcp... I don't think I've ever said anything wrong. I bet just now you think he's a bad coach... Typical. If it were up to me Lovie would be gone and Orton would still be a bear.

Yep, I am Lovie's biggest fan ever, and since your here you could look up my posts and show everyone whata big fan I am of his. But be sure to tell Creighton from Creighton, I wouldn't want you to get confused. Oh wait, to late.

An Orton fan too, goodness you really sound like a winner. What else we got here, oh and you want me to look up your old posts from someting called FCP. Oh and you have never said anything wrong., in a post, that states you want Orton back. Good for you. But I actually don't care about your posts, I am not intrested in FCP, and I wouldn't waste my time looking up someones posts. I am sorry, I just don't care about anything that you have written. If I had not seen my name being used by a stranger I would not have even responded. But since I have, your in for a treat.

I sure you believe you are right about many things, like Orton. But if I may? Judging from your post, you ask questions and then answer them yourself. Which means you probably don't actually watch or listen to what is happeneing. You tell yourself what you want to hear, so naturally you think your right. But the only person your arguing with is yourself, and that makes you think you are right about things. You figure either way it's win, win, but it isn't, it's lose, lose.

Good luck with that whole Orton thing and you may want to work on that always thinking your right dealio you got going on. After all I have only seen one of your posts and you were wrong multiple times already. You know what's really smart? Responding to a post from a guy who you think is the guy, because you can't tell who the guy is and then judging him without knowing enough about him to even identify one of his actual posts. Oh boy you are a special kind of poster.

I have some questions for you. Why Hitman? Is that how you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a criminal sociopath who goes around murding innocent people, families, little kids, anyone, because you have no value for human life? Was the only job you were smart enough to get was one sneaking around shooting people in the back like a coward? That's the screen name you decided to pick? Or is it a play on words? Like, Hitman the human punching bag. I am thinking the later.

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in cas you dnt now i giv eFACTS looser. ohh ans i am allways right. you wanna now about me neing rite?? wells i wanted that delicious HUNK o a man Mendenhall! ohh sweet seet Mendy!! ohh rashard if only uou ans i could sail around tha world toggtehe on oyur love boat! ;)

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im crap-ton ans i approvt his masssage!

ps Hahahahaha, I punch myself in the face, I hate Angelo, Brando sucks, gosh golly!!

I am sure I believe I am right about many things, like Orton. But if I may? Judging from my post, I ask myself questions and then answered myself. Which means, I probably don't actually watch or listen to what is happeneing. Sometimes I tell myself what I want to hear, so naturally I think I am right. But the only person I am arguing with is myself, and that makes me think I am right about things. I figure either way it's win, win, but it isn't, I win you lose.

A little better Crap-ton but I have higher standards for you. Oh and the little play you did on my post. Oh and the post you did as me, why didn't give that the old Crap-ton? It would have been better that the same old same old. As proof you need help with your posts, I actually had to write your ending for you to cut and paste.

Oh and it's not Xbox, it's 360, Xbox is so 2003. I would still take Mendenhall over Chris Williams, and it's Boot to asses now not Jabroni. Now if it makes you happy I am currently working on a song parody to welcome Emery to the Bears blog. It's got a 90's japanese cartoon theme. It's awsome. So you will be getting some new material.

Oh and while sailing around the world wit han nfl player may seem like a good thing to you. Here is my list of Co-Captains.

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Sorry Cruton I didn't read the rest of the stuff you wrote...seemed like garble of typos and misspelled words. I like the ganja and I'm all for legalization but I won't even begin to try and guess what your on. N-E-way I think the crap-ton post said enough about what people on here think abot you...which is not much..

Ok now that you've been punted, why don't you come back when you learn some football and no not soccer Lmao.

Is that right, well if you didn't read it why did you respond to it. By the way as usual you didn't say anything about football moron. You came on a made a personal attack on Creighton. Funny thing is you wrote the Creighton Post you responded to. You really have no idea what kind of idiot you look like right now. Oh and the next time you post under my name you may not want to do it back to back with your hitman post.

You can change your name as much as you want and pretend to be people all day but in the end, you still got no clue about what your talking about. You just wanted to pick a fight you lost and now your like "ummm yeah I won cause of ummm yeah so there." Oh and Tripper your still a puppet, and easy to bait have fun back at the trib.

I would not be braggng about spelling errors is I was you. If you want to call someone Cruton, very original by the way, really. That was your big insult, and you spelled it wrong. it's Crouton.

"Not soccer?" Was soccer a topic in that imaginary land you call a brain? Why are bringing up soccer? Is that what you want to talk about? Trying to find new topics to be wrong about Tripper?

By the way if your going to hammer the Crap-ton post and by all means feel free. You probably don;t want to use that post as a support for your argument against me. You think Crap-ton is an idiot, not much to question there. Then you take the idots post and say see "this is what people think of you."

Basically your agree with a person you define as an idiot. Why?

Also one last thing never laugh at your own jokes, never. And the joke sucked man, I mean really, really sucked. Football and not soccer when your not even talking about either of them. Oh god, can't I have a smart funny stalker? Who happens to look like any of those women I listed.

Why do I get this garbage Sean, why? I can't even have a good debate? "Hey your punted, cause of soccer, and ummm I bet your a Smith fan and I am gonna post under your name so there, and ummm yeah punted, eat crow, burnnnnn. LMAO I am so funny I said punted."

You know there used to be a lot of good people that poster here, and now its down to a few.

Lots of fatuous posts today, Sean. Do you actually read all of this nonsense or just skim it and hope for the best ? Rather than point to specifics, some verbal ( which does not mean "oral" ) observations posted here are best simply ignored.

It is refreshing to see I am not the only one in Chicago that is sane when it comes to the Bears. Lovie should have been fired long ago! And regardless of the outcome of this season...he needs to be shown the door!

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