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Mike Martz on retirement: "It's time."

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Former Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz has decided to retire from coaching.

"It's time," he told the Sun-Times.

Martz didn't elaborate on his decision. But he'll turn 61 in May, and he's had a full career, one that started at Bullard High School in Fresno, CA in 1973. He transitioned to college football, working his way up the ranks, before joining the Los Angeles Rams as the quarterbacks coach in 1992. He was named offensive coordinator in 1999, leading the famed "Greatest Show on Turf" that set several NFL records en route to a victory in Super Bowl XXXIV.

He was named head coach of the Rams in 2000, after Dick Vermeil retired, and he led the Rams back to the Super Bowl. But, after a 14-2 season, the Rams were defeated by the New England Patriots, 20-17, in Super Bowl XXXVI.

He was fired in 2005, then became the offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions. He also had a run with the San Francisco 49ers before joining the Bears for the 2010 season.

The NFL Network first reported Martz's decision to retire.

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More like 3 years too late...Martz has long since worn out his mantle of "offensive genius" in favor of more of the Steve Spurrier method of running his system whether or not he has the players to execute, or whether the other team has him figured out.

As a case in point, the Broncos did not have a high school offense to start the year, but once Tebow took over, they realized his limitations, and rebuilt the offense around what he could do (not much). If Martz was even a competent offensive coordinator, he would have realized that we didn't have any receivers that can beat a jam off the line, we had a horrible offensive line, and made changes to the offense prior to Lovie stepping in and forcing the run game on him. And if nothing else, it should not have taken him 6 weeks to figure it out. In training camp, it should have been obvious that Knox can't run a slant, Roy Williams can't run and breathe at the same time, and Devin Hester can't figure out how to turn his head and stay on his route....

Martz had his moment, mostly thanks to Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, and Kurt Warner. He has not done anything since that cast moved on from St. Louis, yet he still remains in the discussion in the media as a "genius?"

The Bears are way better off without him, and the league is taking another step towards getting rid of the re-tread brigade, where they can start phasing out all of these old coaches who refuse to adapt to a changing game, and replacing them with younger coaches who deserve a shot.

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