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Matt Forte finalist for "Top Value" award

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With a base salary of $550,000, Bears running back Matt Forte was easily one of the league's most underpaid players heading into the 2010 season.

Now, he's in contention for an actual award.

Forte is a finalist for the annual "Vizio Top Value Performer" award, along with receiver Laurent Robinson of the Dallas Cowbooys, receiver Victor Cruz of the New York Giants, tight end Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots and lilnebacker NaVorro Bowman of the San Francisco 49ers.

The award recognizes a player whose on-field performance exceeds the value of their contract.
Forte had 997 yards rushing and he caught 52 passes for 490 yards. Before he sprained his knee, thus ending his season, Forte led the league in total yards from scrimmage.

Fans can vote until Jan. 23, at

Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson won the award in 2010, and Giants receiver Steve Smith won the award in 2009.

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Jerry Angelo, Player Personnel Director, 1987-2000
John Lynch, drafted in 1993
Rich McKay, General Manager, 1994-2003

It would seem that McKay wasn't yet with Tampa when Lynch was drafted. My source is Wikipedia. Not infallible.


"As general manager for the Buccaneers from 1993 to 2003" Rich McKay.

That's from wiki

He was on the general counsel for the Bucs till 92 and then named GM in 93.

McKay has co-chaired the NFL’s powerful Competition Committee sense 94. I doubt he was named a co-chair to the committee the same year the bucs hired him.

Oh and here is your wiki page that states 93-03

Rich McCay is the son of John McKay former head coach of the Bucs, that's how he became connected to the Bucs and football.

But another thing not being mentioned is that Sam Wyche had more control over the draft than Angelo or McKay and is often credited with Sapp, Brooks, and Lynch being his picks. But who knows, what I do know is that McKay was working for the Bucs all the way back to the 80's. I do know this as well Sapp said Angelo had nothing to do with him being drafted.

I also find it funny that Angelo did draft Conte who is a 6-2 safety from Cal in the third round. Trying to mimic scucess by drafting in the same round and drafting from a similar school in cali. They even look a little alike. That's so sad. Well John Lynch actually took a few years to develop, so we will see. Although Lynch should not have gone to a Pro Bowl after 2002, he tended to go on rep.

I have noticed Angelo does or did the copy cat pick a little to much. I am also pretty sure that Angelo did not have a ton of say in the draft back in 93 after a decade of failure in Tampa. That's why they brought in McKay, in 93, cause wiki said so.

Hey the 49ers beat the Saints, called it, totally not the score I expected but I called the win. Ha! Saints winning on the road in the playoff's. Man Free just killed the Saints, Greg Williams should be fired.

Oh and Vernon Davis the guy Martz wanted to convert into a blocker is having his Jerry Maguire moment. In fact Graham also had a big game, stupid TE position what buisness do they have making big catches and big plays? Oh is that Alex Smith another guy Martz crapped on. That John Harbaugh is pretty damn good young coach. I wonder what he could do for Cutler, well I don't need to worry about that, we got Lovie and I know exactly what he wants to do with Cutler the same thing all defensive coaches want to do to Cutler, kill him. I think he likes watching Jay get sacked, it's natural instinct for a defensive guy. That's why his offensive lines have always sucked. Lovie probably watches highlights of the Cutler sacks and hits, and is like man that was a great sack, you gotta love those hits. It explains the Giants game doesn't it?

Anyway Love Harbaugh, hate the 49ers, this is so confusing for me. I will never forgive them for 84, 88, them and the damn Skins for 86 and 87, oh and the Giants, and the Cowboys too.

Why do the 49ers keep hiring former Bears and the Bears keep hiring anyone from the old central except former Bears?

Alright go Pats, time for Tebow to get Tebowed. Not that I hate him but I am sick of the media, then again I hate Brady even more. Okay go Tebow.


I stand corrected, thanks for the wiki reference - though now I can't help but wonder what month in 1993 McKay was appointed to the position. If it were after April, he wouldn't have been in a position to select Lynch, and Angelo could still be the one who selected him. Personally, I'd rather not grant him credit for anything, but there remains a reasonable doubt about it being McKay. Didn't know that about Sam Wyche. Interesting. He sometimes came off as sort of clownish - in a Brian Billiack sort of way - when I first became aware of him, but in time I heard more and more good things from and about him. And we have Ted Phillips picking our GM!

I recollect they brought in McKay because of Angelo's failures, as you say. I would just like to proclaim that Angelo never made even one good pick, but can't, as long as there still remains the possibility that he picked Lynch.

UPDATE: The Sam Wyche entry on wiki gives him credit for drafting John Lynch, so now I can righteously claim that Angelo never did one good thing at Tampa, yet somehoe managed to get his name associated with Tampa's success. Thanks for leading me to this fair conclusion, Creighton. Boy did Phillips get taken by the consulting firm that recommended Angelo! Or maybe not: maybe he got a nice little kickback, in which case the McCaskeys were the ones taken - surprise, surprise.

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