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Lovie Smith says the Bears don't need a "complete overhaul"

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Bears coach Lovie Smith hasn't visited with general manager Jerry Angelo, team president Ted Phillips or team chairman George McCaskey.

But Smith made clear that he isn't in favor of major changes at Halas Hall.

"As I look at our team, I talk about our core. You talk about adding two first round offensive linemen back to that," Smith said, referring to guard Chris Williams and offensive tackle Gabe Carimi. "With those two offensive linemen, a franchise quarterback back on this team, a Pro Bowl running back, back on this team, then you just add the right guys, I think we're going to be in pretty good shape.

"I definitely don't think we need a complete overhaul, by any means, and our players know that. I think you see a team leaving here today, knowing that, 'Hey, we're 8-8, right now.' But we're not always going to be in this position."

In fact, Smith emphasized how strongly he feels about his offensive line.

"I would normally not talk a lot about positions," he said. "I think this is the best situation we've been in, since I've been here, with the offensive line.

"We feel pretty good about the offensive line, yes."

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Let's see. Star player injured. Dropped seven or eight spots in the draft. No young players got any playing time to see what they can do or help them develop. But, Lovie got his win to build on (barely), even though it was against a bad team playing their third qb of the year. The only thing that needs an overhaul is the lifeless gray lump that sits between Lovie's ears.

Lovie is such a piece of ####, he don't give a damn about the offense he will say anything so he can just focus on the defense and just draft defense. He hates offense and has never wanted anything to do with it, and he never has had much to do with it.

Chris Williams sucks and everybody knows it, great Carimi will be back and maybe his knee holds up and maybe it doesn't. Lance Louis is brutal, Garza got a damn raise for sucking at his job, and then you have Webb. Webb who led all nfl tackles in penalties, Webb who was second in the nfl in sacks allowed, oh yeah your in great shape you have one of the worst left tackles in football and your interior can't run block to save their lives. All Smith wants to do is throw it all on Cutler and Forte so he can play with his defense. Well 50 damn sacks says your damn line ####### sucks. Were getting two first round picks back? Like that means anything, have you seen your damn first round picks in action. Hell with Carimi and Williams back that means Angelo actually has 2 first round picks playing on the starting roster. Yeah wow out of 22 guys you got two first round players on the starting roster as it stands you got zero. First round pick? It's #### like this that makes me hate Lovie. I wish he would step in front of that damn bus he is always talking about.

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