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Lovie Smith insists Jay Cutler didn't have input on Mike Martz

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Bears coach Lovie Smith said quarterback Jay Cutler didn't influence Mike Martz's future with the team.

Smith told the Sun-Times that he talked to Martz Tuesday, informed his staff then Cutler, who was at Halas Hall on Tuesday. A report Thursday said that Cutler went to the team's headquarters and let Smith know he was in favor of Martz not returning, before the coaches had a chance to meet.

"That didn't happen," Smith said. "I didn't talk to Jay until after I talked to Mike."

Smith said that Cutler reiterated his support of the head coach's decision.

Martz told the Sun-Times Wednesday that he had nothing against Smith or Cutler.

"There's nothing to analyze," Martz said. "This is a personal thing for me. There isn't anything to talk about or discuss.

"I have great memories of Chicago. The people there are great."

On Smith, Martz said, "It was a thrill to join Lovie's staff."

On Cutler, Martz said, "Jay is so talented. He got comfortable [in the offense]. But that's on Jay, not myself."

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Sure. Whatever you say Lovie.

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