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Jason Licht of Patriots interviews today for GM position

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The Bears kicked off interviews for its general manager vacancy with Jason Licht today.

The New England Patriots routed the Denver Broncos Saturday in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. Licht is the Patriots director of pro personnel.

Licht played linebacker the University of Nebraska, before transferring to Nebraska Wesleyan and switching to defensive tackle.

He got his first NFL job as a scouting assistant with the Miami Dolphins in 1995 under Tom Heckert.

He joined the Patriots in 1999, as a college scout, then re-joined Heckert in Philadelphia as the Eagles assistant director of player personnel in 2002. In 2003, he was promoted to vice president of player personnel.

After a year with the Arizona Cardinals, Licht returned to the Patriots as director of pro personnel in February 2009.

Phil Emery of the Kansas City Chiefs, Jimmy Raye of the San Diego Chargers, Marc Ross of the New York Giants and Tim Ruskell of the Bears will interview later this week.

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I like your angle on the cost of Angelo, Ruskell and a new GM. It's painful but it makes sense.

Oh I know your not saying it's gonna happen, but I understand the theory of what you were getting at and that you were just saying it could happen. I agree it could happen and that's probably the reason it would happen if it did.

"I like your angle on the cost of Angelo, Ruskell and a new GM. It's painful but it makes sense."

This sounds interesting, Creighton, where are you reading this? All I see above on this blog page is essentially Licht's bio. What and where is the "angle?"

If it's that Ruskell has an advantage over the other candidates because the Bears are already paying him in addition to the fired Angelo and wondering why they should pay a new GM to come aboard on top of that, that's surely how the McCheapskies are thinking.

Sean, forgive me for mentioning him, but I can't wait to figuratively see the expression on D. Haugh's face when tney name Ruskell. He thnks he's scared George McCaskey away from that option. Yeah, we'll see. My bets are on Lovie and Virginia getting their newest flunky in place. So Bears.

Oh Sean wrote another article that ties into the cost of GM's for the Chicaog Bears. It's one of his articles in the series he has done on the GM search. I tie them altogether because they are all related.

Here is a ling to the article.

That was a good article. I doubt the Bears will go in the direction of Will Lewis.

Two other thoughts:

"If the Bears want to remove the 'interim' from Ruskell’s title, they would have to overcome an overwhelming public perception that they hired Jerry 2.0."

I don't think they care. Sure, Phillips will make an effort to sell him in an initial press conference, and if it doesn't work, oh well.

"But Ruskell is the only candidate who already has been a GM, and the Bears might encourage the new GM to retain him."

This new non-Ruskell GM is sure going to have to make a lot of compromises coming in. He has to keep Lovie and Ruskell and who knows who else? What high quality candidate would want to deal with that? Not only for all the current constraints but all the future ones the Bears could "helpfully" add?

I don't think it's 100% that Ruskell gets the job, but it wouldn't be a surprise. Observing the indigestion of a certain writer in town (not at this site) who all but explicitly threatened the organization not to hire Ruskell would be utterly priceless!

You got to love the fact that Phillips picked a guy to interview who has never sat in the Pats draft room. Wow that's something right there. Maybe Phillips will interview Todd McShay next.

What do you have against Todd McShay, Creighton? He's a nice young man.

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