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Is Phil Emery the favorite to become Bears next GM?

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The Bears wrapped up their fifth interview in five days with candidates to become the team's next general manager.

And they felt strong enough about the pool that they will not expand it.

So Jason Licht of the New England Patriots, Jimmy Raye of the San Diego Chargers, Marc Ross of the New York Giants, Tim Ruskell of the Bears or Phil Emery of the Kansas City Chiefs will replace Jerry Angelo as Bears' general manager.

If the hunches of two league sources is correct, Emery is the leader in the club house.

Emery is currently the Chiefs college scouting director, and he served in the same capacity under Tim Ruskell in Atlanta.

Before that, though, Emery worked as an area scout for the Bears from 1998 to 2004.

He's considered a "grinder," a college scout who is on the road constantly, searching for the next wave of NFL stars.

A native of Garden City, Michigan, he started his career at the U.S. Naval Academy, as the director of strength and conditioning services and an associate professor. He was responsible for the development, administration and supervision of all strength and conditioning activities for 4,000 Midshipmen.

He also had been a strength coach or defensive line coach at several schools, including Tennessee and Saginaw Valley State.

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Creighton: please see my last reply to you under the title "Raiders request permission to interview Mike Tice..."

Of the candidates for the GM job, I like Marc Ross best. I think he has that independence of mind you want in this position. I don't think he needs combine tests to make judgments. His boss with the Giants, Jerry Reese, gets consistently high marks from his peers, and he gives Ross high praise. He starred at WR at Princeton. You say, so what? I would then simply say, he went to Princeton, which is enough. To find time to play football there is noteworthy. We need some youthful excitement. None of the other guys possesses it. Phil Emery is a great husband and father says Scott Pioli, his boss. That's like damning with faint praise. Tim Ruskell's biggest supporter in the press seems to be Dan Pompei. What else do you need to know? Jimmy Raye stayed too long in San Diego to feel comfortable in Chicago weather. Jason Licht is probably just a Belichik gopher. Alas, I doubt the McCaskeys would find Ross safe enough. I don't know about Phillips. If Phillips hires Ross, I will take back everything bad I ever said about Phillips.

I'll wait and see. Once the Bears pick a candidate and he accepts, I'll check his history. I doubt if anyone's choices printed in this blog are going to influece any decisions.
I guess I'm getting through anyway, Sean, but I keep getting the message that the server responded too slowly.

Another guy that spent most of his time Working with McKay and he also worked under Ruskell.

You know just looking at the draft history of Atlanta from 05-08, it's pretty bad. They got White which was a really good pick, but Ryan was a no brainer and outside of those 2 guys they didn't hit on much, Blalock, Grimes and Lofton. So 5 starters and a whole lot of guys not in the league anymore. Blalock is okay, Grimes is good, and Lofton is okay. This guys teams spend a lot of time drafting high, and buy the buy Tyson Jackson is a decent player, but 3rd overall in the draft? Not even close, and that was a major reach for Jackson who was considered a late first round early second round pick. Nothing really stands out about the KC drafts either, Berry was a nice pick but again everyone was calling him the next Ed Reed, after that it's kinda blah. Intresting enough KC also has a brutal O-Line and it's not like they ever addressed it.

He is another McKay guy that's all I know, which would mean he would probably keep Ruskell. I know he did a lot of time in scouting but how long did he work on the pro side of things? As a GM you really do want a guy who has done both.

Would they hire this guy to get an inside track on Bowe? I wonder if the Chiefs would franchise him?

Anyway these guys all kinda seem like lateral moves or step backs. I have heard that the Bears plan on bringing some of these guys back for a second interview. I wonder if that's true.

I say break the chain, and bring in Ross. Get rid of any ties to Tampa, Angelo, and Ruskell. If you want to bring in guys who are really from a first-class organization, one thing rises to the top: organizational winning. Giants are in the Super Bowl again. Pats are in again...

These are the teams I would look at for talent in the front office:
and now the Packers are becoming that type of organization again

There are some others that are solid, but if you want to understand what it takes to compete every year for a Super Bowl on the field, and not just in the mind of the delusional head coach, that is where you look...

These guys manage to find players to fit in, and rarely reach for guys like we have for years...They take solid characters who are solid football players. Did the Giants need Pierre-Paul? Not really, but they found a home for him, and he is tearing it up. Granted, any GM from one of these organizations is going to want a competent coach who shares their philosophy, which means Lovie will have to go after this season, but that may not be a bad thing either.

Joe, that's all right on the money, but those four teams have sane ownership in place.

I don't know anywhere near enough to know who would be the best of these choices, but I like Ross the best considering what I do know. If they hire Emery, it will probably be more of the same garbage.

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