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How will Ravens owner feel about Bears interest in Eric DeCosta?

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The Bears have officially requested permission to speak to Eric DeCosta of the Baltimore Ravens, a league source told the Sun-Times.

ESPN first reported the news.

As I pointed out last night, DeCosta has been a hot candidate for several years, and he's been reluctant to even interview for openings. But, I cited a source last night that said DeCosta would "strongly consider" the Bears.

But will the Ravens permit the interview for the Bears open GM position?

If you recall, during the 2011 NFL Draft, the Ravens believed they had a trade in the first round with the Bears. The Ravens believed they were trading down, so the Bears could get Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi, and they would move down to 29th and get a fourth-round pick.

But, the Bears didn't execute the trade, as agreed upon, and the Ravens missed their slot. The Ravens then selected cornerback Jimmy Smith, the player they wanted, but the club was irate afterwards.

"I'm disappointed in the Bears and the McCaskeys," Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told the Baltimore Sun. "It is in my opinion a deviation from their great legacy. They concluded that their heartfelt and admirable apology was sufficient for our loss. All of us at the Ravens strongly disagree."

On Monday, Bears president Ted Phillips was asked about the botched Ravens trade.

"Out of respect for Jerry [Angelo], I'm not going to go through each individual item that didn't go well," Phillips said. "Obviously, that wasn't one of our greatest moments."

What's interesting is, the official NFL rules say that a team that wants to interview an employee of another club in the playoffs for a "high-level" vacancy must seek written permission from the owner.

Maybe Bisciotti sends that letter from the Bears to the shredder?

But, the Bears are reportedly one of three teams to seek permission from the Ravens to speak to DeCosta. If Bisciotti grants one requests, he essentially grants them all.

"Permission cannot be granted selectively," the NFL policy states.

Because DeCosta is under contract, though, the Ravens do not have to grant permission. But, if one of those teams was prepared to offer DeCosta the job, without an interview, then the Ravens cannot stand in his way.

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This is one of the hidden "legacies" that Jerry Angelo and some of his predecessors leave behind, and something it is going to take a while to overcome. Since the mid to late 80s, the Bears have not been a well-run organization, from the "check box" incident with D'Wayne Bates to this "I thought you called it in" trade fiasco from the draft this past year. The team is not viewed well in many league circles, and there are rarely any mentions of the Bears front office when talking about the better-run organizations in the NFL.

This new GM can start to change that perception, and to do that, I believe they need someone who is well-respected in league circles. McKenzie and DeCosta are viewed very well around the league, as are guys like Phil Savage, Ted Sundquist, and Bill Polian. The Bears need to start acting like professionals in everything they do to become an upper-echelon team again, from their front office dealings to their coaching staff's media sessions. Organizations that win start with accountability. Not the lip service accountability we get from Lovie and others when they pull the "oops, my bad" press conferences, but really don't accept any blame for their failures. Underperforming coaches and players are given a pass year in and year out, and the result is obvious. We have a very thin roster, as evidenced by our slide when Cutler went down. We also have a coaching staff in flux, as we have no OC or QB coach, and it is likely we could lose Toub this offseason as well. And the coaches we have left are not being considered for any positions elsewhere in the league, which should also tell you something.

For this team to be a success, we not only have to develop talent on the roster, but in the entire organization. When other teams are asking permission to interview Bears employees, that will be the indicator that we are on the right path. I don't think there is a single coach or front office person who could get a job with another organization outside of Toub, and that is downright disgraceful. When you build your roster and organization off the scrap heaps, you get a scrap-heap organization.

That's where we are today, and we have taken the first step towards fixing it. As long as they realize it is only the first step, we could see a very different Bears organization in 3 years, and one that should be poised to compete every year for championships. There won't be many familiar faces, but that may not be a bad thing....

No need to interveiw this guy. Tell him Sign here! _________

They don't feel anything, they are laughing cause DeCosta is not wasting his time with what some in the Chicago media are calling one of the best if not the best GM job in the nfl.

Oh and Sean congrads to your boy Tice, but can you answer me a question? What the heck is a "passing coordinator?" I mean if they like Tice so much why are they making upa new position to assist him? Or are they making up a new position to try and get a QB coach in here? Like Defensive line coach/special assistant head coach?

I would like to have seen the future GM have some input into the team, like maybe who the next OC should be but hey why hire a guy to be a puppet when you can let Lovie do whatever he wants? Hey maybe Lovie will let the new GM bring Coffee to the draft meetings, they may even let him sit in.

For what it's worth, let's go ahead and predict who the new Bears GM is: Tim Ruskell. I know this is not exactly going out on a limb, but we'll get him the same way we got Martz: process of elimination because no one else wanted the job. Who would want to be a GM at a place where the coach has all the relevant and meaningful power?

Oh dear. This just in from a paper in town (out of courtesy to this site I won't name):

"Meanwhile, multiple sources said there is an internal movement to influence Phillips and team ownership to seriously consider personnel director Tim Ruskell for the job."

Wow. Who could have seen that coming?

Don, you are right. Only Ruskell is weak enough to accept being Lovie's puppet. Look, the McCaskeys feel comfortable around Lovie, that's why he is being provided his job. And Lovie feels comfortable around Ruskell. It never ends without it being at a McCaskey door. They are too weak for the passions of pro football ownership - all of them. Even Georgie, who apparently can't stand up to his mother.

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