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Greg Olson interviewing for QB/ Passing Game Coordinator

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The Bears will interview Greg Olson for the vacant quarterbacks/ passing game coordinator later today, according to league sources.

Olson provides extensive experience, as an offensive coordinator with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the St. Louis Rams. In St. Louis, he worked under Scott Linehan, who current Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice developed in Minnesota.

Olson has worked with some impressive quarterbacks, including Drew Brees at Purdue. Other quarterbacks he's worked with include Jeff Garcia, Marc Bulger and Josh Freeman.

Olson's first NFL job was as the quarterbacks coach of the Bears in 2003 under Dick Jauron.

In Tampa, he started as the quarterbacks coach but he was promoted to offensive coordinator before the 2009 season.

That season, Freeman finished as the sixth-rated quarterback in the NFL with 25 touchdowns and only six interceptions.

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Sean, I didn't realize that Greg Olson worked under Scot Linehan. That's good news, for, as the current offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions, Linehan is doing a fantastic job.
In getting Olson, maybe we'll get a little bit of Linehan. What happened at Tampa this year may have been an aberration. The team had a nice balance between run and pass, which is what we want, isn't it? My opinion is that Raheem Morris lost control over his team and it was asking too much of Josh Freeman to rescue it. Or, maybe reality just set in: Tampa had relied on a truckload of undrafted free agents the year before, and maybe we saw this year why they were undrafted, I suspect we will find the same thing with all those undrafted free agents that Angelo brought in this year. I also forgot about the Tice-Linehan connection in Minnesota. It was so impressive that it landed Linehan the head coacing job in St. Louis. In other words, maybe Tice would feel very comfortable with a Linehan protege like Olson. Things could be looking up. I thought this half-coordinator idea was doomed. But maybe not. I also like the candidate who is coaching at the University of Miami - Jed Fischer. He sounds young and hungry and ready.

Ohhhh boy!! This has me so excited. Here I thought we traded this guy away to the Panthers as a tight end. Now he's coming back to be our passing coordinator. Wooo hoooo!

Is it me or does Scott Linehan like Sherman Lewis's old jobs? Yes Scott learned a lot from Tice "find yourself the best reciever in the nfl, that's big plus in an offense." I would feel a lot better about Tice and the offense if we had Calvin Johnson, no offense to Tice, but I think he would like too.

Hmmm lets see Olsen, how is he tied to the Bears. Tampa bay connection? Check. St. Louis connection? Check. Tice connection? Check. 2003 Bears connection? Check. Dick Jauron Connection? Check. Didn't he coach Orton? I think he did. CHECK! What is more important is that Olson sounds just like Olsen and we need an Olsen, but an Olson will do. Check.

Ummm didn't Brees get a lot better after he got to the Saints? I mean before that he was pretty good, but once he got in that Saints offense he exploded?

Did Freeman have a good year this year?

What years did he work with Bulger and Garcia. I mean did he develop them or meet them mid-career and help them out there, or was he just along for the ride at some point? I mean it's like Shane Day worked with the QB's in San Fran in 2007, so is that why Alex Smith is having success this year?

I do remember the 2003 Bears QB's and offense, THE 12 td's and 22 int's between the three QB's did not impress me. Though they did leave an impression, the 61 passer rating between the three QB's did not impress me either. The 30th ranked passing offense, and worst QB play in the league really stuck with me. Although I would never say it was all his fault or close to it, but the QB play was really, really bad. That offensive line was just about as bad as this one, not as bad but close enough and the recievers were about as bad this group. At least he is a real QB coach, unlike Day. But is he a PC, I know he was an OC, but not a PC, and I believe the Bears are looking for a PC. Will he be able to just call passing plays? Will Tice be able to develop him into a OC who has a Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, or Torry Holt? He has done that for others, perhaps Justin Blackmon falls to the Bears. Ok, ok, ok, that's not going to happen.

Ohhh, this is thrilling!! I didn't like this guy so much as our tight end (I'm a HUGE Fontel Mines fan), but I think it's amazing how he's leaving the Carolina Panthers after we traded him there to come back to coach quarterbacks. Something doesn't quite click, but I like it.

Sean, I'm having frequent problems getting through to you. Are you aware of any technology problems along the way?

How the heck did you get those posts? I tried posting them a few times yesterday but your server was crashing all day and I just got an error report.

Now that Fisher is going to the Rams, does that mean Dave Toub is in line for the Dolphins job? Miami is making me feel better about the Bears they are going full retard over Fisher, what a bunch of tards.

It's still doing the timeout thing, not sure if this post will get threw

Bear clubhouse information seems singularly dull to me lately. Most of the critical decisions have already been made, and all that remains are the potential signings or rejections of free agents and the draft to stimulate imterest. Those things have some interest for me, but next season seems a long way away. At least I was glad to see Aaron R. get sacked and the Packers get pivked apart by the Giants and Manning.

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