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Giants and Patriots determine if Licht or Ross take a GM job this week

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The Bears have closed the interviewing process for their next general manager. And although two candidates are on Super Bowl-bound teams, their respective clubs can determine if they can accept the Bears offer, should one be extended.

Here's what the NFL rules say on the matter: "No contract shall be executed, and no agreement to execute a contract, or an announcement of a contract or of an agreement for employment, shall be permitted until after the conclusion of the employer club's playing season, unless the employer club has specifically granted written permission for its employee to accept a position with the new club prior to the conclusion of its participation in the postseason."

This month, the Green Bay Packers, for instance, allowed Reggie McKenzie to accept the general manager position from the Oakland Raiders before their season officially ended.

Once a club is eliminated, they have no say in the interview process, if an employee has a chance to become a high-level club employee.

Last offseason, Bears chairman George McCaskey visited with Giants co-owner John Mara in the New York area, to gain insights on his new position. Given the friendly relationship -- as well as the strong relationship between general manager Jerry Reese and Ross -- the Giants likely wouldn't block the hiring from happening this week.

The Bears would prefer, of course, to hire a candidate sooner than later and have him start immediately. But, per NFL rules, the Giants and Patriots could block that from happening until after the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

The Bears interviewed five candidates in five days last week. They were Jason Licht of the New England Patriots on Monday, Jimmy Raye of the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday, Marc Ross of the New York Giants on Wednesday, Tim Ruskell of the Bears on Thursday and Phil Emery of the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday.

Bears president Ted Phillips likely spent the weekend, mulling the interviews. The St. Louis Rams are also in the process of interviewing and hiring a general manager. Last week, they hired Jeff Fisher as head coach.

Three league sources told the Sun-Times last Friday that they believed that Emery was favorite to replace Jerry Angelo, citing his familiarity with the Bears (he was an area scout from 1998 to 2004) and his low-key approach. He also likely wouldn't overhaul the scouting department.

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Emery sounds like just the kind of candidate we don't want. He's old, which would make all the old McCaskeys comfortable. He's been described as a "grinder," which is not dynamic or creative, again this would make all the old McCaskeys comfortable. The rest of the league would take note, shake their heads, breathe a sigh of relief, and write the Bears off.

Wow so called it that the Pats and Giants would be in the superbowel. Take a look at my posts before the season started. I am that **** good.

I only give facts, unlike some people.

Oh who cares nothing is gonna change as long as that old bag Virgina is pulling the strings.

Oh and are you happy Sean? Your stinking 49ers screwed me over again, first the bent over the Bears in 84, then again in 88. But that wasn't good enough for your 49ers. The one time I bet on your stiniking team, the one damn time and they #### me over, it's like that damn organization knows what I want and will do anything to stab me in the damn heart. What the hell is wrong with them? How many kicks and punts can mess up? How many? What did they hire Harbaugh just so they could screw him over?

**"Three league sources told the Sun-Times last Friday that they believed that Emery was favorite to replace Jerry Angelo, citing his familiarity with the Bears (he was an area scout from 1998 to 2004) and his low-key approach. He also likely wouldn't overhaul the scouting department."**

I thought Ruskell was a near lock for this position. Looks like Emery would serve well as another Lovie ringer!

Ignoring the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, Creighton, I "feel" ( not "think ) the same way about those Jacksonville muck-ups. They louse up my pool picks time after time and have done so four years running. They lose games that should be alock for them and win games when they should lose by at least 14.

Hahaha, I don't care about the 9ers man. I wasn't mad I was just messing around, although I did lose money and I was hoping they would win. But only because of Harbaugh. I also like Justin Smith and Carlos Rogers, back in 2001 I had Smith mocked to the Bears and the Bears going to a 3-4, no reason for it, it's just what I wanted them to do. When he went to the Bengals I felt bad for him and worse for me. Glad to see he got in a good place, and for the last couple of years has really lived up to the early hype he had in that draft. We took Terrell that year, probably the biggest bust in that class. To be a Bear fan is to know pain, I don't know why the Bears are lining up their player for shots of Toradol? It's the fans who need the shots, just give it to me right in the old temple. Hey it clearly helps Lovie ignore most things.

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