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Could Chris Williams push J'Marcus Webb at left tackle?

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According to Pro Football Focus, J'Marcus Webb was the worst full-time starting left tackle in the NFL this season.

Webb had a rating of minus-24.7, which ranked 67th among offensive tackles, according to PFF. By contrast, the top-rated offensive tackle, the Phila-delphia Eagles' Jason Peters, had a rating of 27.6.

Bears offensive line coach-turned-offensive coordinator Mike Tice has defended the play and potential of Webb, a seventh-round pick in the 2010 draft, at every turn.

But here's something to keep an eye on: Perhaps Tice will consider moving Chris Williams back to left tackle to compete with Webb. Williams started nine games at guard before he was lost for the season to a wrist injury. He didn't exactly shine, but he played solid football.

Next season, Webb likely will be penciled in as the starter at left tackle, Gabe Carimi as the starter at right tackle and Roberto Garza as the starter at center. There will plenty of competition for the two guard spots among Chris Spencer, Lance Louis and Edwin Williams.

That's why Chris Williams might get a shot at left tackle.

The Bears could use an infusion of talent on the offensive line. For the second consecutive season, their offensive line ranked last in the league, according to STATS.

Given their needs at so many other positions, though, they might not be able to invest much more than a late-round pick in the unit.

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I would really prefer the bears to go get a better LT in FA but if we are stuck with the same players then yes move williams. I know alot will be determined on how he recovers from his injury but webb is more of a guard than tackle(ala L Davis). Won't matter because Carimi will probably be the LT before the season is over. Really need a center because garza was horrible. Still can't figure out how he got an extension.

Personally, I think they should have been using C Williams at LT all year. Edwin Williams graded out much higher at LG than C Williams. Aside from new talent coming in next year, I'd like to see:

C Williams
E Williams
C Spencer (Garza was one of the worst rated centers in the league according to PFF - surprised you didn't mention this)
Louis or Garza

This isn't any rest surprise. Although Webb was only in his first season playing LT and is a physical specimen, it's clear he doesn't have the talent required. Personally, I think they should have been using C Williams at LT all year. Edwin Williams graded out much higher at LG than C Williams and C Williams has better footwork required for LT. Aside from new talent coming in next year, I'd like to see:

C Williams
E Williams
C Spencer (Garza was one of the worst rated centers in the league according to PFF - surprised you didn't mention this)
L Louis or Garza
G Carimi

I don't know about moving Chris Williams back to tackle, I say keep him at guard, his play wasn't all that bad at left guard, and with more reps he could get better. If you keep flip floppin Williams, the same thing that happened to Daniel Manning and Isarel Idonije is gonna happen to Williams, it will stunt his development. Keep him at guard, I think he'll get better. As far as J'Marcus Webb, no he's not the second coming of Jim Covert, but now that Martz is gone, he won't be on an island so much and his play could get better.

Instead of moving Chris Williams to left tackle, why not Gabe Carimi? This would allow the Bears to move Webb back to right tackle, his more natural position. I can see Chris Williams in a position battle this summer with Lance Louis for the left guard spot. Chris Spencer will be your right guard. This is gonna be an area to watch.

The Bears could use another offensive lineman, but receiver is still need #1. I still say draft Rutger Mohamed Sanu, the kid has great hands, 212 career grabs, a record, and he has good size 6-2 to man the split end position, Emery should take a look at him GO BEARS!!

Chris Williams at tackle again? How does that change anything? He lost both his starting tackle jobs already. This year at guard had he finished the season on his current pace, Williams would have graded out at -15 or so at guard. Last time Williams played tackle he ranked 65th out of 77. Switching from Webb to Williams is like switching for the worst tackle in the nfl to the second worst tackle in the nfl.

The way I see it the Bears have stayed competative via Free agency not the draft. Every couple of years the Bears make room to go into free agency and try and get a couple of starters. They have been doing this for a couple od decades now. They look for trades and Free agents. They made cap room for a reason. They will try to get Forte, and then go after one of the Big Recievers, I also expect they are going to look at one of the prize defensive ends in free agency, like Mario Williams, Bennett or Avril. So who would you target for the Beas, Vincent Jackson, Mario Williams or Matt Forte? The Bears don't really emphasize corners all that much in their system. But they could go after a Brandon Carr, Cortland Finnegan, or Brent Grimes.

So you can only have or maybe 3 at the most depending on who you get.
Mario Williams
Cliff Avril
Robert Mathis
Mike Bennett
Vincent Jackson
Matt Forte
Marques Colston
Brandon Carr
Cortland Finnegan
Brent Grimes
Carl Nicks
Ben Grubbs
Dwayne Bowe
Mario Manningham

I think the Bears will look at each and everyone of those players.

What are the biggest needs after receiver? By positional value it would be LT, DE, CB, OG, RB, S. I don't see a LT(so this is a draft option), DE (Lot of ends in FA this year but do the Bears want depth or a number 2 starter?), CB (next to no depth and no number 2 starter a major need), OG (Bears could use a big upgrade here), RB (easiest position to draft in the nfl and the Bears have depth, how much are they willing to pay for Forte?), S (clearly a position need the Bears spent all season trying to hide their safeties but there is not a lot on the market or in this draft).

Personally I let Forte walk if he wants to be over paid. Let him compete with Rice, Lynch, and Tolbert on the market which is flooded with backs.

Bowe, and Carr would be my choices, the Bears already have to much money invested at DE, but if you could get Bowe, Carr, that would help out a lot, although I don't think Bowe will be leaving KC.

At least it will be an intresting off season.

Sean that is mean, mean hateful talk. You sound like Cr-HATE-on bringing up PFF and there "rankings". Here is what I do know about J'Marcus Webb. He's a 7th round pick who became a starting NFL tackle. See how much better that sounds?

My oh my I just cant stand the media spin from people like you Sean! Larry Mayer, my hero and idol, would never do anything like that. He knows J'Marcus Webb anmd Chris Williams are dfue any season now to apprear in thirty consecutive probowls and then wind up iun the hall of lame, i mean fame.

Oooh I'm so worked up by this story I'm going to rip a sheet of paper in half!

As long as it is "get a shot" at LT, and not the usual "competition" where an inferior player is handed the job because Lovie got a fruit basket, I am all for it. Williams is not physical enough to be a guard, even though the left guard is less of a power player than the right side. He is a tackle playing guard, and if he can't cut it at tackle, he shouldn't be playing guard either. This offensive line could use upgrades at all 5 positions, and by upgrades, I mean passable players at the position, not just better players. Louis and Webb should not even be on the roster, and Garza and Spencer are just scraping by as marginal. Edwin Williams did ok, but he should never be more than a backup swing man.

as far as LT, Webb is just god-awful, and the -24.7 is being generous in my opinion. If they didn't help on his side, we would have lost Cutler in September. His biggest problem is he negates his so-called athleticism by standing up before he starts moving his feet. By the time you get a 6'8" tree to full height, guys like Jared Allen and Cliff Avril are already by him. If you watch him, his first movement is not with his feet, it's with his upper body, which is so slow that I long for the days of Noah Jackson. I think Carimi is the best option on the roster, and while he doesn't possess the elite footwork of a guy like Joe Thomas, I think he is capable of being a Jake Long kind of tackle, where he beats you with hard work, technique, and a nasty streak.

All that being said, the Bears need at least 2 starters on the OL to come from the draft this year, a center, and a guard or tackle. Then you have 3 core members of your OL all coming into their prime at the same time (with Carimi). While this is a deep receiver draft, I would rather get Jackson or Bowe than hope for Floyd or another wideout to develop quickly.
Now that Tice is calling the shots, I will be curious, since the OL requirements in the running and passing game are changing. I expect more straight ahead blocking next year, especially with audibles and play action becoming a larger part of the offense.

The year was 2010 April 14th and Josh McNugget was busy ripping apart the Denver Broncos talent pool for what he deemed were effort guys dat had da fire and da passion to kiss his @@@. He traded away Brandon Marshall for a second round pick in the 2011 draft. The Bears could have used there second round pick in the 2010 draft to get him, but one Mr. Jerry Angelo had already used the pick to trade for one first round draft bust named Gaines Adams. He could have used his 2010 3rd round pick but we would not have major Wright then. Oh Mr. Jerry Angelo worked in mysterious ways. Why did we need Marshall anyway, according to you Hester wasa true number 1 and the Bears revieving corps was one of the deepest in the league.

Jerry Angelo the gift that kept on giving. You want funny that second round pick he traded for Adams would eventually become Rob freakin Gronkowski. Or as Kevin might say "That Tight End in New England not fit to shine Greg Olsens shoes."

Lets see Marshall and Gronkowski. Anyone else want to cry?

So Bears use a 2nd round pick to trade for a first round bust and Miami used a 2nd round pick to trade for a 25 year old 2 time pro bowl and all pro reciever just entering his prime.

I blame everything on Kevin. If he had not encouraged Angelo none of this would have ever happened, Jerry would have listened to me and we would be the 10 time defending Super Bowl champions.

Well Joe after listening to Emery at his Press debut, I did pick up a few things. First he wants to build through the draft that's the number 1 priority, he also wants to build in free agency which is also his number 1 priority. But what it will be is a process and an evaluation process, and the process of evaluating. Plus strength and conditioning which makes him a head coach for 6 months out of the year. So after having my brain cells slaughtered for an hour but the man who is in charge and will build through concensus by beiing in charge while defering to coach Smith who he will work with and discuss strength and conditioning with.

Anyway everything is pointing to the Bears going WR in Free agency because they don't want to wait for a reciever to develop. Even thought the plan is to develop their own players cause thats the way you do it according to the new boss although Free agency is also the way you do it and that is the priority along with drafting which is equal priority. And he will make choices as long as coach Smith and he agree on them together. He also loved the way coach Smith has maintained consistancy with his coaching staff over the years. Lovie who has fired more coaches than coach in the nfl.

But look for the reciever in FA, don't count on Bowe it looks like he will be franchised or signed by the Chiefs. Jackson knows the terminology of a 3 digit offense so that is a big plus, but he will have a lot of choices.

Joe should get a prize for mentioning Noah Jackson. That is a blast from the past! I will never forget a replay of him I running (well maybe more like jogging or trotting) attempting to find someone to block with his huge gut jiggling every which way in slow motion. Not pretty.

Wide receiver in free agency, you say? What about through a trade? Miami is moving away from the 3-4 back to a 4-3, and we just happen to have a linebacker who has gone to several straight Pro Bowls that excels in a 4-3 defense...What about Briggs for Marshall? We would have to throw something else in, but I would do that. Or Briggs to Philly for Maclin? They are in desperate need of linebackers who have experience...Same scenario, where we should have to sweeten the pot, but why not? Briggs is going to complain about his contract, which he agreed to have front-loaded, and expect the organization to pony up more. I expect Emery will tell him to suck eggs, and either play it out, or find a trading partner. The Forte situation has me a little more worried, as we have a high caliber running back coming into his prime, and wanting top dollar. Can't fault him, but at the same time, look at Peterson...Stud running back who gets a career-changing injury in a meaningless game in December...sobering thought if you are a team with a running back looking for a deal.

It is going to be hard to get a top wideout on the free agent market, with Vincent Jackson being the only one who will likely make it onto the market, since KC has promised not to franchise him again. He would be a good fit for what Tice wants to do, which is use play-action to take shots down the field.

I can't remember how much room we will have against the cap this offseason, but we are going to need a lot. Merriweather, Roy Williams, Hurd, Barber, Anthony Adams, Jennings, Omiyale, and maybe one or two others should come off the books, and I think we were paying dead money for some of our departed players as well. Are we going to be in good enough shape to do anything, or are we going to have to go Belichick on this draft, and start parlaying our 8 picks into 11 or 12 lower picks?
We could use quantity and quality out of this draft, so either strategy will help. Assuming Emery is capable of delivering more hits than misses, which would be a switch...

Well Joe the way I see it you got a few problems with a Briggs trade. 1 he is a scheme specific Tampa 2 Will who is not nearly as effective without Brian. 3 the Eagles are probably losing DeSean Jackson and will nto give away two receiers. 4 Briggs is on the wrong side of 30 and holds little value because of that. 5. Lovie is not giving away his one of his best players when his job will be on the line and lets face it he has as much say as Emery, plus who do you replace Briggs with? They are paper thin at LB. 6. Miami doesn't have anyone but Marshall and he is coming of a big season and a Pro Bowl. 7 the Bears are looking at this as an all or bust year, they will go for a known factor in FA without having to give anything away. Lots and lots of recievers in FA this year. 8. Miami has Wake and Dansby to help them transition, neither is big enough to play end in the nfl both being around 240 pounds. Seems stange to convert to a 4-3 when you got guys like Wake, Dnasby, Starks, and Soliai.

I like Bowe the best but don't see him getting out of KC. Colston will see a lot more double teams in Chicago, and Jackson has had plenty of weapons around him as well. But it's all about the price for the Bears. How much are they willing to over pay one of these guys. You also got Steve Johnson and Mario Manningham in the mix as well.

The Bears are looking at about 25-30 million in cap space. They won't allocate all that to Free agency and given all their holes that money can go quick. Forte is gonna cost you, a receiver is gonna cost big money, and they need a starting Corner. Your probably looking at 9-10 million a season for Jackson or Bowe, Forte wants 6-7 million a season, and Half your money is gone and you still need to fill out the Roster and sign your draft picks. tHey got shots at guys like Mathis and Avrill, I can;t see them spending for Mario Williams, but could go after Jeremy Mincey. You also got Carr, Finnigan and Grimes floating around out there but I doubt Lovie wants a top Corner and would be happy with a Jason Allen or, Tracy Porter.

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