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Chiefs denied Bears request to speak to Jim Zorn

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Phil Emery wasn't the only member of the Kansas City Chiefs the Bears were interested in lately.

According to a league source, the Bears requested permission to speak to Chiefs quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn about the same position. But, the Chiefs denied that request.

Because the Chiefs season was over, they could not block Emery -- the team's college scouting director -- from interviewing for the Bears' general manager vacancy. But, general manager Scott Pioli talked to the Sun-Times about Emery at the Senior Bowl last week.

Zorn joined the Chiefs last offseason. Although head coach Todd Haley was fired, the Chiefs apparently like Zorn enough that they don't want him to leave.

The Bears are expected to interview Alex Van Pelt for the quarterbacks coach/ passing game coordinator opening soon.

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Poor Tice is sure having troubles getting anyone for this weird position.

Wow the Bears really want to be like the Chiefs. Ummm did the new GM know that the Chiefs could say no on Zorn all day since it is a lateral move?

Oh, Alex Van Pelt, yeah. One of Dick Jauron's boys from back in Buffalo. Oh and he was in Tampa, win win. He did make Freeman good after all, or maybe he didn't. Gets fired from Tampa and Buffalo and is looking to get a promotion in Chicago. That's how you get championships, that's the Chicago way."

Roll wouldn't you want to be a coach in Chicago? On offense, who is not friends with Smith? It's not like he has canned over 20 coaches or anything. It's not like Lovie always blames everything on the offense. I mean heck he is only on his 4th OC.

Sean I got this I know how to make this job more attractive to offensive coaches. Change the name of the job. You can call it the Co-OC, or the "Passing nanny", Tice's training wheels, Keeper of the Pass, the aerial assistant, the lateral linguist. What do you think, that is sure to bring them running. Think about it, whoever gets that job will be the first official person in the nfl to ever hold that job, part of nfl history baby.

Basically the confidence Lovie is showing in Tice is that he is an OC who Lovie believes needs training wheels to run the Co-Offense. This will also help Lovie as nobody will be sure which OC to blame. How bad of an OC is Tice? He really needs training wheels? Or how bad is Lovie when it comes to offense in that he needs two OC's. It's kind of hard to tell.

It seems to me that nfl coaches who are not desperate are not coming here to interview. In fact they seem to be going anyplace else. Feels kinda like a lame duck job doesn't it?

Brian Billick was asked directly if he thought this hybrid form of the Bears could work, and he unhesitatingly said no problem, almost scoffed at the doubt. He also pointed out that Mike Tice was a high school QB (most coordinators don't even have that on their resumes); while I know the coaching fraternity tends to stick together and that Bilick is a sort of genius type with all the baggage that goes with that, I'm putting my faith in his words - though I certainly understand your disagreement.

Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing Billick's name show up as a candidate. He wants to get back into coaching, so a 1-2 year deal might not be prohibitive for him. He makes the Bears offense look good in the passing game, and all of a sudden, people want him to do the same with their offenses. OR, he could be a candidate for Lovie's replacement if the Bears don't make the playoffs next season.

This is a desperation destination for coaches. They know Lovie will hang any offensive coach out to dry in favor of his defensive coaches sticking around, so any lack of success by the team will result in the offensive staff getting hacked. Who in their right mind would come into this situation? Lucky for us, most NFL coaches aren't in their right mind, or they wouldn't be doing what they are doing.

Candidates they should talk to (in my opinion, and in no particular order):
Jeff Jagodzinski
Todd Haley
Van Pelt
Frank Reich (I think he was a QB coach in Indy most recently?)
Mike Sherman

They should also start thinking about college coaches that run pro-style offenses, just to see if they can convince someone to come here.

At some point, the organization needs to realize that Lovie is radioactive to offensive coaches, and no one feels comfortable working for him. Tice is bigger than Lovie, and probably doesn't care about what he thinks of him, so he speaks his mind. That's how we ended up running the ball, and how Martz got kicked to the curb.
Until Lovie is gone, this organization will never be able to build around Jay Cutler, the only blue-chip talent we have on the roster still under contract.

WR you gott alot of nerve challanging me like that. You really think this offense will fly high and problem free? You really think an offense that lacks a real identity is going to be anything but a huge mess? Let me ask you this. Brian Billick is a former coach he's friends with a lot of coahch's around the NFL. Do you really think hes going to badmouth them?

Wow I am this close to wanting to smack you like I would Kevin A or Brando.

You do know Brian Billick and Tice are good friends from back in there days with the Vikings. He is never gonna bad mouth him. I also don't consider Billick an offensive wonder. Last I checked the reason Baltimore won was because their defense. Billick was suppose to build an offense there but never really managed it.

It all usually comes down to talent anyway. Does it really matter what any of these guys say, how may people told you Martz was a genius, or Turner was solid, or this guy and that guy are all great. How often do they actually bad mouth anyone? If one does it they all have to do it, that's the way it works. We will see, but really you think it shows confidence in Tice that they want him to have a passing nanny?

Creighton, I regret I didn't make myself clearer about the hybrid coordinator position. I think it is doomed. It's laughable. And Billick's offense at Baltimore was laughable, too. So far, so good - right? We are on the same page - right? I also agree with you that all coaches just circle the wagons. You are three foe three. So hold your punches. If you want to smack somebody, why not Joe Felicelli? See his list above, where he has Billick as his first choice for coordinator.

Which Creighton are you talking too? Oh wait smacking, yeah that's not actually me. Looks like one of my nuts, I think it's Tripper this time is running around the board using a bunch of names to make goofball personal attacks on me. Or discredit anything I say by trying to pretend to be me. I really do get the screwballs.

Oh and Western I would go click under the Matt Forte article at the top of the blog you may find it intresting to read the first post.

I think the Creighton fakers have gotten out of hand, Sean. Is there any way you can edit out some of them? I like the real creighton's commentary even though I often disagree with him, but the other ones are simply annoying in their inane commentary.
I was not in favor of Emery, but zorn strikes me as a guy who can think outside of the box. In any case all this is simply academic at this stage with Emery and Bates in the fold. Now I guess is the time for all good Bear fans to come to the aid of their team and support them in spite of management's moves ( stupid or otherwise ).Time to look at draft and free agent possibilities and hope the picks are far superior to those of the former Bear administrative personnel.

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