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Brian Urlacher has MCL and PCL damage in left knee

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Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher crumpled in the end zone, after safety Major Wright drilled him in his left knee during the fourth quarter.

Players immediately waved trainers and doctors toward Urlacher, who was writhing in pain. But, after a few minutes, Urlacher was able to gingerly walk off the field.

Bears coach Lovie Smith said after the game that he had a sprained MCL ligament.

"I was just going for the ball," Wright said. "I didnt see Brian at all. Just go get the ball."

Urlacher wasn't available for comment after the game.

UPDATE: An MRI revealed that Urlacher had a sprained MCL and partially sprained PCL, according to the team. Urlacher, though, did not have any damage to his ACL.

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He didn't see Urlacher? He didn't see him? Oh wait what am I saying it's Major Wrong the idiot who does not know how to play with his head up. What he saw for a brief second before dropping his head was a 4 armed, 2 headed monster who he was trying to protect his teamates from by diving on it. Turns out it actually two people. Oooops.

I think your comment is unfair, Creighton. In the heat of battle with the game on the line, someone has to knock the ball down or Harvin gets a touchdown and the Bears lose. Niceties of landing on one of your teammates are not a consideration.

As a second comment, I was not unduly impressed with the Bears' performance against the weak sister of the division. Yes, they won, but again almost blew the game. McCown gets the win, but I'm not sure he performed well enough to get sworn in as this year's back-up to Cutler.The offensive line reverted to their old habit of trying to get the quarterback killed, and only McCown's mobility kept him injury-free and Haney still on the bench. I will look forward to seeing what the Bear management decides to do about a back-up quarterback.McCown will certainly get a chance, but whether or not he will make it is doubtful. The draft should be interesting.

Well then Major Wright is crazy cause today he said he saw Urlacher fade with the reciever, and yes he is a total idiot who plays with his head down and I have stated that all year. But he lied after the fact and said he didn't see Brian, oh wait he did see him but he didn't see him.

In the heat of battle you better know what your looking at. In fact sight and keeping your head is all the more important in the heat of battle. In the Corps we called it friendly fire and it's a bad thing that happens when someone makes a stupid mistake. And please don't call this battle, it's a game and the smarter you play the game the better you will be. I have been saying sense the pre-season that he needs to keep his head up. He still is dropping his head and your body can't hit what your eyes can't see, float like a butterfly sting like bee.

On the other hand, keeping your head up may get it blown off. I apologize for the 'heat of battle" comment. I assumed readers would undersand that I was talking about football, not warfare. As a Korean war vet, I'm aware of the "friendly fire" concept, which primarilly consists of shooting your buddy in the back, but the correspondence to football is pretty shaky, whereas the "heat of battle can refer to a great many areas of less deadly conflict.

Either way Sean seems to have one of the details wrong; Wright didn't drill Urlacher in his left knee (if it is the end zone play where urlacher got injured)--Wright came over the top and forced an awkward landing by Urlacher.

Had Wright left Urlacher alone, his momentum likely would have had him land at worst on his backside...

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