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Bears set to interview five candidates for GM

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The Bears search to replace Jerry Angelo as general manager will soon start with four interviews.

Jason Licht of the New England Patriots, Phil Emery of the Kansas City Chiefs, Jimmy Raye of the San Diego Chargers and Marc Ross of the New York Giants will interview with the Bears.

Bears interim general manager Tim Ruskell also remains a contender and will receive an interview.

The list, however, is not limited to those five candidates, as a couple of other candidates could emerge.

Here's a closer look at the five known candidates:

* Phil Emery, Chiefs college scouting director: Very diverse background, which includes eight years as a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy. He was also an assistant coach (mostly defensive line or strength coach) at several colleges. Broke into the NFL with the Bears in 1998, as an area scout. He left to become the college scouting director of the Atlanta Falcons from 2004 to 2008. He's served in that same capacity the last three seasons for the Chiefs.

* Jason Licht, New England Patriots Director of Pro Personnel -- He's in his 16th NFL season, and he's worked with the Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles, where he finished as the vice president of player personnel. Licht first joined the Patriots personnel department in 1999 as a college scout.

* Jimmy Raye, San Diego Chargers Director of Player Personnel -- The son of a long respected NFL assistant coach of the same name, Raye has developed in San Diego after a brief NFL career as a receiver. He initially joined the Chargers in 1996, working as a scout, then became the college scouting director in 2000. He now oversees the college and pro scouting departments.

* Marc Ross, New York Giants Director of College Scouting -- An All-Ivy League receiver, Ross is in his fifth season with the Giants. He got his start in personnel with the Eagles in 1996 then became the team's eastern regional scout from 1997 to 2000. At the age of 27, he became the league's youngest college scouting director.

* Tim Ruskell, Bears Director of Player Personnel -- He's the Bears interim GM, and he previously held that position with the Seattle Seahawks.

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Great news, Sean. Keep on this one. I'm particularly interested in Marc Ross.
Jimmy Raye is ANCIENT!

Keep this alive, Sean.

Go for Ross or Licht. The other two guys are ancient. GET YOUNG.

I am wrong about Jimmy Raye being ancient, We are talking about his son of the same name, and he's pretty young and appears to have been involved in some very successful Chargers' drafts over the last decade, though to what extent it was him or the GM who reportedly had final say we'll never know. That is always a problem, however: was the guy just a minor part of the process or were decisions his, directly or indirectly. Am really looking forward to seeing your followups.

Emery is that a joke? Rex Grossman, Todd Johnson, Ian Scott, and Tron LaFavor Emery? The guy who thought you only need to scout one school Emery?

On that list I would say Ross is probably the best, now if we can only get the scouts from the giants we might have something. One of the biggest problems the Bears have had is good college scouting, just look at Emery for proof. Emery would be nothing more than a yes man. None of these guys are really gonna be GM's, you can call a rock a mountain but that don't make it one. They are just looking for a personel guy, nothing more. None of these guys are wow you guys, you gotta hope they don;t go with the same consensus building approach that Angelo used. And his epic idea that he didn;t care about the ceiling of a player but was more concerned with the floor. Well Jerry did a good job, wasn't anyone in the nfl at finding players with low floors.

Gosh this is such an intresting process the Bears have discovered for hiring people. It's so much like the process that led to Martz.

The good news is whoever is running the draft will be able to make an easy pick. I mean with all the Bears needs it's not like your locked into one position, you can pretty much draft any position at any point in this draft and it will be a need.

For those of you who don't remember, the Bears really did have a Tron Lafavor in 2003.
After the 49ers whip the Saints tomorrow with a bunch of kids you will all see that, besides the Packers, there is another team who is light years ahead of Chicago because of Angelo. What were the McCaskeys (and Ted Phillips) doing while these massive troop buildups were taking place? Going to management seminars? Financial Advice seminars? Virginia, Germany has just invaded Poland! We need a super ace in college personnel, one who doesn't give a __ about basements. The 49ers weren't afraid to draft Aldon Smith last year, higher than everyone else thought they should. Well, Aldon made All-Pro and looks like Charles Haley all over again. The Niners are going to kick our ass next year in San Francisco. Then Green Bay and Detroit will do some more kicking. What were the McCaskeys doing? Folks, IT IS ALWAYS THE MCCASKEYS!!!!!!!!

There has to be more talent with GM potential than this list?

The Giants and Patriots organizations are heads and tails above the others, learning in such systems would seem to be a good environment from which to absorb what works.

Time is ticking with a lot of preparation needed to plan a course of action relative to the draft, free agent acquisition, new coaching candidates, securing good Bears with contracts like Toub, Forte etc.

It would help if there was a football guy as President instead of a bean counter who annually ensures the Bears finish with many millions left in the bank for the McCaskey's instead of using those millions for needed talent.

The cupboard is not empty but it is going in that direction.

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