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Bears need offensive coordinator after departure of Mike Martz

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With his contract expiring soon, Mike Martz will not return as Bears offensive coordinator.

The club announced the move this afternoon. Quarterbacks coach Shane Day, who coached under Martz in San Francisco, will also not return.

"After meeting with Mike this afternoon, we both felt it was best to move in different direction," coach Lovie Smith said. "I appreciate the job he and Shane did for us over the last two years."

Under Martz, the Bears offense was 30th in the NFL last season, in total yards. And while they improved to 24th this season, the Bears unit mightily struggled, particularly early and late in the season.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn't mask his frustration during the poor start, and the offense started to improve. During a five-game winning streak, the Bears were scoring over 30 points a game and had drastically improved in converting third downs and reducing turnovers. But when Cutler suffered a broken thumb against the San Diego Chargers, the Bears offense tanked with replacement Caleb Hanie.

The Bears went 0-4 behind Hanie and struggled to score points or even generate first downs.

An in-house candidate would appear to be Mike Tice, the offensive line coach.

Last offseason, the Bears blocked Tice from interviewing for the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator vacancy. They then upgraded his contract.

While he hasn't held the title of offensive coordinator, Tice did call plays during his tenure as the Minnesota Vikings head coach from 2002 to 2005.

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Marc Trestman for OC Please

Check him out

wiki and

Hahahahaha I doid it again! Thats two for two. Wow even after a s*** season I am now in a good mood. Hey everyone meet me at Buck's Saloon on Halsted at 7:00/7:30 for drinks. Super place I go there often and don't worry i'm buying. Just bring your littel butts and be their.

Its my birthdy and I'm gonna party like its my birthday. Its my birthdy and I'm gonna party like its my birthday.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. Not today ### clown, the King has returned. Dez Clark is talking about Martz and Angelo on the score and he is hammering Angelo and Martz.

That's right, that's right, get mad at me, blame me, cause big daddy Creighton was right again. Day one I called it with Martz and every problem they had I said they would have. I guess I know more about the Bears than Lovie cause he thought this was a good idea. Oooops.

Suck it you fake wanna be Creighton chump. Suck it cause you love Angelo and you love Martz, suck it cause everything you think you know about football, you don't know about football. But most of all suck it... cause I told you too. You are out of your league chump, you fake loser, wanna be me, but can't see me, Jerry Angelo lovin, Mike Martz Huggin, just got your ### kicked BY ME, BY ME, THE D O DOUBLE G!!!! BEARS INSIDER HEAVY WEIGHT BLOG CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!!!!

Mike Martz you 7 step dropping ##### get your fish fillet eating, crazy talking, no play calling, time out burning, sack generating, QB killing, donut loving, crazy talkin, no audible calling, FAT @@@! GET THE HELL OUT OF CHICAGO AND TAKE YOUR 700 PAGE PLAYBOOK WITH YOU GIANT BLACK HOLE OF SUCK!!!

Just heard the press confrence and the Bears are already screwing this up. You know if your going to clean house, then clean house don't clean half the house. Phillips is now basically running everything as long as Lovie says it's okay. Lovie seems to have all the power up there. Which leads me to wonder how many OC's is going to get, cause every other year not making the playoff's is blamed on Lovie's OC.

The other thing that really scares me is they said the new GM basically has to do what Lovie wants and do it Lovie's way. Well I got news for you that is a giant mistake a GM should be in charge and be allowed to bring in their own system and own philosophy. Basically they want a top talent evaluater to come in here, which is good, but they don't want to give him any power or authority.

Ted Phillips gave you Jerry Angelo and stuck with him all this time, and he is still here. Ted and Lovie basically just threw their guys under the bus to save their jobs.

Phillips said the scouting is in good hands with Tim Ruskell. Scouting, the thing that got Ruskell fired from Seattle. Phillips needs to go. Hub thinks Cliff Stein should replace him, but he may get fired as well because Phillips is affraid of him or threatened by him.

Damn!! I wish I wete in Chicago. i'd go to that baron Halsted and lift a few on you, creighton. I would even chip in big time if too many freeloaders showed up. However, I'm not happy to see MartZ go. i would have liked to see the effects after one more year of his approach with afull complement of players familiar with the system.

I am having a problem understanding why Martz and Angelo got the boot, but Lovie and Rod are allowed to stay. While the offense was crippled with injuries, their defense was relatively healthy. And this very same defense:

-Could not force any turnovers against Chiefs quarterback Tyler Palko

-Allowed Tavaris Jackson to march up and down the field at will in the second half of the Seahwaks game.

-Allowed Tim Tebow to march up and down the field in the final minutes, and OT, due to the stupid prevent defense Lovie loves to call.

-Could not generate a consistent pass rush all season

-Let Aaron Rodgers absolutely humiliate the Bears. (Lovie also thought it would be a good idea to start Bowman over Jennings for that game. Heck of a plan lovie.)

-And last but not least, this one really irks me, but I can't stand it when every commentating crew calling a Bears game points out how the Bears defense does nothing to trick opponents; that they give opposing offenses straight looks in terms of what plays they're running. You'd think disguising the defense and giving yourself whatever advantage you can get would be a priority of a defensive guru like Lovie's supposed to be. Guess not.

All that being said, it would be great to see Lovie get the axe and for Toub to be given a shot at head coach.

I'm devastated by today's news. But I'm feeling a little happier that there's still hope. My top two candidates for our next OC:

1. John Shoop

2. Ron Zook

Total beasts!

Mike allow me to help you understand this. You want to know why Lovie wasn't fired? Well that's easy, because Lovie has all the power up at that cess pool they call Halas hall. Here is another question to add to your list, why didn't Lovie bench Hanie after 2 weeks, then after three weeks. It was Lovie who put him on the field, and it was Lovie that ignored Martz who wanted to get rid of Hanie last year and this year.

So my guess is in order to keep there respective Jobs, Phillips and Lovie teamed up to form team retarded scum bag and threw some guys under the bus. Just like Angelo threw some guys under the bus last year to save his job.

But why is this happening? Because the McCaskey's have no friggin clue how to run a football team. They are lost, they can't figure out what every fan and writer already knows. You can't half ass run an organization, you can't half do a house cleaning, you can;t have a coach who only focuses on half his team, you can't have a President who can only do half his job because he knows numbers but not football, and you can't have a GM that can only do half his job because he can't draft, and you can't want a Championship but only be willing to do some things to get it. Your either all in or your not in. Right now it's half a house cleaning, and they want a top GM to come in but he will only get half the power cause Lovie has the other half. The Bears are not about winning, they are about comprimise. They gave George control, but he still has to okay things with Mommy and the rest of the clan. It's not very often in the nfl you fire a GM and keep the coach and look for another GM. Usually GM's want to bring in their own guys. Half assed house cleaning.

I am kinda depressed the three Stooges were never the same without Curly. I wonder when the Bears are gonna hire Curly Joe. Ugggg.

Here are the reasons Mike Martz needed to go:

Last year, the Bears made a run to the playoffs and the NFC title game, but only when they forced Martz to do what he didn't want to do, which is focus on the run.

The lack of protection for his most valuable asset, Cutler, only works when you have Bruce and Holt on the outside, two premiere route runners who were always open and on time to their spots...Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Roy Williams Dane Sanzenbacher, and Earl Bennett are not those two, even combined....

The lack of authority for a QB like Cutler who is smart, can read defenses, and can make them pay, to audible out of a bad play. We telegraph our plays all the time by formation, and by line splits

Cutler is not learning how to play QB, or to get better as a passer. he is learning to throw to a spot at a moment, which is similar to what Spurrier does. You don't need a Pro Bowl QB to run that need a robot..Kurt Warner and Jon Kitna were very good at this offense, because they really weren't capable of doing much else. Athletic limitations, and their information processing while in the play was not elite.

He's just an arrogant d-bag.....But then again, so is everyone on the staff in Chicago. They all believe they can win with the sorry efforts they put out there as coaches. Like Mike said (paraphrasing), we retreat into an ultra-conservative mode on offense and defense when we have a lead, and try not to lose games, but we end up giving them away by not trying to make the other team lose...

This is a good day for Bears fans...It will be a great day if Ruskell is canned as well, and then what would make it a fantastic day is if Lovie, Marinelli, and Babich are all shown the door. Wipe the stink of the Tampa connection out of this organization....

Phil Savage should be our next GM, because Green Bay will never let us have McKenzie...Heck, they wouldn't let us have Clement for OC....I am not overly familiar with the other guys on the "hot" list, but Savage has been spending the last 2 seasons learning the intricacies of the spread by position, and developing an evaluation method to translate their skills to the NFL level. Most of the guys who are in the NFL right now have not had that luxury to really study a growing trend in the college ranks, so we would have an advantage in scouting those players, and let's face it...we need an advantage because of how poorly we have built the bottom half of this roster. Heck, we have barely been able to put together a top half....

Still think Jeff Jagodzinski would be a great OC for the team, as he could keep the elements that work from Martz's offense (Forte screens and swing passes), and implement some passing combinations that might actually work with our crappy receivers. and if by some miracle we get Floyd or another early receiver in the draft, or a better one in FA, he might actually craft the offense to maximize the talent of the receiver, instead of feeding his own ego. I would be very interested in who we would look at as a QB coach, because we really need someone who can develop the guys behind Cutler, Enderle and McCown (for now).

I am excited for this offseason, but George can screw the whole thing up by giving Ruskell the keys to the bus....Let's hope he is less emotional than his brother, and less prone to singing....

Creighton, I am speechless. Your comments here should be repeated every day until everybody understands. Brilliant analysis. Couldn't be better. Yep, you are #1.

Creighton, get Sean to repeat this message of yours everyday. Automatically. I'm printing it out and putting it on my desk right in front of me, so if any of my friends and family want to talk Bears, I'll read this to them. Real Chicagoans understand what you are saying. (I was born in Frank Cuneo hospital downtown two months before Butkus. A good kid he was. The hospital is long gone, as I will be soon if we don't force the McCaskeys out somehow. No words can express how much I loathe them. By the way, Cuneo was Al Capone's chiropractor.) Don't let the McCaskeys get away with it, man. I'm hurting as much as you are!

Yeah Joe, I don't don't know about Savage. I mean the Browns really didn't draft well with him as GM. Sure they got Joe Thomas and Wimbley under him but given the situation that's not that impressive. I mean got third pick in the draft, and you are desperate for a LT and Joe Thomas is on the board, it's easy pick he was far and away the best tackle in that class and everyone knew it. Wimbley on the other hand was also a big need, the Browns needed a speed rusher and a DT. They had a choice between Nagata, Wimbley and Hali, all ranked about the same he took the least of the three. Still a good pick but nothing special given the situation.

He also traded up to get Quinn, he paid extra for Brady Quinn. He traded away a lot of picks for used up players. He also drafted Edwards with the number 3 overall pick, and Edwards has been good but not great. Basically I can think of 3 players he drafted that you would say yeah those guys can play. But those were some really high draft picks, and all his other picks and trades were pretty bad. He really traded away a lot of picks, I am not a big fan of that.

Not that it matters with Lovie floating around. I can't believe Lovie will be one of the guys interviewing the new GM's. "Why should I let you be my boss, hahaha, just kidding you really have no power."

"Yeah Joe, I don't don't know about Savage. I mean the Browns really didn't draft well with him as GM."

I second that, Creighton. You get rid of Angelo...and now you want the guys who's been making personnel choices for the Cleveland Browns? Huh?

Sean,buddy we need to have talk. I read your article about Mike Tice for OC, now I don't think your worng or your right, but let me point a couple things out to you okay. Let me just that Tice has done a good job on the O-Line with what he has been given, the fact that they didn't give up 80 sacks and improved in run blocking with this group is something. But it's not a good offensive line, which to me means his job is not finished there yet. I would not promote someone who has not finished a job they were hired to do, I think he nees to be given more talent before anyone can judge how good his line is and can be. I don't want to see Louis, Webb or Garza gain, I can get by with Williams, Ed not Chris, and I have hopes for Carimi, but Tice was brought here to build a line and I would like to see him finish that.

Now we need to talk about the Tice offense.

Point one, he had Randy Moss in his prime one of the 5 greatest recievers of all time. We don;t have Randy Moss in Chicago and there is no Randy Moss out there. Moss stretched out defenses and kept them honest. Moss scared the crap out of other teams.

Point two, they had Daunte Culpepper in his prime, people forget because of his later career what he was like. But in his prime he was a 6-4 260 cannon armed monster who could run a 4.5 40 and was really, really hard to bring down. He made Big Ben look like a little school girl. Your talking about QB who could give 400-600 yards rushing and 4000 yards passing. Jay is not as big or strong as Culpepper and while he has a better arm is a smarter QB and and has some very nice moves, he does not bounce LB's off his chest.

Point 3 Culpepper added a lot to help boost those rushing yards for the Vikings, but about 2/3rds of those were scrambles and not called plays. Which leads to point four.

Point 4, even though they had a very mobile giant bouncing LB's off his chest and scrambling like crazy they still gave up a ton of sacks because of all the deep passing, much like the Martz offense. 2002 49 sacks, 2003 42 sacks, 2004 46 sacks, 2005 54 sacks. That's to many sacks Sean, and they had a better line than the Bears, and a very difficult to bring down QB. That's not good thing. I am tired of seeing Cutler take beatings.

Point 5, as you pointed out when Tice lost Moss and had the talent level drop on that team, his offense sucked. We don't have that talent level to begin with, and again we don;t have Moss, Birk, McKinnie in his prime at his best, Liwienski, Dixon, Kliensasser a really solid TE, Burleson, and Marcus Robinson. Tice had some real talent on that offense, we don;t have that, all we have is Cutler and Forte, that's are talent and they are both very good, but they need more help.

Point 6, this would be a bad thing to do to Tice.

Now I do have a question, word is that while Martz was with the Bears, that he was basically hated by everyone, that he was very divisive, and that the day he was fired Cutler met with Lovie and said "I would so be glad if he was gone" after Lovie asked if if he would be okay with Martz being fired. My question is, is true that while Martz was leaving Tice blasted Jump by the pointer sisters on the Halas hall PA system and was dancing through the halls singing as Martz left?

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