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Bears name Phil Emery General Manager

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The Bears turned to a familiar face in replacing longtime general manager Jerry Angelo.
The club announced Saturday that Phil Emery, who was an area scout from 1998 to 2004 for the Bears, has been named the team's fifth general manager.
He'll be introduced at a formal press conference at Halas Hall Monday at 2 p.m.
Emery and Jason Licht of the New England Patriots were the two finalists after three others were eliminated from contention. They were Marc Ross of the New York Giants, Tim Ruskell of the Bears and Jimmy Raye of the San Diego Chargers.
As the Sun-Times reported on Jan. 20, after Emery's interview, he was widely viewed as the favorite by league sources. The following Monday, several outlets, in fact, reported that Emery was offered or landed the job, although that was premature.
Licht was interviewed a second time on Thursday followed by Emery on Friday.
Emery has a unique career path.
A native of Michigan, he started his career at his alma mater, Wayne State, as a student assistant. He then headed to several other schools, before landing at the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was the director of strength and conditioning services and an associate professor.
He started his NFL career with the Bears, as an area scout by former general manager Mark Hatley. He was retained when Angelo took over in 2001.
In 2005, Ruskell - the assistant general manager of the Atlanta Falcons - hired him to be the team's college scouting director.
When the Falcons hired Thomas Dimitroff, Emery was demoted, but he once again survived a change of leadership. Dimitroff, in fact, was so impressed with Emery's professionalism that he recommended Emery to one of his closest friends in the business, Scott Pioli, when he became general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009.
Emery has been the Chiefs college scouting director ever since.
"He didn't rock the boat," Dimitroff told the Sun-Times Wednesday.
Pioli told the Sun-Times on Tuesday that Emery was ready to be a general manager.
"The things that stand out are his work ethic, his work habits, how detailed he is, how meticulous he is," Pioli told the Sun-Times. "He's a very good teacher, and he's a very good listener.
"I think those things are valuable, in that position. I also feel that he's a good evaluator of talent."

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Wll let me just say that this is WONDERFUL! The fact that he was a scout with the Bears during the late 90's to mid 00's, one of the more dominant and impressive eras for the franchise in my opinion, is just the icing on the cake! Mmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm. I will be honest though Emery was not the first on my list of GMs. My short list went like this-

1.) Jerry Angelo - Rehire the bestest and most wonderful GM in any sport ever!

2.) Tim Ruskell - As close as one can get to Mr. Angelo without it actually being Jerry.

3.) Garrett Wolfe - Oh shucks I can dream can't I???

4.) Phil Emery

Now I know the haters on here like Cr-HATE-on will cut him down before he has a chance and bring up his "draft history" and his "personal moves" and all that gosh darn bahoeey that no one wants to hear about. But me being a true Bears fan I will give Mr. Emery the benefit of the dout. But if he drafts a DB in the fifth round who starts at least one year before being cut than I will know he is the goods and I iwll give him him the top spot on my All-Bumstead squad because he'll have earned it.

Oh goody goody gumdrops! I'm so excited and i just cant hide it! I think I will go rock out to Enya, that hardcore metal band I have been telling everyone about. Really harfdcore stuff and not for the faint of heart mind you!

So basically they found someone from the Bears tree who was associated with McKay, Ruskell and Angelo. I was not really impressed with any of these guys. It just feels like more of the same, a mediocre hire on a Sat. Which if you go back to one of my posts from early last week, you will find me asking Sean about a weekend hire and if Martz had been hired on the weekend. I believe Sean had mentioned he thought it would happen on a saturday or someone asked him about. Well usually you try to hide bad news on Saturdays.

I don't think this hire was too hard to see coming. I don't hate the hire I just don't think much of it either. Same old same old here in Chicago. If the Bears were a Soap Opera they would be called "As the wind blows" or "Sundays of our lives"

"Like fans through a turnstyle so are the sundays of our lives."

"As the wind blows' Brought to you by Foldgers mountain brewed coffee, freeze dried to lock in the flavor. Also brought to you by Ivory soap."

If you are over 30 and ever got baby sat by your Grandma when you were a kid you will understand both of those.

I think Phil Emery got the job because of the ties he has with the team and Chicago probably wanted to get someone in place as soon as possible to get ready for the upcoming draft. As the Chiefs director of college scouting since 2009, they've brought in 5 major contributors on offense and defense out of 3 drafts, Tyson Jackson DE 1st round 2009, Eric Berry S 1st round 2010, Jon Asamoah G 3rd round 2010, Kendrick Lewis FS 5th round 2010, and Justin Houston LB 3rd round 2011. And the jury is still out on the rest of the 2011 class? Berry was probably the Chiefs best pick since 2009 but he was on IR this past season, other than Berry, safety Kendrick Lewis was probably the Chiefs best pick since 2009. Not exactly a great set of drafts, but now we'll see what Phil Emery can do as the man running the show? I wanted Licht myself but I'll support Emery GO BEARS!!

Oh myyyyyy!! Apologies to all, but I left one HUGE name off my list: Jim Hendry. He would have been number 3. In retrospect, I wouldn't hire Garrett Wolfe to be a GM. He needs to come back and be a fullback. TOOTAL BEEAST!!

Wolfe! Enya! LMAO

I thought about doing a and Emery and Lovie song spoof but it was just to flat.

Emery and Lovie work together in perfect harmony.

Funny Crapton, but bro, you got way to much time on your hand. In the words of the immortal Jack Sparrow, "you need to get yourself a girl"!.


Keep your chin up. I understand where you're coming from, but Phil Emery and Jerry Angelo are two different people. Just because Angelo ultimately failed, it doesn't mean someone who worked for him 8 years ago will.

We will see, but did you hear his presser? Oh god, he should be in jail for the mass slaughter of brain cells.

Kevin what are you complaining about? First that's not Crap-ton, I mean it could be the same guy doing both. But at least the Bumstead persona is funny, I mean come on he opened with "Namaste!" how is that not funny? At least your stalker is clever.

I get Crap-ton, his idea of a funny post is basically, "Hahahahaha, I punch myself in the face, I hate Angelo, Brando sucks, gosh golly."

Or fake Creighton. Okay have you seen his song Parodies? Beauty and the Beast? And not even one of the good songs that would funny and demeaning, no he picks songs that don;t make any sense and the parody is usually aweful, he doesn't even usually make it rhyme.

And when are you going ot learn ig you want to insult someone, insult them. But this "bro you got way to much time on your hand." Dude you can not respond to a time wasting post by wasting time posting to it. It's hypocrisy. Dude he quoted the Pointer Sisters, and rocked out ot Enya in one sentence, that's brilliant, you gotta step up your game Armstead.

Look I know your still recovering from the 8-8 season and the loss of your favorite GM Jerry Angelo. I know they also didn;t hire the GM you wanted, but don't worry, your you Kevin, and if their is one thing I know about you, it's that Emery will be your boy sooner rather than later. Free Agency is coming soon and he will sign someone and you will be happy. You will bounce back. You just gotta get back on that GM pony and ride him into the sunset. (okay that was pretty bad, but I couldn't help it. It was there I saw it and I plucked it from the tree of comedy.)

No one who does not work in a front office or coaching staff could possibly know ahead of time whether this guy will be any good. Even insiders don't know, because he's never been a GM, though they could make educated guesses if they know what they're doing (in other words, not Ted Phillips or McCaskey).

That said, Emery looks like just a yes-man for Phillips and the McCaslkeys. Sure hope I'm wrong, but this doesn't smell good at all.

Hey man, you don;t need to qualify your opinion, you have a right to it. To often people are affraid to state their given opinions because they are worried that they will look like they are judging someone. But most of the time your not judging anything, you don't have to like what someone says and that does not mean you are judging them, guilty or innocent, right or wrong. Your just replying about how you feel about what they said.

Now as for Emery being a good GM. That will take time to figure out. But me, I know what I am looking for in his first draft and free agency period. Vision, whos vision is dictating the draft. Is it him or is it Lovie? You will be able to tell that quickly. If the Bears go for scheme specific players that fit a tampa two and follow the pattern of speed guys who they can coach up, I will have a problem with that. What is Emery's vision, is he a Tampa 2 guy? Will he go for best player available and find a way to use him no matter the scheme, or will he go for Lovie style players? We will know soon enough if he is a yes man just trying to do what Lovie wants or if he is a real GM with his own vision and ideas on what it takes to win in the nfl.

Maybe he shares a vision with Lovie, but he did say he is a Pioli guy, and Pioli is not a Tampa 2 guy. He is a 3-4 guy and a power offense guy who likes his offense to do a lot of hurry up stuff based off the K-Gun offense. Pioli prefers pass blocking based lines with powerful guards who can both run and pass block and a dominant center. So if Emery is a Pioli guy I expect him to share a vision closer to that than the one Smith has. I am very intrested to see what he will although I am not a fan of some of the things he said. Granted that's all presser stuff, and he really didn;t say much of anything, but a few times he said things that he didn't need to say, he went out of his way to point these out, for a guy who likes to play it close to the vest that bothers me, and the specific things about choosing players with Smith bothers me. It made it seem like he and Smith are on equal standing, and they should not be. Emery is suppose to be the boss and this is suppose to be his vision.

Oh and everything I am hearing says that George McCaskey is the guy pulling all the strings right now, and that Phillips is on his last leg. That it was Phillips who wanted Angelo gone and that he is not happy with Phillips or Smith and that the only thing keeping Lovie around is Virginia. That George does not like or want ot be seen but that he will be felt at Halas hall. That George was really made about the end of the season, and it was not just Angelo he was mad at. He was not thrilled about watching Lovie get out coached multiple times, that he is not thrilled about the OC carousel or lack of offense during Lovie's run. Lack of player development, all the stuff we see, apperantly George is seeing as well and he is not happy, but Smith was given a year, and Phillips was told either Angelo goes or you both go.

Sources for this information include 670, Hub, a couple of writers, and reporters, and even a couple of former players.

Thanks for the support. The only reason I qualified my opinion is because I just don't know. Consider the Peter Principle: people rise to their level of incompetence. Until someone is a GM, no one knows whether he'll be good in that position regardless of what he did in other positions. When the Bears hired Jim Finks we knew they got a good GM because of what he did as a GM in Minnesota. Emery is a blank slate as a GM.

As to your comments about George McCaskey, I sure hope you're right. Ed O'Bradovich seems to think that he won't take the garbage that this organization has been putting out, but Bears who played under Halas are very loyal to the organization and the family, so all I can say is, we'll see about that. Firing Phillips would be a great start and will convince me that he's at least motivated to win.

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