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Bears clearly wanted a piece of the "Patriot Way"

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Bears president Ted Phillips, who led the search for the new general manager, definitely focused on three things in finding Jerry Angelo's replacement.

First, he wanted someone who didn't have a big ego.

Second, he favored someone with a college scouting background.

And third, he ultimately wanted someone who embraced the "Patriot Way."

I asked him if he liked the New England Patriots scouting philosophy, and Phillips said, "I do.

"I'll just say this: Their system is more geared toward the fit [of player] on your team. And there is a consistent grading between college and pro. And it was fascinating to hear some of the details of that. So it wasn't coincidental that they both had that similar system, and they were the two final candidates."

The other finalist, of course, was Jason Licht, who worked as a national scout for the Patriots and returned later as the pro personnel director.

While he certainly will bring the Patriot Way, Emery also said he'll add from other systems he's learned from.

"A lot of it will be from that system - if want for another word, the 'Patriot system.' But I will tell you this: Thomas [Dimitroff] has gone off on some different vents than the Patriot blueprint; so has Scott [Pioli]," Emery said. "You have to adapt it to fit your situation, the talents of the people that you have, the size of the staff you have."

Dimitroff and Pioli both were groomed in New England but are now the general managers of the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs, respectively.

Emery said Phillips and the McCaskey family has told him to do whatever is necessary to build his staff, the way he sees fit.

Still, Emery applauded the staff that's in place.

This is one fine scouting staff," Emery said, "and what we're going to do moving forward with this staff is continue to add to it, to take the good people we have, add more good people, so that we can function at a high level in our role in terms of identifying talent.

"The best talent, the best people, the right fit, the right ones for the right 53, so we can move forward toward our goal of winning championships."

As for looking for someone with a college scouting background, Phillips made clear that was an "added benefit."

"We need to do better, in the top three rounds of the draft," he said. "We haven't done as good in those areas, over the last 10 years, and we've got to, in order to have sustainable success."

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Yeah I want a piece of the Patriot way too. His name is Bill Belichick, I got Brandon Merriweather and Phil the Bill Emery. Boy he fills the bill of Bears GM, over paid warm body that will do what Smith wants.

Emery should try doing it "the Bear way." Screw the Patriot way.

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