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A closer look at Marc Ross of the Giants

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants have 10 players on injured reserve, including two starters from 2010.

The Giants badly miss cornerback Terrell Thomas, who started 15 games in 2010 and had four forced fumbles and intercepted five passes. The Giants also could have used linebacker Jonathan Goff, who started 16 games last season.

But the Giants have a deep, talented roster, and they showed it off Sunday in a 24-2 victory over the Atlanta Falcons at MetLife Stadium.

As the Bears search for a general manager to replace Jerry Angelo, they can't have Giants GM Jerry Reese. But as they research candidates, they should spend some time considering Marc Ross, the team's college scouting director.

George McCaskey, who completed his first season as the Bears chairman, did spend some time with Giants co-owner John Mara last offseason. Ted Phillips, the Bears president, also is familiar with Mara.

Ross is wrapping up his fifth season with the Giants, after working in the same capacity with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"He's a veteran personnel guy, and he's been around two or three different clubs, so he's seen how things are done differently at different places," Reese said Ross. "And he's smart. He's a people person, a terrific evaluator, and he's qualified."

Jason Pierre-Paul was a surprise selection with the 15th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, but he's already established himself as one the league's best defensive ends. Meanwhile, the Giants have also managed to unearth diamonds in the rough, like Victor Cruz, an undrafted receiver out of Massachusetts in 2010. This season, Cruz had 82 catches for 1,536 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

In fact, the Giants have done very well at the receiver position. Hakeem Nicks has been a very good selection with the 29th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. And Mario Manningham, a former third-round pick, has come up with his share of big plays.

Besides, Ross was an All Ivy League receiver at Princeton, holding five school records.

He was a national scout for the Buffalo Bills, but he became -- at the age of 27 -- the NFL's youngest college scouting director for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2000.

Among the players he drafted for the Eagles: Brian Westbrook, Lito Sheppard and Derrick Burgess.

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Like I said in an earlier post. I'd take this guy. We need someone whose expertise is in the draft and can evaluate talent. I'd take any of the Giants top 3 receivers over ours. They know how to find pass rushers. Their O line is solid and their secondary isn't that bad. All areas the Bears need help in. And as Sean pointed out they have depth, another area the Bears need help in. Even if Ross has only been with the Giants for 5 years and may not be responsible for finding all the talent on their roster, he has been working with the people that have. If they can't get Ross, I wouldn't mind getting Dorsey from the Packers. Again we need an expert in the draft and a skilled talent evaluator. The Packers seem to have done pretty well in the draft recently. I'd take their depth. Please don't settle for Ruskell!! That would be a huge disappointment!

Anyone but Ruskell.

Sean, when this guy's name first appeared in the media as a candidate, I did what research I could on him on-line, along with the other candidates: Reggie McKenzie, Eric DeCosta, Les Snead, Ryan Grigson, and a few others. McKenzie seemed more of an executive type, more capable of hiring/firing a coach than scouting talent (as Hue Jackson will soon find out.) DeCosta sounded great at first, but I sensed immediately that he wouldn't have the nerve to cut his ties with Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens owner who have convinced him he's in-line for the job when Ozzie retires. What? Ozzie is only about 56. Does Ozzie have a better gig somewhere else? Eiric will continue to be the Colts' "boy" for years to come. Snead sounds too much a Southerner. His voice at Halas Hall would sound Atlantan - out of place. The job is in Chicago! Grigson has appeal because the Eagles know talent and he's been part of their selection process. Besides, he's an Indiana guy, played at Purdue, and is even bigger than Mike Tice, i.e. he's Bear-size. Then, another name came along, that of Marc Ross. I found a YouTube of him discussing a recent Giants' draft, and was impressed. Young, energetic, enthusiastic. The Giants drafts are, indeed, enviable. They may be due to the talents of Jerry Reese only and have little to do with Marc Ross, but I don't know that. Ross is one to look at hard, I guess. I beg Phillips not to hire Ruskell. Ruskell is the choice of Angelo, Smith, and McCaskey. When one blogger on another site heard that Ruskell could be the one the Bears choice, he said "I hate this team." Another said he'd have to be put on suicide watch. And the reaction went on and on, blog by blog, in the same tone. Some were from Seattle, where they express their sympathy for Bears fans faced with this guy. Already, Mullin and Pompei have sort of prepared us for this eventuality and would seem to have accepted it. So, I thank you, Sean for keeping the drums beating by providing Bears fans with a glimpse of Marc Ross. You are our true Bears fan in the media. Thank you, thank you.

So Sean I got an important question for you. Is Cowley okay? Last night must have been really heard on him. Was it true he was crying? I heard he broke his tv after he threw his lad top at it. I guess he couldn't take Tim throwing him the Tebow at the end of the game. Man did Tim flip the Tebow and flip it hard. Anyway I got Cowley a nice gift basket to make him feel better, I got him some nice adult depends diapers in petite ladies pink, a jumbo pacifier, a Tebow Jersey, a couple boxes of Puffs Plus, The new blue ray special collectors edition of Beaches his favorite movie, a large order of rockey mountain oysters, a copy of John Denvers greatest hits, an x-ray of Big Bens ankle, a book called Excuses for Dummies, and a picture of a certain young 20-year-old female student fram a Georgia College & State University flipping him and Ben the finger.

Unfortunately, GSH, the Bears probably have Morocco Brown lined up. He's the Redskins guy who heads up their pro personnel department, meaning he has no experience in drafting college players. He was in Halas Hall from 2001-2008 collecting checks as Bobby DePaul's assistant - again in pro personnel.I think he is high on John Wooten's list of qualified minority executives. Oh, and he brought Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth to D.C. At least, he was happy they came (see YouTube interview.)
He heard they were good, I guess. And they say he is a nice young man, which should endear him to the McCaskeys, ala Rod Graves. A passing thought - while we have Virginia at the helm, the 49ers have Eddie DeBartolo's sister Denise. Remember her? The one who grabbed the franchise from her brother while he was in serious legal trouble, sitting in the can. Don't the McCaskeys have even a drop of GSH's blood in them?

Flash! McKenzie just fired Hue Jackson. Western Roll, congratulations.

Thanks. (though it was widely predicted.)

I think reporters often make the assumption that Decosta would get the job after Ozzie retired not really thinking about what they are saying. I think what they are thinking is that DeCosta will get the job when Ozzie moves up which may be next year. Dick Cass is president of the ravens and is going to be 66, and Ozzie is next in line for that job, so Ozzie moves up and DeCosta moves in as GM, he would be the GM because that is Ozzie's guy and Baltimore's guy.

DeCosta was never going anywhere, people want him but he has stayed and is paid like a GM already. You know you are running a solid organization when you are developing staff that several teams in the nfl wants and make job offers too. You know your really doing it right when they turn down those offers because they love working there.

As for the Bears, there a couple questions to ask. If they are so confident in Tice why does he need a passing coordinator to develop a passing attack for him? Remember whne Lovie hired Martz what he said about Martz and Tice? It was something along the lines of one guy can develop and plan are running attack and one can do the same for are passing game. Can we just get a normal OC, and a head coach that does not need what is really 2 OC's to develop half a game plan. Another question is why wasn;t Ruskell fired with Angelo? Think about it, Angelo brought in his good buddy, Angelo gets fired and his friend is still here as if he did anything to warrent being here and now he is in line for the GM job and my guess is Lovie is giving him the push because Lovie wants a puppet. but it makes little sense to fire one and keep the other, like a new GM wouldn;t bring in his own staff. They launched Bobby DePaul didn't they, even though he was the best guy in the front office, they launched him. But Ruskell is still here? Does that make sense? It only makes sense if you plan on keeping him, I mean what if the Bears are like well we would like you to be are GM but Ruskell has stay stay and Lovie has more power than you.

Granted if you want to get rid of Smith this is the way to do it, let him run the whole show. He didn't have time to be a DC he thinks he is going to have time to be a head coach and a GM? Good luck with that, George could be giving him enough rope to hang himself. One thing that has come across with the McCaskey's over the recent years is the fact that they seem to distance themselves from everything involving the team. At least they do that in fromt of a camera, but the truth is after what went down with Mike they may just be avoiding the spotlight altogether and running things behind the scenes. The image they want to project to the fans is they have little to do with anything so please don't hate us. Or at they are trying to not give us anything to work with. They don'e anyone to know if they make a mistake or even do anything good. They felt the fans anger before and have looked really bad on camera before. They don;t want fans thinking they are running the show, cause then as fans we can follow the trail back to them and they get blamed for mistakes. Instead they are hiding and trying to run things while trying to look like they are doing nothing. But a lot of these moves don't smell like Angelo, or Smith, or even Phillips, they wreak of McCaskey. If you look up McCaskey in the dictionary you will find "creature often confused, deer in headlights, stupid is as stupid does, half assed, uncertain or unsure, sloth like in response.

The fire Angelo but keep his BFF who is equally as bad at drafting, and loves to give large contracts to bad players and trade away draft picks for bad players. Remember Peter Warrick? Oh look a first round draft bust who has been cut lets bring him into the Seahawks and make him a starter. Sound like anyone you know? How about T.J. Whosyourmomma, 40 mil for that guy and lasted one season in Seattle. The Ravens paid him 855 grand a year later. I don't know who hired Mora but I would assume it was Ruskell. How many draft picks did Ruskell trade away and how often did he trade down? Chris Spencer, they took Chris Spencer over Aaron Rodgers even though they were looking for a QB, in round 3 he drafted some nobody QB, they had the pick right before Rodgers got drafted but traded down, they also wanted a reciever and Roddy White was on the board but he picked Chris Spencer over him? Are you kidding me? Like Angelo recievers are bad, bad. I mean Logan Mankins who a higher rated interior linmen was on the board and they took Spencer.

Looking at his draft none of his players really stand out, and his drafting was mediocre at best, he had a few solid players but nothing special and in general his drafts were pretty weak. If you want to catch up to the Packers you have to out draft the Packers which means your going to need to be pretty damn good at drafting something Ruskell is not. Sure like Angelo he can take cap money and go spend it on big name players. But he is worse at that than Angelo.

Now 2009 Holmgren was not in Seattle, so how did that draft go. He drafted Aaron Curry in the 1st round at number 4. 2 positions you don't draft that high in nfl are LB and RB, we will call Curry, Ruskell's, Benson. Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher didn't go that damn high. It's one of the easiest positions to find in the draft along with RB, nobody needs a damn LB that bad I don't care what his 40 time was he had enough red flags to stay away from that high. He traded down in round two(what a shock) and drafted Max Unger, his second center in 4 years so he blew a 1st and second round pick to find a center and didn't find one. He aslo drafted Rob Sims to replace Steve Hutchinson, who he was unable to sign and had to swallow the poison pill on. So 3 draft picks on interior linemen and I believe all three were in the top three rounds including a number 1. But skipped on Alex Mack, Logan Mankins, and several other very good interior linmen. Which reminds me he never found a decent tackle, or drafted a decent reciever. But much like Angelo, he was always shopping for DT's and DE's. But some people think he is not much like Angelo, I got news for you they are friggin clones. But he took Max Unger over the higher rated Andy Levitre in that round. Oh and the trade he made was with the Bears, what a shock.

In round three they traded up for Deon Butler and boy did they pay for it, and what did they get, an undersized 5'10 168 pound reciever with 4.35 speed. He started out his college career as a corner. Wait a small corner converted to reciever. Hell's yeah that an Angelo special, oh wait I mean a Ruskell special, oh wait I mean what's the difference. Here is the Butler scouting report "Short, lean receiver who is knocked off his routes by larger corners. Will struggle to get off the jam. Makes the effort blocking on the outside but lacks the strength to sustain. Questionable value as a deep threat against man coverage; will be best in the slot." Something tells me this is written in the Angelo/Ruskell draft guide book. It reads what to look for in a reciever. They could have traded up a bit more for Mike Wallace but oh no, to big, to strong, to fast.

You want scary? Jerry Angelo out drafted this clown.

If the Bears could act like a pro organization for just one year, pigs will be flying, the horn of dawn will sound, Kevin Armstead will be right about something, me Brando will hug it out, and talking Apes will rule the world.

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