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A chat with North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins

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MOBILE, Ala. -- If performance were all that mattered, cornerback Janoris Jenkins would be a first-round pick.

But three off-the-field incidents (two related to marijuana possession and one for fighting and resisting arrest) led to his dismissal from Florida and could hurt his draft positioning in April.

To his credit, Jenkins, who played last season at North Alabama, didn't hide from his issues at the Senior Bowl. Here's my interview with him.

Q: What are you trying to convey to the NFL coaches and scouts?
A: I'm just trying to come across that I'm a good kid. I made a few mistakes, and I learned from them. And I'm looking to move forward and showcase my talent.

Q: Is your on-field play more important than your interviews?
A: I mean both. I want to prove to them that I'm not a bad kid, and I made a few mistakes down the road. And I learned from them, and I'm looking forward to moving on.

Q: Do you think you'll still be selected in the first round?
A: I made the mistake, and I got to take the blame for it. Whoever gets me, I'll be glad to go. And they'll get all I have.

Q: What did you do to change, after your off the field issues?
A: I went to Division II. Separated myself from the people I used to hang with. I took a year to myself. Giving back to the kids. I went from Division 1 to Division 2. It was a big difference. I had to just fit in around the environment. 95,000 to 3,500 [fans at games] a week is a big difference.

Q: What kind of defensive scheme do you think you fit in?
A: I can play in any scheme. Zone coverage, to man. I'm just looking to find a home.

Q: How have you felt so far here?
A: I had to get used to what they were coaching. Then I had a feel for it better today.

Q: Who is your agent?
I picked Ben Dogra.

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Janoris Jenkins would be a great addition to Chicago's secondary, but the off the field stuff. I realize kids will be kids, but Jenkins got involved in some serious stuff to get thrown out of Florida. Fair or not fair, your taking a chance drafting him and then saying, here, welcome to the city of Chicago. now stay out of trouble. I'd shy away from him, just an opinion.

Chicago does need some young blood in their secondary, especially at corner. There will be some nice prospects in the 2nd-3rd round. I like Iowa States Leonard Johnson, who will be a nice fit in the cover-2. Johnson isn't tall, only 5-10, but has still proved to be effective vs taller receivers, he held Oklahoma States Justin Blackmon under 100 yards. The scouting report on Johnson says he locks up larger receivers off the line in press and has the speed to stay with them down the sideline, this will be key going against a player like Calvin Johnson. Leonard Johnson also has a good vertical. Johnson is also good vs the run and a great kickoff returnman. Chase Minnifield of Virginia is another corner prospect Chicago should look at, nice size at 6-0, and is good vs the run and the pass. Minnifield has been a first team choice the last couple seasons, he's worth a look GO BEARS!!

He's a really good cover guy, who's a ball hawk AND hits like a truck; we really could have used him last season at UF, but Coach Muschamp HAD to clear out all the "5-star headcases" and prima donnas we'd been saddled with before he came here, talented but selfish fools who were dragging the team down, and Janoris was one of those who REPEATEDLY screwed up, in similar fashion again and again even after being warned that it wouldn't, couldn't be tolerated.
Has he grown up, truly "learned his lesson" and is ready to compete at that level? It's not a matter of skills--but EVERYONE being touted for early-round drafting has "skills": it's the rest, the "total package" that'll make the difference between success and at best mediocrity.

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