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A chat with Marshall DE Vinny Curry

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In his last two seasons at Marshall, defensive end Vinny Curry racked up 23 sacks.

But, he isn't a one-dimensional player, also making a lot of tackles.

He's 6 foot 4, 263 pounds, and he looks like the sort of player who could fit in any scheme.

Here's a conversation with Curry:

Q: How has this experience been so far?
A: I'm just trying to soak up as much as I can up. Everyone out here is good, so I'm just trying to get better. It feels good just to be out here, among the nation's best.

Q: Where are you going to train before the Combine and what will be your focus?
A: I'm going to train at CES Sports, in Atlanta. My focus is to be a top performer, in all categories, at my position. And just to work hard. Just solidify myself as a solid draft pick.

Q: Does this experience in Mobile make you believe you're ready for the next step in your career?
A: Everything feels good. It gives you a lot of confidence.

Q: What have you thought about the experience of working with NFL coaches?
A: I love it. I love getting coached, and I like learning new things. I'm just very excited.

Q: And in interviews, what do you highlight about yourself?
A: I'm a guy who loves the game. A guy who plays with phenomenal passion, and a guy who makes plays.

Q: Projections have you as a first- to third-round pick. What's your mindset?
A: My goal is just to be one of the top d-ends taken in the draft.

Q: Did you graduate from Marshall?
A: I graduated this past December. General studies. I had two minor degrees in criminal justice and sociology.

Q: So you're obviously ready, if the NFL thing doesn't work out?
A: If the NFL thing doesn't work, I'm going to try and be a wrestler.

Q: You've been very productive, both in terms of sacks and tackles. Why is that?
A: Teams schemed for me, so I tried to elevate my game with seven forced fumbles. I'm just a hard worker, and I play with as much passion as I can. I love playing at Marshall. I love being a part of the Herd. I wanted to bring them a conference championship. But at least we brought them a bowl championship.

Q: Who is your agent?
A: Kevin Conner at Universal Sports.

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Saw him in his bowl game. Didn't dominate like I would want, but showed good quickness, good strength, and very good tenacity. Left me with an overall feeling of disappointment, but then, at Senior Bowl practice, I saw him run right by Mike Adams of Ohio State, who I like a lot except for the scandal. He has some potential.

Looks like a 3/4 4/3 tweener to me, needs to develop his upper body, he is a little soft there. Good lower body, he's fast uses his hands well, really high motor. He doesn't bend really well and he needs to get in an nfl weight room. He reminds me a little of a young Trent Cole in terms of body type.

Marshall has given the nfl some pretty good offensive players, but I can't think of a single defensive standout. But you never know.

Any chance you interview some offensive linmen Sean? Like future Bear John Martin out of Stanford. What? It could happen.

I hear Lovie is not down there, but is Tice or Rod or any of the other coaching staff down there coaching the kids.

Just a heads up it has been reported that Emery has already gotten the job and is already telling people the Bears have hired him.

I like the fact Curry made a lot of tackles, and the 23 sacks isn't bad either. I do look for the Bears to take a defensive end at some point during the draft. Julius Peppers will be an 11 year vet, and Idonije will be a 10 year vet. They're not young, but both still have a couple seasons left in the tank. Maybe someone in the 4th-7th to develop wouldn't be a bad idea.

But lets not kid ourselves, we all know receiver is need #1. With Mike Martz gone, and Tice in, Chicago can look at more types of receivers other than the pure speed guys Martz liked. Chicago needs a biger receiver to man the split end position. You got an obvious choice in Notre Dame's Michael Floyd. Myself, I'm not a big Michael Floyd fan, to much off the field stuff and an injury history, especially for a new GM to chance. The receiver I like coming out is Ruters Mohamed Sanu, who is coming out a year early, I don't think thats a big deal because he's played in 37 of 38 games. Sanu can play inside in the slot, and has the size 6-2 to play split end. He's got great hands being the Big East's record holder with 210 grabs. Scouts like Sanu's ability to get off the jam with his good upper body strength and good hand placement, this is key, especially going against a secondary like Green Bay's twice a season, Sanu is also a good blocker. He's #1 on my wish list GO BEARS!!

Creighton, you got the right school, just the wrong lineman. I'm not 100% sold on Jonathan Martin, he may not have the foot speed to be an NFL left tackle, and he only has average upper body strength which wouldn't bold well in Tice's power run game. The player out of Stanford Chicago needs is guard David DeCastro, the 6-5 312lb guard is a powerful blocker who doesn't get beat very often, and probably the best guard prospect coming out. I doubt he fall to #19 for the Bears, but if he were to fall, they'd have to take him GO BEARS!!

Why do you think Lovie isn't down there?

Vinny Curry wow this kid is a great explosive player and also hard to be contained . I wonder if everyone out there in the NFL looked at all his games this year and looked at how he was doubled team all year and looked at the stats he put up. Also this kids stats in the past two season are better than the so called better d ends so please look that up... VINNY CURRY is a first round pick so make sure u keep ur eye on him....

Well I do like David DeCastro Kevin and I have mentioned him as the Bears first round pick, however there is one small problem Kevin. It's the Senior Bowl DeCastro is a Jr. I would have asked him to talk to Konz to but you know what? He's junior too. See where I am going with this? Juniors, Senior Bowl, Juniors, Senior Bowl.

Kevin why would you take DeCastro? I know why I would take him, but according to you Chris Williams is a total Beast at Guard and Lance Louis is a total Animal at guard. If the Bears are loaded at guard like you have told me for so long, why would they need DeCastro? Don't get mad you walked yourself into it Kevin.

DeCastro could drop Konz will be there. It's a good year to improve the interior of the Bears line, it will be a lot harder to improve at Tackle, left Tackle. However If the Saints have to franchise Brees, then they can't Franchise Nicks who is the best guard in Football and only 25. Even if they do get Brees signed then they have to decide on who to sign or franchise next, Colston or Nicks? Bears got a shot at one of them.

As for DeCastro who is going to take him in the first round before the Bears. Maybe the Cards but they have much bigger concerns, Miami is not going interior early again, Philly won't do it, Skins won't take him at number 6 it's to high, you can just skip the top 10 basically nobody is taking a guard that high. Chiefs need help at tackle not guard and they need a center. Seattle signed Gallery and drafted Moffit last year, Cards need help all over the line they may take him, but if they don't, Cowboys won't do it it's not a Jones move, Reed won't either, Jets need a RT not a guard, Bungles are an enigma they could do it too Bob Williams is at the end of his career but they have a ton of other needs, Chargers are probably losing both of their receivers and their line is not bad when healthy. Then the Bears.

If you want another tackles name who is at the senior bowl try Mike Adams from Ohio State. I think Adams may go before DeCastro, 4 tackles in the top 15-16.

Remember a couple of things with the draft Kevin. In the first round teams draft value first and the teams in the top 20 all suck except maybe the Bears and the Eagles. Those other teams have more pressing needs than guard and guard does not hold great value. Martin is a better pass blocker than Decastro and could easily play inside cause he is a steam roller. But can Decastro play tackle? Probably not, at least not at an elite level and at most he is a RT. At his worst Martin is a RT that can easily play guard.

2 QB's are going high, someone will probably reach for a third as for teams are desperate for QB help, You going to see 4 tackles go in the top 16, Corner maybe 3-4 guys, WR 3-4 guys, DE/LB 4-5 guys. Don't kid yourself DeCastro could drop. Would the Bears take him? I don't know. Your not really going ot have a GM, your going to have a guy who is charge of College talent and a guy in charge of Pro Player. Lovie and Ted are the bosses now. Ted is lost and Lovie loves his defense. Barron, Ingram, Fletcher Cox, and Alfonzo Dennard are probably going to be there. If Lovie is not sold on a WR you will not see one drafted. They probably go after one guy in FA to fill that void although they need at least 2. The good news is Lovie want's a power run game that gives DeCastro a shot, Konz as well, Martin will be long gone. You can throw Barrett Jones in the mix for top 20 as well. The Bears will ahve some good choices in the first round to help the O-Line, I don't think they are in a good spot for a reciever, but a DB may be the pick. It's hard to tell, Lovie always over values his players and he is going to have a lot of say.

Steve Hutchinson went 17th so the Bears are in the right area for the an elite interior lineman. But chaos is currently running the draft for the Bears so who knows.

One thing I have read is that the Bears have taken a liking to Devier Posey, Lovie may consider drafting him in the late third as fixing the reciever problem. Which would be very Lovie, but it also tells me at what level they could be considering recievers in the draft, which leads me to believe they are going after a big name FA reciever. Bowe, Colston, Jackson. My money is on Colston, Bowe will not get out of KC.

I love Mike Adams, but doesn't it bother you that he sold team memorabilia for a few bucks? None of the greats ever did anything like that. Ever heard that a player from "The U." did it? I'm not being a moralist.Or didn't he? Why was he suspended? There's a flaw there. Yup, love Carl Nicks, as I've said many times on this blog. Get him to neutralize Suh, which he can do. Colston would be nice, especially for Cutler, who won't win any target practices - ever.

No none of the greats ever got caught. We don't who or what anyone really has done unless they get caught. I don;t think it is that big of a deal, if it had been selling drugs, then I would have a problem. Remember Ohio state new these kids were selling things, heck Ohio state was the one giving them the memorabilia.

Lets be honest college football is a cesspool, most of these kids get money, cars, stuff for their families, you name it. Some school giving a kid memorabilia to trade for kicks, tats, and food does not bug me at all. I thought it was funny what happened to Ohio state, and really the staff was more to blame than the kids, they basically told them it was okay to do and had been common practice for awhile there.

About Jay though, I'll tell you right now if you put him in a heads up throwing competition with any QB in the nfl, Jay probably wins it. Jay's problem is not accuracy and never has been, that guy can make more throws than Drew Brees. Jay get's into trouble because he is a risk taker, and he has curned a lot of that the last two years, that's why his INt is down, give him the GB offense, you won't see much difference between him and Rodgers. Rodgers had the advantage of being in the same offense his whole career, sitting a couple years to fix his footwork, and having a much better team around him. Did Brady look good in his last game? Did Rodgers? You put most of these guys under heavy pressure and they don;t look very good. Jay trusts his arm to much and tries to force throws, just like Brady did and that caused two picks in his last game.

You want to know how Alex Smith improved? Simple they 49ers were primarly a rushing team, when Smith was asked to throw the ball 90% of the time they were completion sjort passes much the way Orton did in Denver. The Martz offense is the opposite of that, it asks you to complete a lot of deep passes which are low completion passes, factor in a horrid offensive line and the worst recievers in the NFL, the fact that Cutler looked pretty good and managed to lower his int's the last two years is almost a damn miracle. Watch Jay when he does have protection, he's pretty damn good, and watch him when they role him out, cause he is pretty sick. Tell you waht go watch that first detroit game. The boy was pressured 25 times on 38 attempts, hit all night long, kicked in throat, and put behind the 8 ball all night because of 9 penalties on the offense. Jay had them leading at the Half he was 28/38 for 249 yards and a TD. Completed 73 percent of his passes and had a QB rating of 100. He did that while getting his face kicked in. He does this more than you think, with no audibles, no line, no recievers, no TE, and a crazy man calling plays. my own opinion is Jay is pretty good, Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers, Manning again, would all struggle in this offense.

Remember Eli Manning has been in the league sense 2004 he didn't crack a passer rating of 80 till his fifth season. Looks pretty good though here in year 8, sometimes you just need the right people around and coaching you. He's had Turner and Martz and now they throw Tice at him, no offense to Mike, he just doesn;t have a lot of play calling experience and his offense never looked very good in Min without Moss and using a crappy line. They need some talent and they need now, Jay will be fine, but being a QB has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time. To bad Jays in Chicago the offense has never been in the right place at anytime under his current head coach. We are just gonna have to hope things get better until they get better, I would hate to see the Bears waste Cutler and so far that is what they have done.

Creighton, its no secret I'm a big Chris Williams fan, and when he was healthy his play was solid at left guard. But to answer your question to why I would draft David DeCastro even though Chicago already has Williams and Louis. Because you go into the draft to improve, and DeCastro would give the Bears the power left guard they've lacked for years. And I have to be realistic, Chris Williams is a finesse type of blocker, he probably doesn't fit into the whole power run blocking scheme that Tice wants to run. Maybe? We'll see? Maybe your right, DeCastro may fall? If so, Chicago has to take him. Especially if they go the free agent route for a receiver. As far as Carl Nicks, he'd be the best free agent signing since Julius Peppers, its gonna be on the new GM, I doubt we'll really know till a new GM is hired.

The line, offense and defense, is the main reason I want Chicago to hire New Englands Jason Licht. I believe Licht is the best guy Chicago could bring in to shore up their lines, defense and offense. Licht, a former lineman himself know's his linemen. Back in 2001 when Licht was a national scout for New England, they drafted offensive lineman Matt Light, and defensive lineman Richard Seymour, both these guys went on to be very good linemen. You can give most the credit to Licht, these were his guys that he brought into New England as one of their head scouts. Maybe a guy like Licht will see what kind of talent a player like DeCastro is and what he could mean to Chicago's interior, and draft him in the first? The word is Licht wants to blow up Chicago's scouting department, this may be why Chicago goes with Phil Emery? I say Licht, should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Creighton, I hope you are wrong about Emery. The more I read about him the less I like him. Detail-focussed people are okay but seldom brilliant or intuitive. Licht seems to me a guy who could utilize flashes of inspiration to pick winners in the draft. I would expect a few busts from him but more importantly some instant solid contributers.

Well here is the problem with Chris Williams Kevin. As guard he is a bad run blocker, as a pass protector he is below average. You can be an average pass protector at guard, you can;t be a bad run blocker and we already know he can't block as a tackle. There is a reason Tice was looking at him at center and it's not because he was playing guard well. Edwin Williams played better than him.

I don't think you have to worry about anyone replacing a player on the Bears line. Just read Tice's latest interview and the only position they want to upgrade is LT and that's only if an elite tackle fell to them. He refered to Webb as adequate as long as he has help and you move Cutler away from him. I can't really say that's a good thing. He refered to Webb as a good run blocker, which is a lie, he isn't he is a good screen blocker. But what shocked me is how he grades his line. He said Webb recieved a positive grade for consistency, now that can be anywhere from zero to lets say 100 on a sliding scale. But he recieved a negative grade for critical errors. As critical errors go the Bears were among the leaders in the nfl on the offensive line and Webb was one of the worst 3 offenders. Here is my question how can seperate critical errors from consistancy, and stil lcall it being consistant? Basically your saying when he wasn't making giant mistakes he was being consistant. So to get a consistant grade you don;t count the mistakes? How can you call that being consistant? Your talking about 60+ critical errors on Webb alone, sacks, hits, penalties, and pressures. Your talking about close to 4 critical errors a game. How is that consistant. Look I know Tice isn't going to say anything bad about his line because it reflects on him, but what kind of crazy grading scale is that. Well he is adequate when he isn't making mistakes. He is your left tackle, I don't care if he is good at screen blocking or pulling his primary job is pass protection and he is horrible at it. But unless Orlando Pace, Joe Thomas, or Jon Ogden fall to us we don;t need to fix it? You could upgrade every position on that line and nobody would blink an eye.

The Chicago Bears finished dead last in the NY Protection Index again. And no offense to Carimi but a rookie who is not a great pass blocker is not going to make a huge difference there. How ever in terms of grades at the pace he was going he still would have been the Bears best pass protector and 2nd best run blocker behind Spencer. You got Louis who was benched at RG and I know they say he was injured but they always say that about guys they bench. They never actually said how he was hurt. Then they got desperate and tried him at RT and OMG was he bad. Finished with the lowest grade on the line. This also points to the fact that they don;t have depth at tackle. Although Tice seems to feel Omiyale and Louis are good depth at tackle. Is he insane? He benched both of them and false start Frank may be the worst tackle in football, followed closly by Louis and Webb. But they only want to take an elite tackle if he falls to them. We are about as adequate on the offensive line as we are at Wide Reciever.

Please for the love of god hire a GM who has a clue. But Lovie basically has all the power and, ahhhh god the Bears are screwed. If I see some lame defensive player 3 year project taken in the first round this year I am gonna lose it. I don't think they have a shot at a top 3 reciever, but at some point you are gonna have the choice of Peter Konz, David DeCastro, Mike Adams, and maybe Barrett Jones. And you got no excuse not to take any one of them and I don't think they will pull the trigger.

Now the GM does not matter Kevin, it's Lovie's team now. Now I don;t think they let him pick evey single person he wants, but if he says I need defense, they are going to get him defense. I know Lovie wants a WR at least I hope he does, but nobody is gonna force that issue in the draft unless a guy is there they love. They are not gonna reach for a reciever. Probably that happens in FA. It's not that the defense doesn;t need help either, but it's not close to the help the offense needs.

Paul here is how I see the GM search, the guy that got the most press was Ruskell. I also watched guys in the media give Ruskell a push. Now those Media that suddenly became Ruskell fans, I believe were being told something buy Bears PR. The Bears tested the waters to see if they could get Ruskell i nwithout major backlash. You will notice how the fans felt about that and Ruskell's name suddenly vanished. Then Emery suddenly became the hot name the media got all chatty patty. I listen to guys like hub and he talks about all the GM candidates and quotes his sources and says none of these guys really impress anyone. Then I listen to the Chicago media suddenly burst out talking about how great this guy is, then after he is gone this next guy is great. Well these guys have all been around for a long time and none of them has ever been the hot topic of any GM search I ever heard of.

Licht was a bit of a hot topic awhile back but someting happened in Philly and he wasn't in Philly anymore. Don't know what happened though, nobody seems to know. Heard Hub talk about it and he said nobody seems to know or talk about it. When he asked about it he couldn't get an answer.

Who knows maybe they get lucky with one of these guys. But that's all I would relly chalk it up as. The whole thing is just curious, I heard the second interview with Licht lasted the entire day.

Thanks for your feedback. All of it provokes thought, especially, for me, your remarks about Mike Adams, memorabilia, Ohio State. etc. I guess it was really a mere peccadillo. I'm glad, because, as I said, I like the guy - very talented and tough. He and Carimi would look like real Bears out there. And I totally agree with you that no QB in the league could have done any better than Jay with Martz and that supporting cast. Angelo gave Jay no line or receivers! I still have some problems with his accuracy, though it has improved greatly since he first came over and no longer had Brandon Marshall to field his "bad" throws, like a good first baseman, like a Mark Grace. People marvel at the accuracy of Rodgers (think of all those intentional back shoulder completions), while Brees and now Eli draw similar reviews.

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