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A chat with Iowa WR Marvin McNutt

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Marvin McNutt has turned some heads with plays so far at the Senior Bowl. He's 6 foot 2, 216 pounds, and starred at the University of Iowa. Originally from St. Louis, McNutt visited with the Bears -- among many other teams -- here in Mobile.

Q: What has this experience been like for you?
A: It's crazy. It's one of those things, where you're another step closer to your goals. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Q: When you visit with scouts and coaches, what are you highlighting about yourself?
A: I can play any position, I'm smart and I know the game. I will do anything they ask.

Q: What do you hope to run at the NFL Combine?
A: I'm hoping to run a 4.4. That's what I'm trying to get. I want to be a big guy who can run.

Q: What was the highlight of your career at Iowa?
A: Just being able to play with the guys that I played with, and the coaches. Just being in that Hawkeye environment.

Q: What was your experience like with Kirk Ferentz?
A: I loved playing for him.

Q: Who did you pick as your agent?
A: Adisa Bakari (who also represents Bears running back Matt Forte)

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Alfonzo Dennard shut him down, and that's an area for concern. But the Iowa passing attack also wasn't very good, not his fault just a weak overall system.

You seen Dwight Jones at all out of North Carolina?

Alonzo Dennard shut down Alshon Jeffery, too, but only for a while. Then, Jeffery kicked it up and just flat out stole the ball for scores against the short Dennard. Unless McNutt could do the same, why would we want him? Don't get me wrong, I like McNutt. When I first saw him he looked like the traditional sleeper to me. I've seen him maybe twice, and both times liked him, but we need a #1, and McNutt would only be another #3 or #4, and our history of those is way too long. Dwight Jones you ask? Nope. He ain't no Hakeem Nicks, another Tar Heel. He is just another guy who looks good on paper - great height and speed, an all-star prep basketball player in North Carolina. To get a #1 at WR you have to be willing to accept the baggage, Michael Floyd is an example. Here's a guy who has had alcohol issues, and now declined to play in the Senior Bowl, another red flag. Yet, yet he has that star swagger, Kendall Wright out of Baylor has no issues but height, at only 5-10. But man he can play. I ,too, would rather have the height what with Cutler being as inaccurate as he is, but the guy still has to have that attitude, and Kendall's got it. Jeffery gets hideously out of shape during the off-season (so do I, and year-round but I'm not a football player.), but he's got some #1 qualities. In short, I like MxcNutt, don't like Jones, and neither is what we are looking for , a true #1. If necessary go after Vincent Jackson or Dwayne Bowe and pay them what they want.

For one, Mcnutts QB was off like crazy against Nebraska. 2, Dennard is NOTORIOUS for holding, and being overly physical at times, something he got away with in college but will not get along with in the NFL. There is a reason Dennard is having such a hard time right now. McNutt is better than people think he is, he had a great season this year.

You can only catch a pass IF it's thrown at/to you. When it counted, Alshon made a spectacular(Jump-ball) catch. Unfortunately HE allowed himself to get embroiled in a swinging match with the CB. Not good in the NFL(every play someone could be in you face) I give him a minus for that

With the combine coming up Alshon would have to be out-of-his-damm-mind to allow himself to get out of shape.

Floyd would be OFF my radar. The Bears cannot afford to strike out with a guy who has OBVIOUS red flags pre-draft, pre- Senior Bowl.

This WR they get has tp be ready to step-in IMMEDIATELY!

1- last thing. I'm sounding the alarm about Vincent Jackson as well. The guys a mope.
He's Bernard Berrian 2.0.

He has problems running routes like Knox. Will go missing in games, has had to be chewed-out by Rivers DURING games and playing in Chgo's weather might be a problem for him as well.

AGAIN- This WR the Bears choose has to be ready to play. They cannot afford to swing and miss, have some guy who needs rehab or get a Fee Agent Wr who gets the dough and tries to coast.

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