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Zack Bowman has rough first start of the season

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GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Bears cornerback Zack Bowman got his first start of the season.

But he probably isn't going to want remember much from the game.

He was beaten on three of the Green Bay Packers' five touchdown passes, including two to James Jones.

"Asked if he felt like he was picked on, Bowman said, "I mean, not really because they were dialing up plays.

"They know us and we know them," he said. "They obviously executed tonight. It's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes."

Bowman acknowledged that there were "some tough plays."

"But just because they're tough, and I was in position, I just have to find a way to make a play on the ball and get it out," he said.

The comment wasn't convincing.

Jordy Nelson scored a two-yard touchdown against him, and Jones scored from seven and two yards out. But one of his toughest plays was late in the third quarter, when he was flagged for pass interference on Nelson. Still, Nelson made the 25-yard catch.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers finished the game 21 of 29 for 283 yards with five touchdowns and no interceptions.

"They have a great defense. They're very well coached. I have a lot of respect for coach [Lovie] Smith and coach [Rod] Marinelli and the job they've done," Rodgers said. "I've played them nine times as a starter, and it's always a difficult game and the mental chess match that goes on between Brian [Urlacher] and myself."

Urlacher gave Rodgers his props.

"I said it last year, too," Urlacher said, when asked if Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL. "He knows where to go with the football. He doesn't make mistakes. He runs well. They said they were banged up, up front. But I don't know how many sacks we had."

That would be none of Rodgers and only one of backup Matt Flynn.

As cornerback Charles Tillman said, the Bears defense didn't play winning football.

"Defensively, we had our struggles," he said. "We didn't play good, and when you play like that on defense, you deserve to lose."

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Bowman looked pathetic. Certainly Rodgers' throws were accurate and hard to defend against, but the entire Bear secondary and linebackers looked out clased on far too many plays. In addition, the bear defense allowed Rodgers far too much time to wait, find receivers or decide to run for good yardage. The offense scored enpogh to win, but not with the Bear defense last night.

No the offense did not score enough to win, they needed over 35 points to win that game. Not to mention the Packers pulled a lot of there starters, with 6-7 minutes left in the game, the Bears put up 11 points late against scrubs who were playing a soft defense because that game was over way before the bell rang. Don't even think it makes a difference the Bears have beaten the Packers once in three years. The Packers handled the Bears easy in the first game as well and once again they called off the dogs late and sat on there lead.

Oh and thats back to back pathetic performances by the defense. Oh and once again they got beat deep. A 55 yard pass with Nelson jogging into the end zone.

" Rodgers said. "I've played them nine times as a starter, and it's always a difficult game and the mental chess match that goes on between Brian [Urlacher] and myself."

Yes so difficult for Rodgers, those 5 TD passes really scream tough game for the QB. Chess match? Chess match? Thats like Bobby Fischer vs. Meat Wad from the Aqua Teens. The Packers are 6-1 over the last three years against the Bears.

Oh and Lovie Smith, great job on benching Jennings for this ### clown. You know your players so well. Been to the playoffs once in 5 years. Isn't that the exact same amount of times Juaron made the playoffs over 5 years? In fact in those 4 losing seasons they have not made it out of the last 5, Lovie has a worse record than Wannstedt did in his first 4 seasons. So basically the Great Lovie and Angelo have given you 1 good season in 5 years. But Lovie has his great record he is 70 and 57, that's like, wait, that's under 9 wins a season.

Hey, Creighton, show a little holiday spirit. Smile, drink some eggnog, and sing the "wait 'til next year' song. I totally agree on the Jennings comment.However, too much of the rest, though understandably upset and bitter, is diatribe and venting. The Bear defense has been pretty consistently overrated all year.

P. S. I have faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm an Indiana University basketball fan and have suffered along with my alma mater lo these many years until now the former Marquette coach has set things right and managed to beat the number one ranked team.I do noot think they will win the NCAA national championship, but they will make some waves in the BigTen ( Eleven? Twelve? ), and be competitive with any team.Perhaps that happy state of affairs lessened the Bears' debacle of a season. Now if the Cubs....

I don't sing and I don't dance for anyone Paul. Except for Becky, but that's totally different.

Nothing I said outside of the Jennings comment was "diatribe." The fact is those are the numbers for Lovie and Angelo. I always put Lovie and Angelo together because of how they work together, to many people blame Angelo for things Lovie did and vice versa. I don't blame Angelo for Martz he never wanted him that was all Lovie, I don't blame Angelo for clock managment or poor in game adjustments either. I don't blame him for all the draft picks because Lovie has his say in a lot of those. Did you blame Angelo when Lovie let Mike Martz call 7 step after 7 step in the Giants game? You know when the offense is getting killed which has been more often than not, have you ever seen Lovie do anything about it in game? He is the Head coach right? That's his job right? Who benched Jennings for Bowman? And hasn't Lovie benched Bowman twice already, he knew what he was, so what the hell was he thinking?

We all know Angelo sucks at drafting, that's clear.

But I will not give one guy a pass while another guy acts like he has never done anything wrong. How good is Lovie without Peppers and Urlacher? He and Rod didn't develop these guys? And we know how bad the offense is without Cutler.

You know may people including myself said not to hire Martz, that not only was he a little crazy but I clearly stated the Bears did not have the personel for his offense, this was before he was hired. How come Lovie didn't know this? Even Angelo knew this, I will give Jerry his props on that, he didn't want Martz.

But I will hammer Jerry and Lovie for not doing anything about Martz sooner, Angelo should have been in Lovie's face after that Giants game telling him to get his OC in line, but that didn't happen till after Seattle and this year Jay had to basically call Martz out.

What kind of organization is this, Lovie hires his frineds and then does not stop them or take responability when they suck, Bob Babich anyone? Have we forgotten about that already? Now he does the same thing with Martz. And Lovie gets away with it and Jerry does nothing to stop him. Sure Martz is probably gone but that's two wasted years for Cutler being coached by the wrong guy.

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