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Urlacher, Briggs unfazed by Tebow challenge

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Brian Urlacher and the Bears have an intriguing solution to the challenge of defending Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos' option-oriented offense Sunday in Denver: football.

''We just have to be gap-sound and run to the football and we should be OK,'' Urlacher said. ''We have rules for every offense that we play that stay true all season. Carolina ran a similar offense, every once in a while they'd run some option, so it's not a lot of adjusting for us.''

Neither Urlacher nor Lance Briggs seemed fazed by the prospect of facing the seemingly unique dimension that Tebow brings to the Broncos offense.

''You have to be disciplined, but we have the guys that can do that,'' Briggs said. ''It's not rocket science.''

The Bears have some experience at stopping quarterbacks who can run. They've done pretty well against Michael Vick over the years. That should give them confidence, right?

''Yeah, but he's not Michael Vick,'' Urlacher said. ''We're an athletic defense. And plus that's when Jay was playing [when the Bears beat Vick and the Eagles]. We weren't quite on the field that much because our offense was doing really well.

''But we're an athletic defense, we've got a pretty good front seven, eight how many guys play up there. So we run to the football, hopefully we get takeaways like we haven't done the last couple of weeks. Just run to the football and do what we do.''

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This goes for everyone... in and outside of sports.

“For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.”
– 2 Chronicles 16:9

It is time to HONOR GOD!

No more wearing sportswear named after a demon – the pagan goddess Nike. God’s Word says that we are not to even mention that name! How can we dishonor God by wearing it???

Be completely God’s and His alone… and He will bless you.

Wow... You're outrage demonstrates a severe lack of spiritual maturity. I have been an Apostolic Christian my entire life and have learned that doing things like this accomplish nothing. If someone is interested in your message, than share it. NOBODY cares about what you just said - not even someone who is very dedicated like myself. I - AS WELL AS EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS READING THIS ARTICLE - am reading this article because I'm interested in the Bears/Broncos game. I DON'T CARE ABOUT your preaching. I'll be in church on Sunday for that.

BACK TO THE BEARS/BRONCOS - I feel that the Broncos are bringing a very unique and evolving offense to the field. I do feel that the Broncos will walk away with a win this Sunday. The Broncos' coaching staff is "releasing the hounds" earlier and earlier as they are gaining confidence in Tim Tebow.
While the Bears' defense is good. The turnover ratios are EXTREMELY in Denver's favor. The Bears' defense will most likely be defending very short fields.

"What fools these mortals be." Not a midsummer night's dream, but let's hope all's well that ends well for the Bears.

God has a problem with Nike's? They are totally comfortable, he should try a pair. Oh and just so no Christian's copied the Image of the Nike, the Winged Goddess of Victory and you see it in just about every church in the country. You call them angels, much like the image of Zues was used to depict god. Before you say one more word you may want to check with your priest.

Oh and god never said anything about not talking about Nike. You see God did not write the bible, man wrote the Bible, that's why there are so many versions of it. What you think god got confused and had to rewrite his own words. You may want to take note that if you really want to follow the bible stop speaking english. Yes believe it or not the original works are not in english, they are not in latin either. A lot of it is in Hebrew though.

You know if your going to follow a religion, and by all means go for it. But if your going to do it, at least know the history of your religion, yes learn your own religion before you run around mouthing off about it. There is nothing worse than a religious person who has no clue about their own religion and then goes and gets all preachy on you.

Something you should know about religion as a whole, you are not following gods religion, you are following mans interpritation of it. That's why there are so many different branches of your religion and most religions. Last I checked, man has this really bad habit of screwing up.

On and one last thing moron, it's Reebok, nfl players wear Reebok. At least till 2012. The retards we got on this blog, I swear to god (see what I did there) guess I am going to hell, lords name and all that. Oh wait I don't follow conventional religion, I believe if there is a god he is no way as petty as man has made him out to be.

Lordy be, it appears this blog has turned into something other than responding to what is happening in the Bear world this weekend and that is stopping Tim Tebow and in creating turnovers in favor of the Bears.

The Bears now have their collective backs against the wall and this is about as close as having a must win as you can get, since a loss and a 7-6 record is pretty scary and could place the Bears looking up at a couple of teams that could be 8-5 after weeks end.

Caleb Hanie, the receivers and the O line have to perform better this week and create some opportunities to score, the defense has to keep Denver to 17 or less for a good shot at a Bears win.

Martz and Lovie how about a good game plan this week and how about actually making some half time adjustments that work.

Best Wishes to all for a happy and Bearable Sunday!

I don't see the Bears winning this one. Because of their weak offense without Cutler and Forte, they don't match up well v. strong defensive teams like Denver. The Bear offense will have to play, oh, about 1,000 times better than last Sunday for the team to even have a chance. I think the Defense can contain Mr. Religious Fanatic, but the offense will have to do something. I think Hanie has a lot of intangible talent, but the Bears never developed it and it's really unlikely that he'll improve so drastically in one week. Here's hoping I'm wrong!

He who laughs last laughs loudest.


C ya Brian...wouldn't wanna be ya!!!! rotflmao

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