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Tebow: 'I'm human just like everybody else'

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Asked about the Denver Broncos' surprising turnaround, quarterback Tim Tebow gave praise to a higher authority: coach John Fox.

''Every week he always brings something new to our team meetings and a new outlook, just in his speeches,'' Tebow told Chicago-area reporters via teleconference Wednesday. ''He's always encouraging guys, and he's just upbeat, very positive, and players feed off of him.

''It's been kind of a feel of just do your job and count on the person next to you doing his job, and believe in everybody, be resilient and keep fighting. We want to start fast but we want finish faster. He's just been very positive and I think guys have really responded well.''

Tebow, of course, has been at the center of the Broncos' resurgence. Since Tebow replaced former Bear Kyle Orton at quarterback, Denver is 6-1, with five consecutive victories.

Tebow's reliance on the run has been ridiculed by many NFL observers. But his passer rating of 87.9 is higher than Jay Cutler's 85.7. And Tebow had a career-high 149.3 passer rating in a 35-32 victory over the Vikings last week at the Metrodome -- he completed 10-of-15 passes for 202 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. In fact, Tebow has only been intercepted once this season. He has thrown 10 touchdown passes.

"Every week I feel like we're getting better and improving -- timing,
everything that goes into it is getting better,'' Tim said. ''As a team our goal is
just getting better and I know it sounds cliché, but consistently
get better every day. That's what coach Fox is preaching and what we
believe: Stay focused, focus on one day at a time, get a little
better every day and the rest'll take care of itself."

For the record, Tebow referenced his lord and savior Jesus Christ only when prompted by questions about the sometimes-negative reaction to him being so openly spiritual.

''It doesn't necessarily frustrate me. At the same time, people are talking about it, and it may be having an impact on people. Not only what my faith is about, but how I carry myself and more than me saying 'I thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ,' I think it's important to show your faith.

''One of my favorite quotes is: 'You share the gospel in everything
you do. And every once in awhile you can use words.' That's something I try and live by, I try and show my faith by my actions, how I treat people, how I live my life, how I handle teammates, how I handle just people in general, and
especially how I handle the people who can't do anything for me. And then, after that, your words back it up.''

''That's my outlook and my focus on how I want to be
looked at. For people to talk about my faith, the coolest thing is just showing
it. And me praying, and me on a knee, that's not something I do for that ... When I say in a interview 'I want to thank my lord
and savior Jesus Christ,' that's just as much for myself or more than anybody
else. It's acknowledging and humbling myself that he gives me the opportunity, the platform and the ability to do this. I'm just thanking Him and honoring Him.''

One of Tebow's strengths is his ability to keep his composure. But he says he gets upset just like other people. He just doesn't let it get the best of him.

"I'm human just like everybody else,'' he said. ''I definitely get upset or fired
up. A lot of emotions go through me. I just try to handle it the best
way and I think my faith helps me handling different types of
emotions because it gives me a bigger perspective on different issues.

''One of my favorite quotes is, 'I don't know what the future holds
but I know who holds my future.' That's something that gives me peace
and a greater outlook and really puts things into perspective."

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People get put off by his winning more than his religion. People walk around every day lying to themselves. They lie about their own lives. They try to consider their lives from a certain viewpoint in order to make it important or better than it really is. Tebow has overcome a lot of obstacles and credits god. He is vocal about his humility and his religion, and that's his way of lying to himself...even if he does believe that its gods work. For every tim tebow there are 500 players that have failed and were just as good and devout as he is. The issue is that all he does is win, and it becomes annoying after a while. Some can claim its schaudenfredue. Others will say he's really a hoax. Tebow fans are going to have to learn that winning games won't make his critics like him. I certainly have.

If all he does is win then how come he has losses on his record, Detroit beat the snot out of Tebow and the Broncos this year. If all he does is win how come he lost? Besides its been the defense not Tebow. Well the defense and the running game, but that's basically what Fox does. Stop the run, run the ball, thats Fox football.

By the way your argument about hating Tebow because all he does is win does not make much sense. Considering how many people in the Country love QB's and watching them win, you do know that guys like Brady, Rodgers, Brees, have a national following, there is a reason they are in so many commercials, well Manning is hurt so some jobs opened up. Which reminds Manning was winning machine and people love that guy, multiple times on SNL tons commercials etc...

You know what my theory is about Tebow, who I don't actually hate. I think he is a really nice kid, he is not a very good QB, but he is clutch. However the problem with Tebow is not Tebow. I don't really care about how religous he is, as long as he does not come to my house at 5 in the morning wanting to talk to me about it (damn mormons) he does that I will shoot his ###. But the problem with Tebow is two things, ESPN and Fox who drench us with Tebow, but most of all it's fans. Not the average Denver fan, no idiots like you make excuses for and try to talk about football like you know the game, but really the only reason you watch is because of Tebow and what chuch he is a part of. His fans are annoying as hell, can't stand his fans, Tebow seems like a nice kid, a little confused at times, a little over used by people around him, but a nice kid.

Welll said, Creighton.Frankly, I think football and religion should be separated, like church and State. Perhaps losses for the Broncos will be attributed to losses of faith by Tebow, et al.

"But the problem with Tebow is two things, ESPN and Fox who drench us with Tebow, but most of all it's fans. Not the average Denver fan, no idiots like you make excuses for and try to talk about football like you know the game, but really the only reason you watch is because of Tebow and what chuch he is a part of. His fans are annoying as hell, can't stand his fans'

Creighton, it seems you have a lot of hate issues to work out in your life. It seems that you definitely need Jesus.

''One of my favorite quotes is: 'You share the gospel in everything
you do. And every once in awhile you can use words." by Tim Tebow.

He is quoting St. Francis Assisi, but the more accurate translation is "Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words."

Tebow is the genuine article. There is nothing fake about him. He doesn't just talk the talk, but he walks the walk. He truly believes in everything that he says and does. He also makes the most out of his God given ability. He may not be the best QB, but nobody works harder and is more competitive than Tim Tebow.

He wisely and correctly gives all the credits to God, because God, the author of life, is the source of all of our gifts, including every fiber of our being. If one is blessed with the knowledge of this reality, then how can one logically and conscientiously separate God from any aspect of his life?

Whether or not you accept this reality, the truth doesn't change. Truth is not something; it is someone, and His name is Jesus.

Yeah, Creighton, take the cure as Moneypenny suggests. Honestly, these blog messages make my day and almost always start me off with a good laugh.While you're at it, pray for the Bears. Then again He/She's probably. more concernen with things like medicare, social security, Iraq, and Afghanistan to pay much attention to Creighton, me, or the Bears.

Ms. Moneypenny you do realize I said I liked Tebow. And his fans are really annoying, see look you went all preachy on me with Jesus. See your a Tebow fan. Now weather I do or don't believe in god is not your call, it's mine. I have no problem with religion, except when people who religious run around telling people they need to be religious too. Cause there religion is right and all the other ones are wrong. How do you know I am not Jewish, are you saying I don't have a right to be Jewish?

How do you know I am not Catholic? Maybe I was raised Roman Catholic, either way I don't mix it with football, I don't bring it work with me and I don't tell other people that's what they need to do with their lives. Tebow is not God or an Apostle, he's not symbol, he's just a kid trying to play football and be a good human being. But people been leeching off him his whole life. They use him and what he does to try and spread their message.

one guy on this board just refered to Nike shoes as pegan worship. Are people that stupid that they think God can't figure out that wearing a Nike shoe has nothing to do with Pegan worship? Remember what god said about judging people? I think God can figure out who I am on his own, I don't think he nees you to do it for him.

Believe me a lot of things are going on in the world, and football would be the least of them. Do you realize that you got upset cause I basically said stop using Tebow, it's his life not yours. But I am the one who needs to find God? If I want to follow a religion I will choose my thank you very much, rather than have you decide it for me. It's funny how often God tells people what they are doing is right, when those people are desperate to be right about something.

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