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Spine surgeon says Johnny Knox should be fine for 2012

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Spine surgeon Neel Anand didn't see Bears receiver Johnny Knox's gruesome injury.

But Anand was encouraged when he learned that Knox had full movement throughout his body.

"Neurologically, he's completely fine," said Anand, the director of Orthopaedic Spine Surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles. "The only thing left is the nature of the stability."

In the first quarter, as Knox was falling to recover his fumble, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Anthony Hargrove drilled him and pushed his back backward, the only direction it's not intended. He was placed on a flat board, loaded onto a motorized cart and transported, via an ambulance, to a local hospital. The team announced after the game that Knox had full movement in all his extremities and that he would have surgery Monday to stabilize a vertebra in his back.

Anand said the most common -- based on that blow -- is the junction the thoracic and lumbar curvatures. The lowest vertebra in the thoracic section is T-12 and the highest in the lumbar area is L1.

Anand said the key then is to determine if its an "unstable or potentially unstable fracture."

Knox will undergo surgery in the Chicago area.

Doctors will have to determine whether to go through the front or the back and likely will use screws and rods to stabilize the vertebra.

"If it's an innocuous fracture, and all he needs is screws and rods, he could come back in three to six months," Anand said.

Some surgeries sideline an athlete for a year. But Anand said Knox having full movement is an encouraging sign.

"He should be OK by next season, even if it's a complete reconstruction," he said.

Anand declined to say who he's performed surgeries on.

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Good Luck Johnny.
I have a similar operation in early January (Disc Replacement L4-L5 through the front), hope it goes well, I'm not looking forward to the months of rehab.
Good Luck again, and look forward too seeing you playing again next year.

I know it sounds crazy but he is lucky, it sucks he got her but he is lucky that he can still walk. Horrific hit, this season just keeps getting stranger and stranger for the Bears. It's like a bad nightmare that just keeps getting worse. There is bend don't break and then there is getting hit by a train.

Johnny Knox thank you for your efforts throughout the season and best wishes for quick and 100% recovery.

I hope Johnny's okay.

Onto the Bears:

This four-game losing streak has shown 2 things:

Jay Cutler is damn good - and masking defficiencies in coaching and personnel on the offensive side of the football. The Bears really need Matt Forte as well, but Bell and Barber are effective.

Has Hanie actually thrown more touchdowns (pick 6s) to the other team than to the actual Bear recievers?

Bear WRs are not good. It is time. It is time for TO. It is time for trading a first rounder for Brandon Marshal. It is time to address the receiver position. However it needs to be done, it needs to be done.

The OL is not awful ... bu they have to stay healthy. Therefore, the Bears really need to draft for OL in early, if not first round, of the draft yet again.

I know there are haters of Lovie because he is the anti-Ditka, but I think he's a good football coach.

The real problem with the Bears, as Creighton has noted, is Angelo's gross negligence of the OL and WR position.

It's time for Angelo to deliver ... or be let go.

Oh ... and Caleb Hanie ... he's a third string QB at best.

Look all I want to see is Cutler in a good offense, we will never know how good he can be or how good an offense the team can have until they put some guys around him. Even Rodgers can't do it all, we just saw that. When his line is not blocking and his recievers are dropping passes he has a tough day.

The only reason we don't have a good O-Line is becaue Angelo does not want to address the position, he sucks at talent evaluation. He extended Garza who is one of the worst centers in football, he put Webb at LT after he struggled at RT. Why he sucks at LT. Chris Williams at LG has been bad and he can't run block. Louis got benched at guard before he took over at RT, for the horrible Omiyale.

The guy I like for the Bears next year is Dwayne Bowe, he is great on the fade, slant, and back shoulder, he runs very good routs and is a big tough reciever. I don't know if he will get franchised, but if he doesn't the Bears need to make a play for him.

I don't want to see another year where it's all Cutler and Knox and neither of them get much help from the line and recievers. I also want to see the Bears get a couple of anchors for the oline, LT and a guy on the interior who can help stabalize the line. If the Bears keep going the way they are they will have a shot at Jonathan Martin in round one, you get that guy and you will have solid anchor at LT for a decade who can run and pass block. If he is gone then David DeCastro at guard would be an instant upgrade, you also have Peter Konz, Mike Addams, and Cody as first round options. Michael Brewster is a second round option, but I think he belongs in a zone in the nfl.

You can't fix this offense in one draft, and your going ot need to bring in some young vets like Bowe or I should say luck into them if their respective team chooses to part ways or can't afford them. You got maybe two good year left with this defense, and you still need to address safety, you can't have your safeties 25 yards deep because your trying to hide them or one guy 30 yards deep while the other is in the box cause he can't cover. Your not going to give the defense the help it needs in one draft either, they need Depth, a starting corner, and major help at safety and it's not like Angelo hits on many picks. Even if he does hit often the players he drafts need 4-5 years to develop. Your either going ot have to spend in free agency and bring in some guys like Bowe, Carlos Rodgers(totally underated), Brent Grimes, or LaRon Landry. I don't know who will be availableand who will be tagged or signed, but they better do something. If you don't you may as well start rebuilding, cause they are not good enough and the only way they get better is FA and trades, that's there history with Angelo.

My biggest worry with the Bears is that Martz will return because Lovie wants him back and Lovie has the right to pick his coaches in his contract. Even Angelo can't fire him. Then Bears go and bring in guys like Ronde Barber, and Brnadon Meriweather(oh wait). I am sure they will shop for former Ruskell players again.

I am worried they will be to strapped to do anything.

I agree that the Bears need more stability on the line, but I think, with the current group of players they have, they are only short one more GOOD OL. I don't think it necessarily has to be at the LT spot ... although I am not sold on Webb entirely. Remember, Carimi looked very good in the tiny sample we had of him. Garza has been just fine. Chris Spencer and Chris Williams were decent in the running game. Note that I didn't say they were GOOD in the running game. They were serviceable.

I don't think the Bears need more than one more GOOD OL ... probably a tackle, like Creighton said. This will give them an extra body if they run into more injuries and then maybe they can keep the line at least stable for Jay over 16+ games.

Knox is really not a very good receiver. I don't know what everyone is watching with Knox, but from what I've seen he over runs his routes, slips far too often, and doesn't fight for the ball. I also think he causes WAY MORE INTs than the average receiver. If you want to blame that on the Martz system, fine. I'm not saying the Bears should get rid of Johnny, but I don't think he could even make the third option on most teams.

What Jay Cutler needs is a receiver that will fight for the ball. That can get separation QUICKLY. A WR that will not bail on routes. A WR that will help the OL as much as anything because Jay can make quicker decisions, and take the pressure off the tackles when pass blocking.

I basically agree with your position and analysis, Creighton, but really do not know enough about most of the players you name to judge one way or another.I know about some of them, like Bowe, but have doubts about their availability.About Martz, I disagree. Perhaps I remember too well the Bears' last offensive coordinater, compared to whom Martz has been a definite improvement in spite of his penchant for occasional stupidity, and obsessive persistence in an approach that is not working. I would delight in watching Cutler hang back in the pocket and wait and wait until a receiver got open instead of being beleaguered almost every time the ball is snapped. One can hope that next year that might be the case.

I disagree, about Martz, Lovie had to pull him aside three times and tell him to stop getting his QB killed and change the offense, and Martz would only adjust for spots and then go back to the same crap with deep drops. It was Cutler going public that forced the change and Cutler taking more command of the team that made the change not what Martz did. In fact they dumped a lot of the Martz offense while Jay and the team made that run. But after seeing Cutler go down, can see how much he changed the offense. Look at the play calling with Hanie, he went right back to the Martz offense with deep drops and does not move Hanie around much, which may be his only strength. People also forget that during that little 5 game win steak that the Special teams and Defense scored 30 points and gave the Bears short field after short field.

As for the line, they are what they are, Tice has done a nice job squeezing water out of that rock, but most of them don;t belong in the nfl. Chris Williams can not run block he can pull and that's about it, whenever they tried to run behind Williams he got killed, and always needed help from Webb on a double. Webb is brutal, he leads all tackles in penalties and if it was not for all the holds he would lead the nfl is sacks allowed. He is brutal. Lance Louis is scrappy but he sucks, he got benched for a reason and the only reason he is playing is that he is a little better than Omiyale. The entire line has had extra help all year, 7 and 8 guys helping them block and Cutler using a nice shuffle step to avoid pressure, and constantly using his mobility to avoid pressure. Plane and simple the Bears line can't make a pocket and that's with extra help and that is with cutler doing his thing. Matt Forte led the league in missed tackles for a reason and a lot of that happened behing the line of scrimage.

You want to know how looks pretty decent? That is the guy replacing Chris Williams at LG, he actually looks solid. Spencer has not a had a good game in weeks and I don' trust him. As for Carimi I don't know what is going to happen with that knee.

Either way guys stop thinking like Angelo. Stop thinking that you just need enough to get by. That's not enough in this league, you gotta dominate the line. They don't have an anchor in Carimi, you can't anchor for the RT position, you don't have 1 dominant player on the inside, and Webb is a disaster. He makes mental mistakes and gets beat inside on a egular basis, any coach will tell you those are unforgivable for a linmen. Stop thinkking like Bears fans who have been trained to think the offense is secondary, there is no secondary there is just the team and they whole team needs to be strong, not just one or two parts of it. It does not matter if your defensive minded or offensive minded. It's a team not just one side of the ball.

The Bears offense scored 20 points against a beat up Panthers defense at home. Again on short fields. 14 points from defense and special teams. The Panthers rank 26th in the nfl in points allowed, giving up 26 points a game.

They had a big game against the Vikings right? Again at home and the vikings are ranked 32nd in points allowed. 9 points from defense and special teams and again a short field all day. They allow almost 30 points a game.

They put up 24 points against the Bucs who are ranked 31st in points allowed. And anyone who watched that game can tell you it was not an impressive showing by either team. The Bucs give up about 29 points a game.

Eagles rank 19th in points allowed, and allow 22 points a game on average Bears scored 30. No offense but the eagles suck and the Bills put up 31 on them as well not to mention they quit during that game.

Big win against the Lions, 37 points right? Except special teams and defense scored 21 points, the Bears offense scored 16 points. The Lions rank 23rd in points allowed

The Chargers, ranked 20th in points allowed, this was the best game by Cutler I have seen sense he has been a Bear. But that game was mostly Cutler.

So out of the six big wins this year, two of them were the Bears offense, and 4 were defense and special teams. 4 games at home 2 on the road. So against some really bad defense playing 4 out of 6 at home, the Bears offense showed up twice.

Don't pull an Angelo and try and give all those points to the offense, and pretend the offense did it. At best they were an average offense against some really bad defenses. That's not impressive. Oh and the Turner offense in 09 with Cutler scored more points than the 2010 Martz offense. Unless the Bears score about 70 points in the last two games, Turners offense will have scored more points in his one year with Cutler. Not saying the offense was good with Turner, just pointing out that neither offense is very good.

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