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Sam Hurd arrested on federal drug charges

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Former Northern Illinois and current Bears receiver Sam Hurd was arrested Thursday night on federal drug charges, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Hurd told an undercover agent last night that he wanted five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and a half ton of marijuana a week "for distribution in the Chicago area."

The news of the arrest was first reported by the Dallas Morning News.

"We are aware of Sam's arrest and are continuing to gather details surrounding it," the Bears said in a statement. " We are disappointed whenever these circumstances arise. We will deal with them appropriately once we have all the information."

Hurd first came on Homeland Security's radar in July, when an associate driving his vehicle -- which included $88,000 in cash -- was pulled over in a routine traffic stop.

Hurd agreed to terms with the Bears to a three-year, $5.1 million contract on July 29th, according to the team's official transaction report. But, on July 27, Hurd was going to transport the cocaine "to a northern destination" that same day," according to the Homeland Security report.

Bears players reported for training camp in Bourbonnais on the 29th and practiced on the 30th.

Hurd met with an undercover Homeland Security agent at a restaurant on W. Bryn Mawr Ave at 7:40 last night. He told the undercover agent he wanted to purchase 5-10 kilograms of cocaine & 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week to distribute in Chicago because the four kilograms he was currently distributing with a co-conspirator wasn't enough.

Hurd then accepted a kilogram of cocaine from the undercover agent, placed it in his vehicle, and then was subsquently arrested.

The report says that Hurd faces 21 violations and that the defendant "knowingly, intentionally, and unlawfully combine, conspire, confederate and agree together and with other persons known and unknown, to possess and distribute 500 grams or more of a mixture or substance containing detectable amounts of cocaine."

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This is really unbelievable. He had a five million dollar three year contract to play with a ball but that wasn't enough? He has to sell coke to kids? If this is true I hope he gets locked up for a good long time.

Unbelievable? That's why coke is illegal.

What a loser! He had a 5 million dollar contract!! What was he thinking!

He also has a wife and child, Fran. It's not just about Sam Hurd and dollars. Many others will be made absolutely miserable by his actions. Loved ones, yes, terribly. The ones who would have been buyers, yes, because their thinking would have become as Hurd's - they will know only cocaine.

Uh, he was probably thinking...hey I know they promised me 5 million but in the uncertain league of Not For Long promises mean nothing or Oh I know IF i finish the season on the active roster I could get 600,000 this year but what if I get injured and am unable to finish, then what. NO the list of uncertainties are no excuse for his choices because he is an unvoluntary "role model". However, as far as product and return go--politicians, venture capaltalist, investors, etc... all know there is no more profitable trade than the drug trade

they do it for the THRILL

Insane!! Inexcusable!! Pathetic!! That's all for the moment, but Good Grief!!

The good Lord keeps punishing this team because of that idiot fair wether fan Cry-ton!!!!

Creighton, Cry-ton, Crap-ton, Loser-ton, Packerbacker or whatever you call yourself, you SUCK!!!!

Be gone little girly girl!!! Bye bye!!!! Off to Green Bay you go with the other fat, cheeshead losers!!!!!

Cry-ton blah, blah, blah......that's all he's good for!!!!!

Four words.... Out of control ego .... What a shame...feel bad for his little girl... He seemed like a good guy from the interviews I have seen done with him...

Seems like he would've turned that $5 million into much much more had he not been caught. Good investment, bad execution. The real problem here is that marijuana is still illegal for no discernible reason, and cocaine is only legal when its time release, relabeled, and over-prescribed for kids as Adderall.

The "war" on both of these drugs is BS. Marijuana is only illegal because of the cotton industry, and cocaine, gets a worse reputation than it deserves because of its evil twin brother, crack. In a reliable form, its really quite safe, just ask Sigmund Freud, or Thomas Edison, or anyone who lived from 1850-1900, when cocaine and opium were broadly consumed by people of all social classes in wines, tonics, elixirs, and of course, Coca-Cola, which owes its popularity entirely to the substance.

Fellow bloggers, listen up. Teddy here has a suggestion that would rid you of that nagging, oppressive force called accountability. You can free yourself from it and let only your instincts drive you. Trade that dreary old master accountability in for one that is more fun. Drive a Maserati, a real one or a virtual one, either way. By the way, Freud gave it up totally after 12 years.

Teddy is an idiot, plain and simple.

Agreed Western, I just was more "blunt" about it. Maybe Teddy will appreciate that.

Maybe the __Sun Times__ should be held legally accountable for pushing drugs because they printed Teddy's blog entry.I sometimes wonder what that amendment dealing with freedom of the press really restricts, if anything. I'm all for freedom of speech because of the indisputable rationale offered by John Stuart Mill in his treatise entitled __On Liberty__, but I wonder what Mill would say about today's freedom of the internet.Every literate perso should read Mill's treatise, at least chapyter one, entitled "On the freedom of thought and discussion."

Teddy is an idiot? Well ok Teddy is an idiot but have you read Trippers post, hmmmm?

Hey Sean ummm Sam Hurd was one of your guys in training camp. You stated you expected big things from him this year. Well you were kinda right, SURPRISE! I here Ian Greengross has a lot of NFL contacts with other players, don't agents usually know everything?

Boy the guy has been here less than a year and is moving 4 keys a week/ That seems like a lot to move considering his short time here, seems like he would need a pre-built clientele, 1000 pounds of weed a week? That's a lot of people Sean, he didn't set this up in less than 6 months. My question is if he was moving this much product, what happened to the source that has been supplying him? 4 keys a week and the guy couldn't move up to five? A 1000 pounds of weed, how the hell was he going to transporting that? In his SUV? You ever seen a 1000 pounds of weed? I am sure he gets it delivered but, moving that much product takes a lot of guys. Or a few guys buying a lot.

Well Sean you told when you first got here that you were hoping for some big stories. Well Sean you got your wish the Bears have been a top topic in the nfl for the last year, the Cutler injury, the second Cutler injury, Penn State(your a sports writer you covered it some), Sam Hurd, Forte, a lot of stories Sean, have fun with that. Just a thought the Cutler knee injury caused more of media storm than the Sam Hurd story, do you find that strange?

They think they are above it all, I dont think either drug is all that bad but as long is it is illegal to posess it or sell it then you get what you deserve for messing with it. How much is enough, this guy is a superstar and gets paid tons, no pun intended, and he goes out and risks his freedom and totally betrays his familys trust, not to mention his team. Im sure his wife will have a grand ol time with his millions while hes doing bout 25 years for his greed. That is if his defense attorneys dont get it all trying to get him off, he'll spend millions on that and will still get the time, he just as well plead guilty and go to jail a rich man.

Creighton, he went to Northern Illinois University. Probably spent those years making his contacts. Why would you even consider defending this drug dealer? It was his choice, no one made his sell drugs. He is an evil bastard...plain and simple.

What are you talking about? Defending who? Dude I just pointed out the facts of the case, and the fact I think it's wierd, you don't think it's wierd for an nfl player to be a drug king pin? I do think that's pretty crazy, I am also hinting if you read my post that his clients are mostly nfl players not former NIU students, he has not been here for years, I doubt he had many contacts if he did he would not have been going outside his source to buy drugs. I am pretty sure he is a specialized drug dealer with a high end list of people he deals too. He does not have the time or means to run this stuff on the streets.

The real entertainment will come from Hurd's lawyer. I can just see it now: "Mr. Hurd was just playing a practical joke. He really did not mean anything about selling 10 kilograms a week.....he was just trying to be funny .... please let my client off". Wow.

If he stays in shape he should do fine in prison.

Tripper, your a idiot. First of all us Packer backers dont need to waste our time with former Bears players, in face it is usually the other way around. Unlike the Bears the Packers are a winners with 4 Super Bowl titles. So why dont you and your crappy coach and crappier QB bite me!!! Anyway Hurd is the perfect Bears player, overated and low IQ sounds like Cutler, Forte, Urlacher, Briggs etc and a whole other list of Bears players

Something about this whole thing don't seem right. If all is true why let him go funny how the govt and FBI and CIA spoke all this but not one of these chargers stick if it's that easy why can't you protect the USA like you track down drug dealers

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