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Receivers talk about Josh McCown

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Bears receivers Earl Bennett and Devin Hester don't know who will start at quarterback Sunday in Green Bay.

But, according to ESPN Chicago, veteran Josh McCown will get his first start for the Bears, if he practices well this week. Caleb Hanie is winless in four starts since Jay Cutler fractured his thumb against the San Diego Chargers.

The Bears did have meetings Tuesday morning, but I haven't been able to independently confirm that information.

At Nike's Hyperwarm Bowl at Soldier Field Tuesday afternoon, Bennett and Hester provided some insight on McCown.

"You can tell he's comfortable with the offense. He's very vocal. I noticed that about him," Hester told me. "He shows leadership. He has that in him. He's very confident, and that's what you like in a quarterback. Other than that, it seems like he fits in with the offense."

Bennett said he plans to rally around whoever starts at quarterback.

"Give him some good targets, get open and make plays for him and help him out. No matter whose in there, we just got to rally behind him and get ready for this weekend," Bennett said. "It's going to be a big game, up in Green Bay, Christmas Day, everybody watching. Most important, we just got to win this game."

Asked about McCown specifically, Bennett said, "Josh is a competitor.

"He's real big on timing. So we definitely got to get our timing down this week with I'm and get ready to go from there."

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I hope he starts and has a career game. That would go a long way toward deciding a back-up for Cutler next year.I also would be delighted if Cutler was able to go and got inspired protection from the offensive line. I would not bet on either of those things happening, but one can dream.

No, no, no!

Argh, you're making my brain hurt Paul...

Look, all 32 NFL teams decided over three years ago that Josh McClown was finished. He never did much of anything during his prime years and now he's over 30. The only reason the Bears brought him in was because of his alleged familiarity with Martz's system.

But, remember Todd Collins? He was "familiar" with the Martz system. How did that work out?

Keep in mind, Hanie also "knows" the system.

My point is McClown has no future here and was signed simply as an emergency quarterback who'll be shown the door at season's end. If Lovie was smart, he would give Nathan Enderle the nod since he is, in fact, in the team's future plans. Find out what Enderle's got and if he can play, good, you know you've got a young backup for the next season and beyond. If he falters, then they can try to develop him a bit more or cut him. But at least try and find out. Going with proven bums in a lost season, who won't be sticking around, is pointless.

And this matters because? BTW Paul, a career game for McCown wouldn't be much. If the Bears ever need him to play, they're in as much trouble as they are now.

Lovie is conflicted. Why would you even consider McClown now after you have lost 4 in a row with Hanie. Don't give the lame excuse we are not eliminated yet from the playoffs. The Bears have a great chance to see what they have in Enderly so we don't have a rerun when this whole scenario repeats itself again when Enderly becomes the number 2 by default without any meaningful experience.

Hey,guys, I admitted I was just dreaming. However, given Hanie's obvious ineptitude and how long it takes to develop a rookie quarterback( Jason C. and the Tebow brat notwithstanding ), McCown, if he shows he can still play, might be a good one-year investment for 2012, especially If he happened to pull off an unprecedented upset over Green Bay's first stringers.

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