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Radio personality says Jay Cutler didn't play the part expected of Broncos QB

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DENVER -- There are no hard feelings in the Broncos locker room toward former quarterback Jay Cutler.

Maybe that's because the Broncos are 7-5, and their future looks brighter with the departure of Josh McDaniels and the arrival of former Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox. But as is often the case, the players are focused on the here and now.

But Sandy Clough, a popular personality for 104.3 The Fan said Bronco fans have a certain expectation of their starting quarterback -- and many have fallen short, including Cutler.

"There's a certain bit of acting that a quarterback in Denver has to do, even if you aren't sincere about it," Clough said, "and Cutler seemed to revel in not cooperating and playing the part."

Clough also said recent quarterbacks like Kyle Orton and Jake Plummer also struggled with that requirement.

When the trade was executed, Clough estimated that Bronco fans were split 50-50 on it.

"Cutler's public image, off the field, wasn't very good," Clough said. "But those of us - and I was certainly one - who was a fan of his talent, defended him.

"In some ways, it was a fun debate to have, because the talent was unmistakable but so was some of the reaction to the off the field behavior."

But any anxiety disappeared, after Josh McDaniels -- the coach who soured the organization's relationship with Cutler and engineered the trade -- was fired after a 3-9 start.

"The minute McDaniels got fired," Clough said, "some of the fire in the debate about Cutler sort of washed away."

Several who played with Cutler, though, were gracious enough to chat about him. Here are some of their thoughts.

* Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey: "He was competitive, and he was very confident. I mean, he's one of those guys you like to have on your team, because you're not worried about him doing his job. So you just let him go out and do his thing." Bailey added that he watches Cutler, whenever he's in a nationally televised game.

* Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil: "He was a fierce competitor, with a great arm. Everyone knows that. He was a silent leader. I think he was highly misunderstood. But he was a great teammate, when he was here."

* Broncos guard Chris Kuper: "It has worked out good for Jay. He's playing well out there. He played in the NFC Championship last year. He's a good quarterback, so he was going to be successful however it worked out."

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Hey Sean! Cutler is an awesome QB! We are glad to have him on the Bears! But Chicago fans want to love their athletes! Jay needs a PR person and a "life coach". I volunteer for that position free of charge! Jay has improved in the PR dept., but has a way go. First of all we need to get him back on the field! I 'm hoping for a Christmas miracle and that Jay will be playing on 12/25 against the Packers! (I also beleive in Santa Claus!)

Ahhh Denver fans, "we love our QB, we hate are QB."

In 2000 they loved Griese 11-5. Then they didn't love him anymore

Then is Plummer, in 2003-2005 he was Jake the snake "we love you Jake" then they missed the playoff's and they didn't love him anymore.

In 2008 they loved Cutler when the team was 8-4, "We love Jay" The Denver defense falls apart and "We hate you Jay" Then they get McDaniels, We love you McDaniels " "We love you Orton you're a winner, you won 6 games in a row" Gosh what happened after that? Orton gone, McDaniels gone, now it's Tebow, hey he's winning the Broncos won 6 games ina row, it's all because of Tebow, he made the defense better, the tripple option rules." Except after the Detroit loss when they wanted to chase him out of town.,

So basically when the team is winning, they love the QB and it's al about the QB. When they lose it's all the QB's fault and get him out of town because he is no Elway. Except early in Elways career when Bronco's fans hated him. "Elwat's not a winner he can't win the big won"

So what I am getting is Bronco fans are idiots. They will love Tebow, until he losses some games then they will hate him. The higher the excpectation the greater the fall will be. Right now a lot of Denver fans or should I say Tebow fans believe god is playing for the Bronco's cause Tebow goes to church. The Bronco's are gods team, well last I checked people excpect way to much from god, fix this, do that, change my life, do everything I ask of you. His fall from Grace will be epic, then of course some Tebow fans will compare him to JC and I will have to kill them, for nothing that stupid should be allowed to live.

I am not a religious man but you can see this one coming a mile away. I don't know if it will be this year or next year, but it will happen, it always happens.

Cutler is who he is. Not all NFL players have to be a bunch of blow-hard clowns. Jay doesn't have to go anywhere in the PR department. The mass media needs to learn how to handle the information age.

As for Sandy's "criteria" - that could only be filled by John Elway and Jesus Christ--er Tebow, he sounds just like a bitter ex girlfriend.

Cutler is an outstanding QB.

Wow! Creighton is so worldly.

Jay Cutler and the Bears offensive line have really come into their own this season, at least up until Cutler was injured. despite the playoff mishap last season, Jay Cutler is one of the toughest QB's in the league, and this is coming from a die-hard Peyton Manning fan, although I'm a Bears fan at heart since I live in Chicago. But Cutler has done a phenomenal job this year with the Bears and will continue to do so.

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