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Mike Tice looks for bounce back game from his unit

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The question and the answer were simple.

Reporter: "Will you ask more from your line this week?"

Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice: "I ask more from my line every week.

"They've been playing above their heads. I think they've been doing a great job. We had unfortunate circumstance with one of our players who didn't play up to the way he had been playing."

Tice then went on to describe Lance Louis, who was thrust into the starting lineup at right tackle and "who has been holding the fort pretty good."

"I'm not down on him," Tice said of Louis. "He's down on himself, a little bit right now. I don't think he should be. We could have helped him as a staff, a little more, and we will, moving forward. He's got to bounce back, and we all got to bounce back."

Louis did have a rough game, which Tice said overshadowed the play of others.

"We had a lot of guys play good in that game. It kind of gets overshadowed by the numbers," Tice said. "Everyone is hung up on the f-ing numbers all the time. Seven sacks.

"But I'm not. You can't be. So we just have to bounce back. It's unfortunate, but we have to bounce back. It's a long season, and we have a game this week. And we got to move on."

Tice then talked about all the elements that go into completing long passes.

"It's just a matter of how quickly we're getting the ball out, and what are our options, and where can we go with the ball, if the guys are covered? How long are we hanging onto it? Are we stepping up? Are we getting chip help? All the things we had been doing well all kind of disintegrated in that game, the other day, so we got to get back to that," Tice said. "Those are the things that we were working fro us."

Here's Tice on a few other things:

* On the Broncos defense: "Speed. They are fast. They are very fast. They are very tenacious. They remind me a lot of the Steelers. They get after it pretty [darn] good."

* On Broncos rookie Von Miller: "He's a phenomenal player, and if you watch and see, we got a guy with a red 58 jersey on. We're going to know where he's at all times."

* On Miller being more than a pass rusher: "He makes all kinds of plays, and so does their defense. They got other guys that are pretty [darn] good too. But he's definitely a special player that we have to make sure we're aware of and try to keep a bigger body on him, if we can. But we're not going to be able to do that 100 percent. So there's going to be times when guys have to swell up in there. But definitely they have a lot of speed, and explosiveness, defensively."

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Ooooo Tice said F-ing. Wel he is not hung up on the numbers but pissed enough to drop an F bomb and say the line was bad. Tice can complain about getting rid of the ball all he wants, but those hits were coming fast and hard in the second half and twice Louis missed his block and the guy Houston I think his name is came free.

But basically what Tice is saying is if you give the line even more help, use even more extra blockers and use quick passes they can block and they are good. Well if all you can do is execute 3 step drops and your line still needs help with that you are not good, you kinda suck.

I pointed this out maybe a dozen times and Hub just pointed it out today, Cutler and Forte did a lot to make that line look better than it was. In the last two games on 78 passing attempts, you have 11 sacks, 5 hits and 26 pressures for a total of 42 QB disruptions and that is well over 50% of the time. Not all of that is on the line 3 coverage sacks and 2 on Hanie. Doesn't really matter because being pressured on 46 percent of your passing downs is way to high. Tice hates those numbers unless his line didn't give upa sack, then he has no problem talking about the numbers.

Now it's not all on Tice, Martz seems to have thought it would be a good idea to use 10 seven step drops in the game. Even in max protect the Bears struggle to protect those, ti would be intresting to see how many sacks came on those drops. Doesn't really change the fact that Louis and Webb got abused, and lets not forget the 5 penalties on the line in the last two games.

So lets see the pass blocking got worse when Cutler went down, and the run blocking got worse when Forte went down. Hmmm lets see well PFF has Forte listed as second in the leage at generating missed tackles at 39, probably be in first like he was most of the year had he gotten more reps in the Raiders game and then not gotten hurt. And that Cutler fellow well all you had to do was watch a game and you could see him moving to avoid pressure all day.

Old Tice was all happy to take credit when the line looked like it was getting better, but now it's those stupid f-ing numbers. Stupid 56 sacks last year they don't tell the truth about how good they Bears line was in 2010.

Tice should be thrilled, only one place to go up from that last game. I mean you just got smoked at home by the worst pass rushing team in the nfl. Good news is Denver is not much better at rushing the passer although they play run pretty well. Given the way the Bears season has gone I think I will go with The Jensen on this one, and the Jensen said it's time to pull a Costanza. What ever you feel is right is actually wrong, whatever is up is down, and what's left is right. I dig this move, I dig the Costanza, it's worked for me in the past. But I don't like pulling out the Costanza to soon or too often. But in this case, I want to see Tebow get his a$$ handed to him, that's what I want to see, but that means if I use the Costanza the opposite will happen. The Bears are all over the place this year, I can't get a lock on them at all, I call no joy on this game. We are talking a double OT 3 to 5 win for the Bears, this Jensens pick I heard him say it while he was RANTING ABOUT THE BEARS, that's right quite little Sean went on his very first Bears rant and he did it on the radio. You made daddy proud son.

I find it hard to believe that the rest of the league can find offensive linemen but we can only find the ones who can't remember snap counts, whiff at pass rushers and miss assignments doubling on someone while letting their guy come in free. Whoever is teaching blocking at Halas Hall (Tice?) should be fired--and this goes for whoever is teaching the backs to block. I have seen my fiance's cat get in the way of an adult more often than these guys pass block.

I say send someone out in Chicago to find the 4 (keep Garza--how many bouncers can play center?) biggest, meanest bouncer-type guys you can find. Tell them you will pay them each $100,000 if they play football for 4 games and their guy doesn't touch the quarterback. Bring them in solely for passing downs--and tell them their money depends on no sacks. Any bets the results would be better than what we are seeing these days?

The guys currently blocking are not doing the job....period. Either recognize you have no talent and replace them, or fire their instructor.

"Can you dig it? Yes, I can."

"Saturday in the Park"

(an earlier reference than SLJ, bro)

Costanza the philosopher? You mean Costanze the neurotic, I presume. Nothing new there.

You have a quarrel with Tice? take it up with Tice, though I hear he served Richard Dent's a$$ to him on a platter in their playing days. Can you dig it, daddy.

I mostly agree with these comments, but I also think chewig out players who are hurting the team should be done in private, not in a public forum. I dislike sugar-coating incompetence as much as anybody, but a lot of things are better handled face-to- face in privacy than broadcast natio-wide. I coached for many years and did my share of ass-chewing on players who played stupidly or who did not do their jobs, but I did not do it other than face-to-face in privacy. As i recall, most of the players were harder on themselves than I or the other team members were.

That's sweet, Paul.

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