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Marion Barber speaks -- and doesn't say much

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With Marion Barber facing a $10,000 fine for violating the NFL's media policy, the Bears finally convinced their reticent running back to address two reporters in a controlled setting at Halas Hall. Unfortunately, there's no NFL rule that can force him to acknowledge reality.

In an interview with Larry Mayer of the Bears' web site and Zach Zaidman of the Bears broadcast team, Barber refused to address any of the costly mistakes he committed that played a key role in losses to the Chiefs and Broncos that have crippled the Bears' playoff hopes.

Here is the transcript as provided by the Chicago Bears:

Q. How tough was last game?

A. "I'm looking forward to this week. Practice yesterday, guys are really excited about this next week, and that's really what it's all about."
Q. You ran for 108 yards but made two costly mistakes late; your thoughts on last week's game?

A. "My thoughts on it is getting to this next week and just preparing as much as I can to be ready for this game of course."

Q. When Caleb Hanie sat next to you on the bench at the end of the game, what did he tell you?

A. "I'm all about this. I'm ready to go today, tomorrow. Just make sure guys are ready to go this week and still have got the same type of enthusiasm and excitement for this game."
Q. While you want to talk about this week, is it tough to put something from previous game behind you or do you just focus on upcoming game?

A. "That's all. (He's referring to upcoming game.) Anything else could possibly distract you. So for me personally, I'm just all about making sure I know what I'm doing this week and understanding the concepts for this week and understanding the protections for this week so I can be at my best."
Q. One of the crucial plays last week was when you went out of bounds ...

A. "I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but I just move on. Just bear with me."
Q Why do you stay so quiet?

A. "I've been like this all my life. Really high school I wasn't a guy to be in a TV interview, only when I was asked to do it. That's kind of something that I hope people will respect from me. It's not like I don't do it. I do do a few, but I believe because of the circumstances that took place, a lot want to know. But like I said, it's all about this week and doing what I can do to help this ballclub win."
Q. Forget about us. What about your teammates; do you feel you have to say anything to them after a game like that?

A. "Even after that, guys here are great. That was blessing and that's what it's all about at the end of the day because that's who we are. I believe that being here even though it's been for this short period of time, the fellas in there, you've got some big dogs, 'Lach, Briggs, the offensive line, and it's just great to have that [support] going to the next game with that on your shoulders, knowing that guys have got love for you."
Q. Will it be hard for the team to shake off that type of loss?

A. "We've just got to go ahead and move on like I said and just learn from it and just go onto the next game remaining enthusiastic about finishing out the season strong."

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Really, what would you have him say that would not sound either maudlin or whiney? I sincerely believe that dedicated athletes are harder on themselves and rue their own blunders more than those attacking them.I suspect this is certainly true of Barber.Getting down on a teammateor getting verbalyattacked by fans and the media only makes the player feel worse and accomplishes nothing.


I am not gonna post another post, untill Sam Hurd's name is in it!


You know I respect and appreciate all of you who regularly post on here. But, I do want to reinforce that it's important we try to be respectful, at all times. Tonight, someone anonymously attempted to post a comment that was highly inappropriate. Thankfully, I caught it, and I was able to delete it, so it'll never see the light of day.

But, I thought it would serve an opportunity to thank you for your civility and remind you to keep it up.



Sean, I'm wondering that since you replied to Brando that maybe "anonymous" was an angry Creighton posting? After all, we're very aware of the love those two have for each other.


I don't know who posted it. It came in as anonymous. Believe you and me, based on the content of the comment, I would surely have emailed that person back. But, an email address was not provided. Fortunately, I was able to catch it before anyone on our staff approved it.

Sean, you pique my curiosity.Not about the cowardly and probably stupid anonymous post but about how the entries sent in are screened ; they are clearly not edited or the typos and errors I and others make might be deleted unless irony or a pun was suspected.I agree though that civility should be retained , and good-natured ribbing be allowed.

Oh no not that. So your not going to post anything unless Sam Hurds name is in it? So all you have to do is put Sam Hurds name in your post right?

So you throw that out there and don't even tell us what the post was about, what the hell Sean? Look man now that I actually have to pay for this site, 2 bits a week, can you believe that? Anyway now that I am paying for you to do your job(2 bits a week), that basically makes me your employer, and I want my money's worth.

Sean you can't just throw out a mystery like that, at least give some clues as to what the post was about. You can pretty much tell wo wrote it by the way they write.

Oh and thanks Mike, really? Have you read Trippers posts? Apperantly the Bears are having problems because God hates me. While I don't doubt the later, being raised Catholic after all, but I do question the Logic.

I do not understand the paying two bits a week to post, Creighton. How does that work? I'm posting from Wisconsin. Does that make me exempt? As far as I know, I'm not paying anything. please explain.

P.S. By the way, Creighton, if there iis a God, and if he hates you, I would suspect that you would indisputably know it, ala Job, whom God was said to love, and look at what poor Job went through.

I hope Barber has a great game tomorrow, yes he made mistakes a couple very costly but it should never have come down to those mistakes. It was plain and simply handed to Denver when the Bears decided to go soft and run out the clock with a ridiculously spaced cover two with more than 4 minutes left in the game. A blind monkey could have thrown completions to those wide open receivers, particularly when Tebow had enough time to throw he could have set up a lawn chair and sunbathed then got up and thrown the completion.

The coaches blew that game in a number of ways.

The Times is charging for the web site now, if you have a subscription then it's only 2 buck a month, if you don't it's like 7 or 8 bucks. I pay two bucks a month to post, or two bits a week. I am sure you will see it soon enough. Oh and I actually like my job, except they are closing 19 and I am moving to 23 along with almost everyone else. Well they are keeping 19 open but that's only for detectives, plus the lockup is no longer at 23 and we can't use the one at 19 cause that will not be staffed. The only reason they are doing this is to say that the department is fully staffed without actually hiring anyone. They are just closing districts and moving people around, so Chicago will be just as understaffed as before. So 23 will be fully staffed but other departments will have to pickup the patrol zones and expand their districts. But hey they can say 23 is fully staffed and what about 19, what 19? 19 does not exist. They are actually making the problem worse so they can say they are making it better.

See god does hate me. Plus ask a Christian, because I was raised Chatholic I am not part of a real religion, even though I don't practice so either way I am going to hell if one exists. Or ask a Chatholic who knows me, and I pretty much have broken all the rules. Plus you got the whole I believe in in science thing, hey that's it I will join Tom Cruise with the other nuts and wait for the mother ship.

Thanks for the info, Creighton. I'll look forward to posting until they get after me. Then maybe I'll sue for discrimination against senior citizens.

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