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Lovie Smith: "We have our quarterbacks here now"

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After another abysmal start by Caleb Hanie, Bears coach Lovie Smith still backed his current trio of quarterbacks with starter Jay Cutler recovering from thumb surgery.

Namely, Chicago native Donovan McNabb is the most high-profile free-agent available, but Smith made clear his answers are already at Halas Hall. Currently backing up Hanie is rookie Nate Enderle, followed by veteran Josh McCown.

"That's our group. We're going to make improvements with our group, like all positions," Smith said. "We're not looking on the outside. We're not having a quarterback tryout or anything like that.

"These are our guys and they're all going to get better."

Smith also made clear that Hanie remains the starter and that the backups won't get increased snaps, as the Kansas City Chiefs did last week with Tyler Palko and Kyle Orton.

"Caleb's our quarterback," Smith said, "and he, like the rest of or team, didn't play well yesterday. But give us a little bit of time," Smith said. "There's this week -- hopefully we'll see some improvements this week, for our football team."

In his first NFL start, against the Oakland Raiders, Hanie posted a rating of 56.9, tossing two touchdowns and three interceptions. In his second start, though, Hanie was even worse, tossing three interceptions with no touchdowns. He also completed just 45 percent of his passes.

His passer rating was. 23.8.

"Caleb can run our offense," Smith said. "We had opportunities yesterday. We need to hit a couple of routes. But we had our chances yesterday."

During an appearance on ESPN's Mike and Mike radio program, Bears receiver Devin Hester said it would be a "waste of time" to bring in a quarterback who isn't familiar with Mike Martz's offense.

"It's one of the more difficult offense to run," Hester said on the show. "So to get a quarterback that hasn't been in that offense, right now it's going to be a waste of time. I guess we'll stick with the guys we have right now and hope we get better with those guys."

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Rick we are talking about Matt Forte here and not Walter Peyton. Matt had a good first half and then settled back into his usual mediocrity, even before Cutler was injured. He should find a picture of Walter Peyton at Hallas Hall and spend some time in the presence of greatness to help him slip out of whatever delusional funk he is in. I am a Bear fan, but I also realize they have an average offensive line; a backup QB who should be selling beer in the stands and WRs who could not catch a cold soaking wet in the Artic. Johnny Knox may be the fastest WR to constantly lose either his footing or to drop the ball in NFL history and Roy Williams should become a color commentator so he can tell everyone how good he really is. I have listened to the Times writers exhort Jay Cutler whose best game was 267 yards while Brady, Breeze, Eli Manning and the other top QBs dwell in the 300's. However, I am willing to admit that given two above average high school wide outs, Cutler could probably reach that level also. Lovie, after you take you head out of the sand, mercifully fire Hanie so he can spend the rest of his life making a meaningful contribution to society; fire the HS coach who is now your third string quarterback and see if McNabb has stopped laughing long enough to take your call.

Hey Hanie, its up to you... you have the chance so take advantage..your coach says he has his backups, so take this into account and get in there and play, learn the field, the defense, learn to read the defensive mistakes and take advantage ... do not go onto the field like a kid who just got his first bike but has to learn how to use it, go out there like the pro you are are, this is your chance, direct your offense, be the leader and if you do not agree with a sent in play because of the defensive set up...then change it on the line..take charge, I believe in you ...

Only morons and big babies would call for McNab.
You think he wouldn't be crushed like an old can of soda in half a second like Hanie was?
As long as the Bears are serving up their QBs like hot lunches, it doesn't matter who you bring in.

Please Lovie, for the love of all that is holy, don't start with the, "(insert name here) is our quarterback" drivel.

You were actually beginning to show a little intelligence this season with good challenges and what not. There's no need to revert back to a complete idiot.

Jay Cutlers best game was 267? Really? Well aside from the fact that he 286 against the chargers while playing with a Broken thumb, and also 302 against the Packers, and 312 against the Falcons, saying 300 yards makes you a good QB is probably one of the most misguided views of football I have read. You have bad recievers, bad backs, bad lines, bad coaches, bad play calling, indoor vs out doors, different schemes. John Kitna had multiple 300 yard games in 2007 with Martz, he also had 5 TD's and 10 Int's in those games. Oh boy those yards really made him good. Hey remember that Buffalo game with Brady this year, man almost 400 yards passing for Brady wow what a game, well the Pats lost and Brady had 4 picks, but hey 400 yards baby. How many yards did Eli have in last nights loss? How about that Giants game for Brady, 350 yards, but two Picks and a loss. Man Rodgers only has 5 three hundred yard passing games this year in twelve games and not one 400 yard game, that chump sucks. Ok yes he has 36 td's and only 6 picks, but what good are all those TD's without the yards? Stupid TD's what are they compared to yards? Who cares about completion percentage when you can just look at yards thrown and judge the palyer, that's all the info you need.

you are in rare fo rm on this comment, creighton. I'm glad you commented on compadres's ( compadre of whom? ) diatribe. I was so stunned by his inanity that I couldn't even laugh at it.

I can't believe the Bears aren't going after Favre when he's clearly interested. Cutler is done, Hanie sucks, and they still have a shot at the playoffs. this article says it all:

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