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Lovie: Not interested in acquiring Donovan McNabb

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Coach Lovie Smith indicated he has no interest in acquiring quarterback Donovan McNabb, who was waived by the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday.

''I like our quarterbacks we have here right now,'' Smith said when asked if he was intrigued by the availability of McNabb.

He reiterated his position when he was asked if he expected the Bears to put in a claim for the former Eagles star, who prepped at Mount Carmel High School on the South Side.

''I like our quarterbacks we have right now,'' he repeated. ''I'm not going to start talking about guys from the outside. That should be enough for you. We have three quarterbacks here. We like them. We're anxious to play Kansas City this week.''

With Jay Cutler out at least until the final week of the regular season with a broken thumb, Caleb Hanie is the Bears' current starting quarterback. Rookie Nathan Enderle is the No. 2. And veteran Josh McCown, who was signed last week, is still No. 3 until he gets the hang of the Bears' offense.

Despite Smith's disdain for the line of questioning, it's a legitimate concern. McCown has thrown just six passes in regular-season NFL games since 2007. Last year the Bears suffered when they went with veteran Todd Collins, who had played in just three games in the previous two seasons. Collins replaced Cutler in the NFC Championship Game, but was pulled in favor of Hanie after two three-and-outs.

There have been whispers at Halas Hall that McCown has some rust on him. And Smith's tepid response to a question about McCown's progress didn't do anything to refute that.

''He's making progress. Two weeks here, that's about where he is,'' Smith said of McCown. ''He's doing a good job with some of the [scout-team] reps and things like that. He's able to run the no-huddle offense for our defense today. He's jumping right in. It's going to take him awhile to get in game-ready shape.''

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What is with you guys lately? Lovie never actually said "We are not interested in McNabb". Just as Cutler never said "I am most likely out for the year. Smith's comment is party line. The Bears have a game Sunday. McNabb is a better backup than McCown. Cutler's comment was a hypothetical, worst case scenario form a guy who had just started rehab. "You know, could be I am out for the year. I just don't know". Of course, you know the guy will do all he can do to get back as soon as he can. Yet, this hypothetical comment has been spliced and thrown all over headlines and ESPN as gospel from Cutler's mouth! Amazing! Remember nuance? Jeez.

ahhh....mcnabb is a BUST! josh mcnown is BUST! ans caleb hankey is a LOOSER BUST! i could play QB better tehn them ans i is over 400 ponds! :)

h none of those LOOSERS would evan make it on my madden team! weh n i play madden on my xbox ons rookie mode i have jay cutler (mm dreamy) ans aron rogers (HunK!!) as his backup ans i NEBRER LOOSE!!!

tahts right i NEVER LOOSE AND I NEVER AM WRONG!! hyu hyu i am KING!!!

but you guys now me old crasp-tomn juts trying to be poprastive...

ps doo do doo doo go pack goP! ahhh...YES!! grren bay is teh BEST!!! :)

Maybe someone in Green Bay can help you with your grammer!

I'm upset Lovie didn't consult me, the great Cretin about this decision. I really don't have anything further to say so I'll "babble" like my counterpart, and take up space.

Hanie is our QB Sunday, Mc Cown is the Back-up. having a back-up Quarter back is essential, if your Starting QB gets hurt. The possibility of your starting QB getting hurt gets magnified by an offensive line that can be "porous" at times.

Sean, I have nothing else to add to THIS or any subject matter except the obvious facts that ANY fan can discern on their own. I just like seeing my name in the reply area.

Heck, I have no life.

I AM Cretin...

Come on McCown has not thrown a pass since 2007, McNabb would be far better and more prepared than McCown.
McNabb should be the back up and play if Hanie falters, but not McCown.

Hard to imagine that the Nab Mc isn't a better choice than the Cown Mc. Maybe McNab has totally lost it, but even in that case it's hard to imagine him not being better than McCown.

What's the reply area, is that like area 51? You know there are aliens there, aliens from another planet, not the other kind.

Good for Lovie McNabb has never played in anything but a WCO offense. What good will he do the Bears over a 5 game stretch in an offense he has no clue about not to mention all the other things being reported about him blowing off meetings and practice, all kinds of diva crap.

Where is Kevin, last week I told him after one game fans in Chicago would be pinning for a new QB, I didn't know it would be McNabb, but he was employed at the time. Either way most Chicago fans are just fickle about QB's, the hate Cutler they love Cutler, after the GB game last year they loved Hanie, now they want McNabb, fickle and stupid.


Good Sunday morning to you.

McNabb could be brought in as a backup to Hanie and be available only if Hanie fails as QB. I believe Hanie will play some good ball over the last five games and into the playoffs but it would be good to have at least a proven veteran with a strong arm and a little mobility in case of injury to Hanie. Although he is not in the best of shape, Donovan might be a little insurance with some pedigree of past pro bowls and experience in playoff games that may still allow success despite his lack of experience in a Martz offense.

It doesn't really matter if they have McNabb or not, you can see what the offense looks like without Cutler. The Vikings offense looks better without McNabb, he is out of shape, and really not all that intrested in football anymore, not sense he left the Eagles.

Unless you have a backup like Favre who started his career as a backup, Rodgers again another backup, or Hasselbeck yes another backup, maybe a Steve Young or Tom Brady, or a Kurt Warner, you don't do a big shot at winning when your star QB Jay Cutler (you miss him yet) goes down. You know when I look at those names I notice GB does a really nice job of finding QB's. They make me sick.

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