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Josh McCown will start for Bears against Packers

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The Bears are turning to newcomer Josh McCown in a last-ditch attempt to make the playoffs.

McCown, who had been coaching high school football in Charlotte, N.C. when he was signed by the Bears on Nov. 23, will start at quarterback Sunday against the Green Bay Packers in place of Caleb Hanie, who was 0-4 with a 41.8 passer rating in a disastrous stint as the Bears' starter after Jay Cutler suffered a broken thumb.

McCown, 32, was out of football since being cut by the 49ers prior to the start of the regular season. Until he replaced Hanie in a mop-up role against the Seahawks last week (1-for-2, 12 yards and an interception) he had not thrown a pass in a regular-season NFL game since the opening week of the 2009 season with Carolina. He relieved starter Jake Delhomme against the Eagles and was 1-for-6 for two yards before suffering a sprained knee.

He played in the United Football League last season. He went to training camp with the 49ers, but was cut in favor of former Fremd and Wisconsin star Scott Tolzien as the 49ers' No. 3 quarterback.

After Cutler suffered a broken thumb, the Bears signed McCown because of his familiarity with Mike Martz's offense. He was a backup quarterback with the Lions in 2006 when Martz was the offensive coordinator for head coach Rod Marinelli. His only contribution was two catches for 15 yards and a penalty for offensive pass interference as a wide receiver in a 28-21 loss to the Patriots.

McCown has taken a crash course in Martz's offense since signing with the Bears. Asked if it is any trickier learning Martz's offense on short notice than any other offense, he said, ''No. It's not hard. It is in a sense that if you've never spent a full year in this system, then it definitely could be hard. Your head could be swimming. At the same time ... I just think you have to maximize every rep that you get and try to get better.

''But there's a lot. It's a high-volume system. But I don't necessarily think that this system is why the backups struggle. We've just got to play better.''

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It's about time. Let's hope he surprises all of us and gets above a 100 rating, lighting up the scoreboard, and inspires the defense to play over their heads.

Goodluck to Josh McCown !

I don't think Josh is going to be any better than Caleb.

"But I don't necessarily think that this system is why the backups struggle. We've just got to play better.''

WOW. Is this guy going to be a deer in the headlights.
Martz, Lovie, Angelo--is ALL struggle. That's how they make it for you. The Bears do NOT put their QBs in a position to win.

The team doesn't play better because THEY CAN'T.

Notice other QBs who have failed here:
Orton. Grossman.
Starters with other teams now, and it's not because they've suddenly and magically become more talented.

So, start McCown. Not going to make a bit of difference.

If you're going to start Josh, you might as well have gone with the rookie....

Doesn't really matter who is playing quarterback on Sunday, there's no way the Bears will beat Green Bay. This should be a real beat down. Can hardly wait to see Jennings picking up his jock a zillion times.

Orton got cut from the Broncos after getting benched, and is now starting for the desperate Chiefs. Grossman got benched in Washington, and has not exactly exploded onto the Washington seen. Considering Washington ranks 26th in points scored and are 5-9 with a QB who has thrown 13td's and 18 int's I would not call that becoming more talented. I would call that an NFL that is totally desperate for anyone who can play QB or in the case of Grossman pretend to play QB. Don't believe me? Josh McCown in on the Bears, enough said. Hell look what the Raiders had to pay for Palmer. Want more proof?

TJ Yates, Matt Moore, Jason Campbell, Andy Dalton, Matt Hasselbeck(should have retired), Kevin Kolb, Tyler Palko, Ponder, Sanchez(he sucks and is pumped up every week), Freeman, McCoy, Skelton, Painter, and Gabbert. It's like football hell, it's like being forced to watch the Bridget Jones Diaries. I been through that hell , and I don't plan on going through it again. College football can kiss my @$$ too, lazy ### coaches who can't develop a QB so they switch to a spread option offense cause they don't know how to run a pro style offense or are to lazy or desperate to try. So naturally QB plays falls off. Then you got Lovie Smith who invented his own special style of developing a QB, give him no help hire a crazy OC, have beaten sensless over and over and watch as his survival instincts kick in. Alex Smith is currently a top 10 QB in the nfl. It's like a QB nightmare.

I've watched Josh since he was in high school, he's a great QB, gonna surprise a lot of people!

My, my, Creighton, you sound a trifle perturbed about the state of football in America. Understandable. I'm perturbed too but refuse to give up my persistent optimism.I still hope McCown may suddenly sprout wings and prove to be far better than history would forecast. I, in my darkest moments, always remember those totally unrivaled words of absolute truth and wisdom: "This too will pass."

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