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Johnny Knox to visit children in Engelwood Saturday

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Bears receiver Johnny Knox, through his charitable organization Opportunity Knox, wants to spread the joy of Christmas to children in Englewood, one of Chicago's most challenged neighborhoods.

Knox is teaming up with Joyce Meyer Ministries and Maranatha Church to visit with children and their families Saturday afternoon.

There will be prize giveaways and music, as well as hot drinks and appetizers.

A Gospel choir will also sign Christmas carols.

Knox is expected to be joined by other Bears players, including guard Lance Louis.

Families in attendance will receive non-perishable food care packs, grocery or restaurant and retail gift cards, toys and electronics.

"I'm excited to partner with such a great organization like Hand of Hope," Knox said in a statement. "We want to bless as many children in the Englewood community as possible."

Joyce Meyer Ministries is an international nonprofit organization that provides global humanitarian assistance.

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Is he going thee to get tips on how to grow up? Seriosly, I really like this guy. He acknowledges his mistakes and makes up for them with great catches and great speed.

Love the speed and catches, too, though quick slants in should be forsaken. He stopped dead at the point of no return when running one on his first appearance on Monday Night Football - what a surprise that was to Cutler! - then, fell on his keester out of the starting blocks on another, this time resulting in a season-ending injury to Cutler. I wonder how many downfield patterns he runs wrong, that we just don't see on the tube. Many Bears fans wonder, too. And I wonder why Mike Martz gave his job to Roy Williams in camp. Martz is no idiot. As for acknowledging his mistakes, they all do that. it's part of the culture. Anyway, he is very tough and tremendously exciting and I am glad he is on our side.

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