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Johnny Knox could be ready to go in three months

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Bears receiver Johnny Knox underwent surgery to stabilize the L1 vertebra in the lumbar region of his back and is projected to be ready for 2012 training camp, if not sooner, according to a league source.

The Bears wouldn't provide a timetable, but a league source said Knox could be healed in three months.

That meshes with insight from Dr. Neel Anand, a renowned spine surgeon who is the director of Orthopaedic Spine Surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles.

"If it's an innocuous fracture, and all he needs is screws and rods, he could come back in three to six months," Anand said.

Some surgeries sideline an athlete for a year. But Anand said Knox having full movement is an encouraging sign.

"He should be OK by next season, even if it's a complete reconstruction," he said.

In the first quarter, as Knox was falling to recover his fumble, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Anthony Hargrove drilled him and pushed his back backward, the only direction it's not intended. He was placed on a flat board, loaded onto a motorized cart and transported, via an ambulance, to a local hospital. The team announced after the game that Knox had full movement in all his extremities and that he would have surgery Monday to stabilize a vertebra in his back.

Knox's surgery was performed by Dr. Srdjan Mirkovic, the Bears' spine consultant who works at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, among others.

The Bears announced that he was placed on injured reserve today.

Knox finishes the season as the Bears' leading receiver with 727 yards and ranked second with 37 receptions.

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glad to hear, but he is going into a free agent year and as much as im glad hes ok, he needs to be cut... along with all their corners whio get burned all the time!

he fell down on a route which caused cutler to break his thumb and falls down way too much

2- he may be gun shy and already seemed as if he was

3 too small

Please Achilles, don't make the rest of us Bears fans look as stupid as you.

Knox isn't perfect, but he's still a pretty decent receiver with the kind of blazing speed that makes defenses nervous. He definitely adds to this team and him falling down isn't done on purpose. If he's cut, he'll be snatched up by an opposing team in no time.

You want him gone, Achilles? Who's going to take his place? With the exception of Bennett, he's the best receiver on this team.

I hate sports fans who have these unrealistic expectations that everyone on their team be this flawless warrior who never does anything wrong. All players and teams have pros and cons. It's true of everyone.

Um, speaking of Bear fans looking stupid, Knox is not "a pretty decent receiver." In fact, he's a totally incompetent receiver who just happens to be very fast. Same with Hester, who also has great moves. Knox is a top returner and I would keep him for that alone, but he shouldn't be in more than 5-7 plays a game as a receiver, and then mostly to stretch the field with his speed.

The Bears have only one truly competent receiver, Earl Bennett. Even Bennett is just a little above average, but he'd be a good No. 3 if the Bears had a couple of other decent receivers. Instead he's their best one, which is really pathetic. Knox and Hester don't know how to run routes and never will, can't catch, don't fight for the ball, etc., etc., etc. Roy Williams is almost competent, but he doesn't play anywhere near as big as he is and drops far too many balls he should catch.

Lame excuses like "[a]ll players and teams have pros and cons" might be good rationalizations for losing and make you feel better about your lousy team, but that attitude does not produce winners. If you want to win, you always aim for perfection, realize that it will never happen, but continue to strive for it. That's how I played everything from organized to sandlot games, and that certainly should be the attitude of any team and fans who want to win championships. Otherwise you can just go on being a mediocre also-ran the rest of your life. You can bet that even the Bear front office, which is a joke, doesn't have your losing attitude.

Two seasons in a row Knox has led this team in receiving yards. That's got to count for something I mean, he's gotta be doing something right, right? He's also the kind of player that doesn't mind throwing his body around for a block to help the run game.

Oh no shoot, that's not good enough. Unless Knox has consistent 2,000 yard seasons he isn't "aiming for perfection" and he has a "losing attitude."

On top of that, you call Roy Williams almost competent? Huh? Sir, I believe someone is spiking your eggnog.

If I had a dime for everytime I saw Goofy bobble the ball after hitting him in the hands like it was a live grenade, well, I'd have a bunch of dimes. He also seems to be, on occasion, somewhere other than where Cutler expects him to be on certain plays.

Anyway, don't be such a clown WFB, you're starting to sound like Gearheadboy. Knox helps this team more than he hurts them. He's not perfect, he makes mistakes, but overall he's a good addition and good team player with intangibles like top notch speed. Like I said before, he leaves the team and the next NFL squad will snatch him up in seconds.

OK Mike, if you think Knox is so good, respond to my points showing why he isn't instead of just repeating how good you think he is. We agree that he's fast, but speed does not make a good receiver, it's merely icing on the cake of an already good one. So beside speed and being willing to block -- big deal, that's part of his job -- what do you think Knox brings? And don't tell me he led the Bears in receiving, that's not saying anything. Someone has to lead every team in every category, that doesn't mean that they're any good.

Re Williams, we also agree that he drops far too many passes, which is why I said that he's ALMOST competent. But he knows how to run routes and occasionally makes good catches, which puts him way above Knox.

If you think that you could build a good receiving corps around Knox or anyone like him, you're either delusional in grossly overestimating your own players or you don't know anything about the position. As I said, with a competent receiving corps, Knox wouldn't be in more than 5-7 offensive plays/game.

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