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Jerry Angelo says Bears were focused on QBs familiar with Mike Martz

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General manager Jerry Angelo said the Bears search for a veteran backup was concentrated on quarterbacks who had played in Mike Martz's offense.

"Given where we were, with five games left, we wanted to get somebody who had familiarity," Angelo told the Sun-Times. "We're training a new quarterback in Caleb [Hanie]. You know there are going to be some nuances to that, and adjusting to him."

So while Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb were the most prominent names out there, the Bears instead reached out to those who had played for Martz before.

Shortly after starter Jay Cutler suffered a fractured thumb in his right hand, the Bears evaluated their quarterback options. Hanie, of course, was handed the starting job, but the club wanted a veteran so they didn't have to turn to rookie Nathan Enderle.

"We wanted to minimize every speed bump," Angelo said.

The reality is, because Hanie got so few snaps behind Cutler, Martz wasn't going to have time to work with a player unfamiliar with his scheme. So Hanie would have to take every possible snap and whoever would back him up wouldn't get any, thus the focus on veterans who had played for Martz before.

They reached out to J.T. O'Sullivan, Josh McCown and Marc Bulger, who reiterated that he's happily retired.

The Bears then signed McCown. Today, against the Denver Broncos, he'll be the back up to Hanie. He was the third quarterback the previous two games.

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Jerry: You need to cut Hanie so he can seek meaningful employment outside the NFL, Kiddie Ball, or anything resembling football. Cutler has proven to be a good QB, not a great one and he has also proven to be fragile. You should have taken McNabb with the idea in mind to produce a veteran backup for the next few seasons while someone else, other than Hanie, is groomed for the future starting or backup role. I beleive in his first year Martz requested a veteran backup QB and your continued refusal cost them a possible superbowel appearance and this season. Next, draft, and trade, for defensive linemen, linebackers and most important recievers who can catch the ball. Relegate Hester to returns and never, ever, let him think he is a wide receiver again in history.

The problem is its a "Mike Martz's offense". This puts Martz at the center and the organization builds the offense around him. This needs to change. The Bears need an offensive coordinator who has the ability to build an offense around the players. The Bears need a "Bears offense".

Well la di da.What an intelligent and breathtakingly successful that approach has proved to be!!

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